To my brothers who've fallen before me,
I will walk with you again.

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Helwettis new release is pretty good.

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Fuck it I'm actually going to download it.
Wish me luck.

>This black metal transsexual blocks your path
what do

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first wave black metal

is not black metal

list of good music

list of bad music

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Dosent exist

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This general is so comfy. I love all of the characters. This is my home.

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Reporting back.
It's boring and the cringe lyrics mean there's no point listening to it. I extract some amusement from the tranny sounding exactly like a male vocalist for obvious reasons. The exaggerated snarl they do for some bits sounds far too tryhard and kinda takes away from the vocals not sounding terrible all the time.
Riffs are solid but nothing special, I like the bass tone though.

I will never listen to this again.

>Christianity is perverse
>Inherently a fucking mess
>It oppresses all by nature
>Except those who won’t confess

F Trevor, hopefully he’ll be at peace now.

Thanks, I make up half of the characters here so it's a big compliment

I started it way earlier because I wanted to dedicate a thread for him and you faggots can only start shit tier meme editions.

warborn is kino

There's already a thread up for people to migrate to.

>dedicating a thread to a dead shit vocalist
Why bother?

What's the backstory here without me having to listen to this band? I'm serious, not b8ing. If I have it right, they're a Christian nationalist metal band? Tell me what you know.

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They're anti-semitic. I think some members may be traditionalist but I don't know about full blown Christian. Some, if not all, are white supremacists.
Their music generally attacks religion in general though, such as calling Christ a literal faggot. They primarily go after the usual (((demographic))) though especially on albums like Kosherat.

The whole anti-religion thing is such a cliche in metal at this point, because it really boils down to anti-Christian, as if it's still 1984 and that's edgy. I could probably into this band easier if they were just anti-kosher nostra. Props to them for doing something different though with being openly anti tricks.

They go after the Abrahamic religions in general.
>Lyrical themes: Occultism (early); Anti-Christianity, Antisemitism, Blasphemy
The reason they get such attention is because they write great riffs, some of the best imo, so it means people will listen to them which causes more shitflinging over the lyrical content. Kind of like Taake where half of the attention they get is from them hating all religion and being edgy bois, but the fact they tend to write good shit means they attract more attention both for/against them/

With GBK, and Arghoslent having members of GBK in it with their spicy racism and anti-semitism, they're so unabashedly anti-semitic they get a lot of attention for it and effectively become a meme. That's why they get shilled/anti-shilled.

How does the hokeyness of this annoy me so much, when subtlety is not a quality inherent to metal? It's obviously the topic, which is a nonissue, but how can this entire project be so on-the-nose and earnest at the same time?

That also applies to a lot of extreme politics driven metal. NSBM will regularly just be very on-the-nose about what it wants.
It's because Trangressive is a project not made out of genuine desire for change or to promote the "issues", it's because it's an activist virtue signalling as hard as possible their ideas. It's not uncommon in general, but I do tend to see it more in the extreme lefty shit, hence movements like ACAB which ignores any nuance the issue may have.

This is the song that got me into them youtu.be/R-X2NyBbe1A

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>le spicy
Go back to Pleddit, Chef Fageroni

Aviation metal (no top gun shit)

It may be old hat by this point but there just isn't anything easier than getting the pearl clutching god botherer crowd riled up - I don't blame people for taking the low hanging fruit.

I am bored of metal but whenever I try to listen to something else it gets annoying after a two songs. Can't enjoy music anymore. Anyone else?

I've never been there other than when googling old vidya issues. Try again.
I like the word and you can't stop me.


They are empanada salesmen from Washington DC. The black metal stuff is a hobby the fbi pays them to do

You are just depressed. I'd also be depressed if I exclusively listened to metal. As much as I love it, I need variety.

feds dont get doxxed by antifa

it was someone in these threads who found out. Also, the FBI is really incompetent now. They have a lot of diversity hires from Argentina and shit

>wake up, look up old thread if I got any replies
>see that I was bullied for my text file
You are just jelly.

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Why would I be jelly that you use an inferior and more cumbersome format like a troglodyte, when there are free resources that do it better?


Yet you can't name a single one.

RYM is made exactly for what you want, as it has ratings and you can use lists to keep track of the ones you need to remember most.
Discogs would work for physicals.
Last.fm would do it to some extent, but not entirely.

Otherwise I also bullied you for not being able to code something yourself, which I will continue to do given the use case is so basic.

So will they quit or find a new singer now?

Grindcore sucks.

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>relying on random websites
>can't even access them without the internet

>Otherwise I also bullied you for not being able to code something yourself, which I will continue to do given the use case is so basic.
I might just do exactly that to humiliate you.

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>>can't even access them without the internet
What kind of third world country do you live in where that's a realistic problem? Besides you can always just take backups/exports.

>I might just do exactly that to humiliate you.
Do it so I can review your code and mock it extensively.

demos that mog the rest of a discography

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>he thinks the internet is some magical thing that just exists forever

>Do it so I can review your code and mock it extensively.
yeah like I'd share it with you so you can steal my brilliance

>>he thinks the internet is some magical thing that just exists forever
The only time I don't have internet is when I'm hiking in remote wilderness, at which point I don't give a shit if my autism list isn't available.
>yeah like I'd share it with you so you can steal my brilliance
Given your skill level is that of "I can format a text file" while I code every day, good luck.

>find a new singer
I'd be the definition of soulless. Just start a new band or something.


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>"I code every day"

I can't stop, it's the third time this morning

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Singers are the most expendable band members.

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Completely earnest cheesy-ass metal with cheesy-ass lyrics is one of the few things that can still make me feel something

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How is that true when the bassist exists?

You need to know how to play bass, sing can anyone.

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Sir, this is a metal thread

What does it make you feel?

>orgasms keep getting more intense

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True, unless they have a very distinctive sound that everyone immediately associates to the band