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yujin is ugly she looks uncanny in a hapa way like arai myra
if you told me yujin is half turkish i would believe you

yunjin singlehandedly mogs all of lesserafim and ive combined, that is all

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ive never ever heard of them.

her name is wonyoung or wony or wones or bony ive never heard of "eeny" thats very weird . maybe eebu could use that name

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kazucoomer using none kpop react images lmao
cope with your waifus mid face

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we argue a lot but i think we could all agree swithchads are the only chill people in here


whats bothering you /kpg/?


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you nigga leave

chimpsissy meltdown

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sua anal angel

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keep cooming to a literal ricefarmer face because all you care about is muhhhh assss


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>yujin this kazuha that
wony time

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can't think of anything quite like that, but other songs from that album might be on the same vibe

would you believe me if i told you're objectively blind and suspiciously faggotey?

i can't see my forehead

why are you so raw about it

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>twice plane crashed into the pacific

coomers and roasties shitting up threads

very true we all hate oncels

that's incredible and totally different
excuse me but are you by any chance a wizone or wizmo?

lack of a cub gf

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>Minx doesn't even have their own wikipedia.

You can literally check the history. Idiot.

>coomers thinking their opinions on facial beauty matter
lmao chimp and garam mog kazuha
in right tho

yes you can't add 3 members 2 years in like it's a fucking ak48 group. it would mess with the image, the 4 members group is working for them. additional members would require a vocal distribution change, would strip karina and winter of the main characters position, it just would feel different

sana pussy not een fat :/

not only does garam mog her but she'd beat the shit outta her too

don't forget the manlets

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im tired of forced michaeng

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only chaery pickers can save us now

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nothing, kpop has been dull for a while

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will ive get more this week?

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Nobody cares loonatroon


i like her a lot but i don’t have strong feeling about her group

as a former once, literally everything about twice is forced now

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Irene will save us.

both look like great people and could introduce me to hyewon

>chimp mogs kazuha

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my twitter experience has improved significantly after muting the word wendy and all its variations.

her name is womy

chaetzu is superior

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Before pressing "Post", we should all take a step back and reread our message. Let's try to write something more substantive this time okay? Let's all do our part to make kpg a better place :)

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blind lesbian fetishists

it's a bit too weird for me

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I'll look it up later. Thanks.

such a deformed fucking skull, is she a rigged idol by chance?


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do girls just randomly hug each other?

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sit on my goy face you filthy kike

IVE is currently the top girl group of 4th gen.

i wish i was her goy toy.....

only jeongmo is genuine and nayeon/jeong/jihyo. the rest are colleagues

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>chimp doesn’t have a tranny chin and a nose implant
mogs kazuha lmao


>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

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So incels can self-insert.

>0 PAKs
>0 melon #1's


fanservice, they know cameras are on them


>wony went back to the bimbo lips

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i can random hug you guys if you want

watch out the kazucoomer is gonna meltdown
>b-but i jerked off to her ass 3 dozen times why isn’t lsf doing better than ive

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You read my post and followed the advice!

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They just beat Big Bang.

they need to chill on fan service

i never liked michaeng but i think they like eachother. cub likes mina cause she's hot, and mina likes cub because she's a masculine dyke and mina finds that cool

as a former once, i second this

it's just the overdrawn lipstick meme thats all the rage

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wunky banal bangel

why is wony naked?


what's sullyoon filming?

thanks for the sane reply
personally i'm not a huge fan of their music but i like members and think karina is a good leader so imo you're right about additional members messing with the group, no matter how good they are.
if you want a boomer example - new members almost killed t-ara so company should think twice before adding even one person

looks like theyre actually third now

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ive killed tomboy and aespa hasn’t been in the top 5 in 6 months

subliminal hints...

they never hang out with each other outside work, it's just fanservice

nice boobu

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remember when ive demolished stayc and chang suddenly stopped shitposting with them

aespa hasnt had a cb in six months you falseflagging troon kys

shower first then i'll think about it

what do i have to do to get an asian gf next autumn semester?

>great in asian beauty standards
LMAO, they have bone museums for all the chin/jaw shaves that get done in sk
> even if it were true, having a shit natty nose doesnt mean you have a better nose than a ps one
kazuhas nose is way bigger and longer lmao

is this achievable natty? its wonho if you guys were wondering

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Right here

probably hang yourself or go ask your manlet friends at r9k faggot

sana is the only one doing it, she likes getting physical

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only koreans and yeah when they're close i guess

post izone group from starship ent demolishes a new company's first group

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yejibros we are not gae but we would

>meme show throphy

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thank god for that

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>aespa hasnt had a cb in six months you falseflagging troon kys
>can’t stay in the top 5 for longer than a month

lmao, nice meltdown


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yeah this is like 3-4 days a week for 1.5 hours if you're early 20s (assuming you dont have any fat to lose)

cute j, is this a photocard?

how many PAKs do IVE have?
how many #1 on melon do IVE have?
how many times has IVE BTFO BTS?

aespa is leading gen 4 by a long shot

i remember cub getting mad at fans for asking where mina was during one ber vlive and shipping them but the slut is always doing michaeng fanservice

i fucking hate cubuggo so much

Minju is unironically kinda ugly.

>aespa hasn't had a comeback in 6 months
and when they did they got btfo

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>can only talk about year old charts as to why someone is leading current day
chartsissy stop melting down

This song is better than any 4th gen shit

why she naked and crying



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not him but ivepedos thinking ive is the new 4th gen gg is only because aespa is silent

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not setting the bar very high now are we?

dreams come true was an SM STATION series video, not a cb at all

>next level
raped melon

>black mamba

aespa are leading 4th gen

>why she naked and crying
wtf #real

did you add those tears?

they're going early because they're recording stuff for an english comeback, arent they? remember they had a bunch of interviews planned in february but they canceled because of the coof.

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i hope irene gains some weight. she's too skinny.

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divetranny meltdown itt

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yeah withdrama scan

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>only because aespa is silent
lol savage was empty house pak, the number one song was a 4 month old justin bieber track at the time
ive is beating aespa right now

not our fault aespa is a glorified cover group that does fast and furious soundtracks and 90s finnish songs
still real comebacks