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uh oh
golden cow bros, prepare the defenses

anyone got some Oribie Hye webms from soloist?

This is a Lily thread now!

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cute whoever that is

Dubu thread featuring photobook scans!

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well its true isnt it?

does the arin bot have AI can you talk to it

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>that one guy who hates jellohan
what's his story?

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Boeun daughty!

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juhyeonbros we got too cocky

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We love her. Very true and everyone agrees

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looking at old kpops and i think kpop has gotten more conservatives as time has gone on

>one guy
literally whole kpg actually

>twice date
NaTzu was pure SOUL, they were clearly out of their comfort zone in the first half.
SaChaeng was way less cringey but kinda soulless.

>visibly pit sweat

he's gay

i want to slap those titties so bad bros

Why Maxsmell dropped Lisa?

the photobook has some real treats from dubu

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lets go dubros

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some people wanted a cute pure daughterwife like jihan seemed to be at first
the undeniable fact that jihan constantly jiggles like perfectly made jello has broken them

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i thought the opposite, i felt like tzuyu was being really rude making nayeon lead the whole convo
at least sana and chae had the same energy

i hope jihyo and dubster are together, i think they'd pair well

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OMO. She's a fucking angel


lia might have the most patrician taste in music in kpop

Garam is Jelly now, weeeklynugu isnt relevant here

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>i felt like tzuyu was being really rude making nayeon lead the whole convo
it's not her being rude, she's actually socially autistic for real

kpg is so much fucking better when you ignore all the text and just get your pp hard at the pics and webms
highly recommended

we need jihan and rei in a supergroup together

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>jelly girl
more like flower pot girl

very doob

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more like this please

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>very shy

riwon > boeun

and thats facts

>kpg is so much fucking better when you ignore all the text and just get your pp hard at the pics and webms
>highly recommended

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word but i followed your recommendation and didn't read your post

very true
if they paired her with mina, the whole video would be silent. it would be kinda fun actually. tzumina lego asmr part 2 when?

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Resume the daughty posting

not shy
not me

choerry must be bred

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you thought chewy was rude? how about nayeon leading the narrative and making chewy confess she hates mina

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Fuck you, we SEAchads love Weeekly. Mantap, very true.

We protect both

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why does kpg lie so much

wouldn't that be funny if it did like "good morning, here is your first arin of the day" lol

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i checked and no
5sos, alan walker, lany, ed sheeran, lewis capaldi, jessie j, meghan trainor, lisa

>Fuck you, we SEAchads love Weeekly. Mantap, very true.

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>missing out on kino schizo ramblings

if you read cropcuck posts as jokes he's actually fucking hilarious

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i think im the one that needs protection with the way these sloots are looking at me

would be so hot if she was brown

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unironically the funniest schizo but i have a feeling xhes dead serious (which makes it funnier)

choerry and arin

she just listens to old records mostly

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too bad maxsmell killed himself

yejibros you see how its dark out, thats the world telling us weve done enough for today

ty dubro ive been looking for these scans


misa has ig now

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yeah i used to hate his guts but now i laugh my ass off at him

there was this one time where he roleplayed as a oncel to get people to talk about twice and he talked about nayeon and dubu being his favorites and i think it was genuine dbh

are cropchad and mustafa the same person?
sorry if this is a dumb question i have a learning disability

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no problem dubro

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CUTE duck

someone exposed mustafa for being the nayeonspammer

i saw one song each from frankie valli, aretha franklin, and marvin gaye. that doesn't outweigh her taste for generic pop

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load time

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have you ever thought you have too many rins

in fact not even cropchad and you farmer are the same person but most don't realize this. the latter is obsessed with nayeon hating dubu, he's a chimp poster while cropchad hates chimp

megan watches porn with the volume on while hayoung is beside her

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nice top

why does pol scare the kike so much?

>caught summerz eating snacks

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what's nice about it?