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i really like this one
you can see how small she is

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dububros we are pitching a tent

post it

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I bet they taste like caramel popcorn

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when i put it in (raw [by forced])

unfortunate ears

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good taste

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what's with the bestiality webms?

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queendom tonight bros
we are excited
and mcountdown in 10 minutes!

we love her ears

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replace minju with yujin and you're correct

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so petite, but so well-proportioned
>dem hips

biological males don't watch this shit

they look awful here

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cope whitey

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enjoy camping brother

still thinking about the gap

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chuukkumis we had a dream last night that we were hugging chuu whilst standing up and we kissed all over her face and it made us happy

things will never be this great again
word and then chimp with nako

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be honest that wasn't a dream but a fantasy

there was a recent study someone posted where 67% of (white) women who owned dogs experimented with them sexually, im pretty sure that correlates with korean women too

your loss my queens are slaying

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damn them bitches ugly

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genuine dream, it was spectacular

very doob

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yejibros... we're looking there brother!

not saying i don't believe it but sociology studies are bullshit until they get replicated

post it

i think jihan is gay cause she loves loona

who's mcing?

imagine believing that

yes we do

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for the love of god user drop it with the nako shit - she literally has the dimensions of a dwarf

Nah, korean women aren't that far gone (yet).

Maybe in 10 years.


peak chimp

The Adventures of Womy Pilot

>womy pilot flies solo
>womy pilot and the mile high club
>womy pilot tries her first jumbo
>womy pilot makes a splashdown
>womy pilot flies con air

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women have always been like that
test your click speed /kpg/

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so damn cute

thanks for these btw dubro, you a king
nice angle

i don't have a problem with that

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i hate dubu

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koreans eat like shit, smoke like chimneys and spit on the sidewalk

no problem, enjoy the doobs dubro

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what kind of tranny shit is this?


simple as

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love you too henlo

i dont know what you mean the study was extensive

why not? i should clarify that sexual experiments doesn't mean penetration

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i love silly dubu

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yejibros this is us

nobody is funding studies on women fucking dogs you fool. even studies on normal sexuality are hard to get funding for

yeah your right but white women are are something to themselves

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mexican women fuck donkeys and horses. i'm telling you it's the same shit everywhere

>chartchang on his antiwhite shit again
touch grass already goddamn

my waifu had a kiss scene in a drama...

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what sexual comments did garam make? we need to get this translated

finally listened to IVE
40 seconds of nothing
fun catchy chorus
then nothing interesting again
overrated/10 but not a bad song

love dive:
much better song overall, uuuuuuuuuuuh woooooooooooooo uhhhhhhhhhhh lalalallaal is based
"narcissistic, my god I love it" and everything after that is great. like really good

clearly leaders of 4th gen, at least when it comes to big groups. would look forward to their new releases/10

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donkey shows aren't real dude

yejibros we're here

bully bitch

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shoes on sofa

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shuhua_orange(in mandarin).webm

>sakura anti
that's gotta be awkward

not clicking that brother

probably the most naughty thing she's done in her life

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golden cow...

Twice Outfits today:
Nayeon the random
Jeongyeon the casual
Momo the sensul
Sana the sexy
Jihyo the CEO
Mina is feminine
Dahyun the natural
Chaeyoung the trend unik
Tzuyu the classic

Put my life savings into Loona.

gowon tangerine.webm

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might be true

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bullshit they're not, i once paid $2 to watch a woman get spitroasted by a donkey and a full-grown mustang in guadalajara

cub the granny

when is queendom bros

last doob for now, hope you liked it

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in 3 hours

jav material

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she fucked a car?

3 hours 14 minutes

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post it

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not until we demolish the patriarchy

dead thread



MCD steam?

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your the one who is posting those webms

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taeyeon and zero.webm

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>his mom raised him as a prince


ZERO good groups

>picture book of natural doob in her natural state
>no shitty bleached hair or contacts
>just pure doob

Greatly enjoyed it brother dubro, thanks, clearly you're a refined man of culture

i had a single soda seven hours ago and it's completely fucked me up. normally i'm asleep by now but i'm wide awake.

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how the fuck do you find this link user?

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