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>stayc, aespa
roastie groups
>ive, lsf
chad groups

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of course you don't need it because arin is tattooed on your heart my mistake

good groups
>aespa, ive, lsf
bad groups

swiths love ive, moroni

Tag Me >>>>>>>>>>>> all other gen 4 songs (they're shit)


why do lessermen try to ingratiate themselves with Dive Daddies?


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scatbro tell me the name of the girl before you get banned pls...

very true
if twice disband this year there will be a giant hole in kpop that nobody can fill currently

nice bait retard

Why doesn't Miyeon get talked about more?

rate these hands

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We are BOLDers

it's divermen and there are lots of us

tag me it's their best song


chimpsissys want us for our bodies

besides her dating past, her attractiveness is boring

no jiggling moroni

Cause we were formerly known as Wizone

extremely dry and cracked 4/10

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their name is chimpchads

generic idol


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prime duck meat

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yeah and plastic

can we finally start talking about twice?

will you marry a fat joy?

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why would you shit on your floor?

kpoop general

she's so beautiful it's absurd

I'm not awake enough to think about kazuha yet..

wow she's cute

fucking niggers using my group to attack others

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being able to evade bans by deleting your own posts says a lot about the state of this shithole.

oh fuck
not this webm again
it reminds me of my chronic yellow fever fuckkkkkk

what's her dating past? And she looks similar to Sana.

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do winterbros even give a fuck about aespa

why does heejin count as hapa on kpop harems?
she's 100% korean

we love stealth pitrin

the jiggling has commenced

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can someone explain the appeal of this?

how's the weather down there?

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not sure why it's designed like that, pretty fucking dumb decision

cause with white hair and contacts she can pass as hapa thanks to her nosejob

report them before they get deleted

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As long as they realise their mistakes we forgive and forget

why not?

>neetsis i brought your happy me-

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who coming back with covid this time

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for the same reason that yunjin and jaehee count: the people itt are mentally unwell

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after school mogs tag me

oh i was wondering what you guys were talking about, i guess i have them filtered

who is this on top?

no it's never jiggle time moroni delete this

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all of them are not coming and staying here in the US as hollywood slaves.

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sexy baby open vagene

as a driver for more winter content, yes

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Based, I may have blasted a couple times to that

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one of these is not like the other

class:y #1

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bobble head rin


yeah yunjin is hideous

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it's always jiggle time for jiggling jihan

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mother and daughter

kazuha's terrible singing voice


I thought this was Irene for like 2 years before I realized it wasn't

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neetsis what are you doing outside

oncels have been spamming twice for the last few hours, give it a reat

kazuha's sexy rapping voice

watch me :)

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idk if this is the 90s but it seems like its from the same era

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Lippie I luv u

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dubu becoming a rapstar in the us

you couldn't tell by the smile?

moroni I'm starting to get mad there is little to no jiggling happening delete it

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apologize to sumin

she tried...

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sex with all 12 loona

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twice is the terra of kpop

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>stayc lost 2 members

i guess i just never looked at it that hard
forgive me, i am actually a sumin waifuer now. she recently picked me

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the jiggling will not be deleted

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wtwwa?(where the wunky women at)

neetsis why is there a 10 year gap in your resume...

biggie boobie kpop

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>hybe is cube

Post her too

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yoohyeon said IVE is based and I trust her

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is that you on the left

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>buy loona coin at .26c
>its now like 14cents and falling

fucking loona

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You mean Fromis

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god damn i love watching jihan jiggle

its not just a sexual thing either, its hypnotic

never post my wife again

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there is CLEARLY no jiggling delete your post right now

jiggle these nuts u fuckin weirdo

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based jiggle enjoyer
unbased jiggle hater

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why are sumin shitters so smug? fuck off your whore isn't that cute

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your wife has her own wife

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oi no jihanjoonking

>belle pute

dude this crash is making me depressed. I don't know i the encore concert is enough to make me happy again.

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free lancing here and there

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She pads

based boeun enjoyer

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Remember ailee nudes? Damn that was disappointing.

an arin fan your whole life I get it now

>>stayc, aespa
>roastie groups
>>ive, lsf
>chad groups

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