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aespa are one of the two top groups of the fourth gen. why would sm risk fucking it all up by nearly doubling the size of the group with three new members?


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anjoonk rude faggot that only responds to groups he tolerates

idk maybe it would be funny

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lmao she’s a fucking theatre kid
kpg after the news broke would be a wild ride

>when they created a new group they added new members
ok absolutely unrelated to what we're talking about

whats wrong with that?

why did they fuck up red velvet by adding yeri

yooa hot

>avatars fired

you now remember banana allergy monkey


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Thai member to open SEA market. Jap member to open Jap market. Etc.

no one is forced to reply to shit they don't care, cry fagget

glad we all agree that dreamcatcher minx retard last thread is wrong


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For real...?
Am I weird...?

1. [+281, -39]
It's true that she's pretty but she's not pretty to the point of being considered a legendary visual

2. [+226, -40]
Isn't she just bad at taking selcas? I found her pretty on broadcastㅋㅋㅋ also, who are you to judge her face?... Anyways, all female idols are prettier than youㅋㅋ

3. [+203, -30]
She just seems like a selgo (T/N: bad at taking selcas)

4. [+77, -5]
It depends on your taste. I think that she's pretty

5. [+59, -29]
Aside from her viral marketing, to be honest, even Ahn Yujin looks better than her. Even though she's always media played at being the best visual..

6. [+57, -12]
She looks like Jang Kyungmi

7. [+55, -6]
I feel like she's prettier than those girls with big eyes and sharp and pointy nose and chin

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Arin fucked a gaypop until he died. I was there.

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were the avatars at coachella?

iranian member to open to the iranian market

filipino member to open world market

right now it is 50% shit
adding 3 member could make it only 30% shit

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based retard

my waifu

post the oldest idol you have

idk I'm just looking at her butt

we never forgot it

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she's hot when you can't see her face

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Aespa is 75% shit. Only Karina is good.

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ive doesn't need more dead weight

based eugenebrosis

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>muh booba

>Aside from her viral marketing, to be honest, even Ahn Yujin looks better than her. Even though she's always media played at being the best visual..
Based and very true

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look at the gams on her

that's a pretty aggressive reply considering you didn't bother reading the other half of my post where i agreed with you desu

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4th gen visual

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Kpg is so boring without my friends. Entertain me.

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The cake of 4th generation female idols seems to be divided among these 5 groups in the future

IVE, STAYC, Aespa, LE SSERAFIM + Min Hee Jin’s girl group

1. Where is NMIXX?

2. There are many girl groups, NMIXX, Weekly, Purple Kiss, Billlie…. ㅜ

3. I think YG’s girl group will also do well if they debut next year

4. I agree

5. Isn’t I-Land 2 going to happen this year?

6. Hmm.. Maybe there are more girl groups

7. ITZY, NMIXX, Kep1er.. They will be top idols before other groups debut

8. I’m not sure about this. There are many groups that will debut in the future

9. No one can predict what will happen in the futureㅋㅋㅋ

10. Isn’t (G)I-DLE 4th generation?

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nah he was right you are the retard

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lol not even two weeks after debut and she’s been exposed as mid
what a short lived time in the sun

>come watch it sweetie here is where i will film the bukake scene
momogf would be so great

minju get a job you lazy fucking bitch I'll rape you every day till you're employed angel

who the literal FUCK is "min hee jin"