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Chartchad got major Ws last thread
IVE got major Ls last thread
Brainlets who cant read charts got major Ls last thread

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only her chingus are allowed to call her a goblin

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very very very cute
gn orbitbro

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>his favorite group in the entire world is best known for a korean cover of a fast and furious ost song

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what a fucking retard
what a fucking retard

>how many 4th gen groups have at least 2 good songs
le sserafim
rocket punch
cherry bullet
purple kiss
bling bling
hot issue

IVEnewfags reminds me of Twice fans in 2016. But Cheer Up was a much bigger hit than anything IVE ever put out.

both of ives songs are above all of aespas tho
dudes changing his posting format to samefag :\

I am glad no one here seems to actually like fearless

dang later bro

and savage


rocket punch
cherry bullet

i like fearless, i just think it was a poor choice for a debut title track.

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if cheer up was released today it wouldn’t chart for shit
the general public has soured on that sound

>cheer up wins: 11
>eleven wins: 13

woo!ah! has MANY good songs

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>his favorite group in the entire world is best known for nothing

>le sserafim
so you're a bsides fag... then all fucking groups have at least 2 good songs

>liking bsides is a bad thing
genuine schizophrenics itt

and love dive wins? (not him)

this it's an uneventful song but still good

Why didn't they pick Blue Flame?

nah just kpoppers

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less than half the people itt even listen to kpop and most of those who do listen to title tracks only. if you actually bothered to listen to b-sides, you wouldn't have such a low opinion of aespa. savage was by far the best mini released last year.

ive are young and hungry, big 3 groups just think they are entitled to success

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I like it. Blue Flame is still better though.

who said that :\

I'ma vroom, vroom, vroom
Keojyeoga ne mamui sori
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Turn up, turn up, girls
I'ma vroom, vroom, vroom
Naegero ne mamui sori
Zoom, zoom, zoom

scientist wins? (not him)

what an awful awful past couple of threads
you should all be ashamed of your damned selves
but i guess that lack of shame could be a reason why youre here in the first place

they're so innocent

>show wins
shit is such a meme with so many variables only retards use it to measure success


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bsides matter way less than title tracks. groups have similar bsides in general, title tracks are what make a group distinctive

oncels really this mad that new groups have overtaken them


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I listened to it, nothing special. ITZY's Guess Who was much better.

they certainly are hungry


>noooooooooooooo i can't enjoy music because song xyz sounds vaguely similar to song abc


i spit on his post

all hail reisoo

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what an absolutely brain dead take.

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Moving on,

Can I get a status update regarding the Lesserafim feet situation?
Can I get a status update regarding the IVE feet situation?
Can I get a status update regarding the aespa feet situation?

name the last song like cheer up to chart even in the top fucking 10

i never read something so wrong in here might as well be bait congrats on the following yous to come

why do people that listen to bsides tend to overrate them so much?

he looks so old.

the wony meal plan

itzy: love is, be in love
aespa: yeppi yeppi, lucid dream
idle: where is love, escape
stayc: love fool, young luv
loona: voice, hula hoop
cherry bullet: kka kka, love so sweet
rocket punch: ride, twinkle star
weeekly: tag me, check it out
lesserafim: blue flame, the great mermaid
purple kiss: zombie, cast pearls
pixy: greedy, moonlight
lightsum: vivace, you jam
fromis: airplane mode, love bomb
wooah: catch the stars, pandora
everglow: moon, untouchable

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give us some examples of overrated bsides

they hated losing to izone, now they are losing to izone subunits

>Sigmund Freud claimed that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises

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that's not what i said dumb tranny. like said, aespa savage is shit but the album has 2-3 very good songs. all groups have that so it's irrelevant imo to talk about bsides

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they don't even make kindergarten music like cheer up in kpop anymore

>feet resemble penises
what was this dude on

not the point

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loona is gen3

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every song on savage is very good.

yeah… with 6 shows

well have you heard recent title tracks
god they are almost all so shit anything would sound better

that was the point of the my post

A lot of twice recent music
Say something for example is an ok city pop song, nothing more than that


it's not bait, tell me how bsides matter more than title tracks since most people ignore them? when was the last time a group got famous because of a title track?

I see the resemblance

everyone wanted to cheorup back then now we know there was no reason to

>Sigmund Fraud

doesn't change the fact cheer up is a bigger hit than any stayc song

bro... you're looking for some enemies everywhere
I only asked because apink holds (held?) a record for consecutive win for girl group (17) and I thought IVE surpassed them

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(g)i-dle, loona, and fromis_9 are all 3rd gen and woo!ah! are trash with only one good song.

footfags more like fags

>because of a title track
i meant bside*


Most people dont talk about Say Something when they talk about EWO. Up No More is the highly rated one.

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thank you for posting my wife

how are consecutive wins measured

wony's secret to success

crazy, i think twice's bsides have been pretty good recently
you might just have a different taste
what are some bsides or title tracks that you like?

no one is arguing that b-sides matter more than title tracks. we're calling you a moron for saying b-sides don't matter at all.

you would be happier if you posted jihan

damn what stayc do?

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amount of wins a single song gets during promos


oh yeah you're right

my apologies, IVE > SNSD too because Gee isnt even in the top 1000

you know what? loona > SNSD because paint the town is higher than gee

im so glad i come to debate pure intellectuals here

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dives are the fucking worst


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wait what's wrong with stayc why did you bring them up

christmas merody~

Hikaru moves her body so fluid and smooth, imagine how she would feel while on top....

i would say apink is probably safe forever then

speaking of music, 2021 was a terrible year for b-sides
most of the albums are shit
like i listened to 20 fucking songs from the chungha album..all shit
#1 and #2 albums both go to twice

i meant IVE

lmao he’s really seething now
dct and savage are as old as eleven and they are getting bitch slapped by it
idk why you’re so mad that ive is top of the gen

put youre name back on Gerry so I can filter you


boner flashes her vagina, pussy and asshole for acting roles

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kek nobody here even cares about aespa
you’re just seething at ive and hiding behind them

worse than oncels?

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Who tf is gerry

she knew what she was doing

>show up
>it's easy mode hours
eh I'll come back when the crowd's a little more sophisticated, the (you)s are too cheap tonight

My wife song hayoung

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both terrible along with lessermen

Does anyone know the name of that CD player

fucking weeb

>listening to music


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made for IT

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well good good for them. but IVE got me worried 2bh

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based ChartGOD exposing kpg for being the chartwhores they were this whole time

i'm neutral to both groups, but i'm pretty sure aespa popularity/sales mogs ive

i care about aespa. my second favorite group after rv. i normally post ning2, karina, and giselle but they haven't shared anything worth posting in a while.