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jeongus cometh

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>2K Fromis files

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Is that recent?

she looks hot now! kpg's gonna seethe. today should be interesting.


>henlo, jacking off on her face and cumming on her bare chest then kissing her deeply and slapping her right after
You did good today kpg.

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just how it is sometimes i guess

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15 minutes ago

sex with all iljin sisters while she is watching


they are going to US. literally minutes old picture. The youtube live just ended. this one:


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thanks for the nugu recs, bros. building a youtube playlist now.

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My favorite part is when they pretend to listen to the music.

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kpg has shit taste in music so this means nothing to me. there are people itt right now who actually enjoy listening to metal.

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imagine having this daughter


this shit died

i'm up to 10k according to windows but i don't think that's right

*marries seulgi*

i haven't spent this much money on music since i was a hipster back in the day. but it's worse because with shipping and albums having multiple versions you get less music for the amount of money you spend.

beautiful kim bunky

Post minju


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who the fuck does this goblin bitch think she is? she literally acts like her shut dont stink like shes above others even including her members... im so sick of this stuck up whore

I just watched the leaving korea live shit theu do and that bitch goblin whore pissed me of holy shit, first off she hides her face (like anyone wants to see her rotting plastic face) dhe barely waves at fans and is a whole round queen bitch

some fan tries to give her a note and this blobfish monstrosity doesnt even deign to notice her contrast to cubuggo who actually asks a oncel whore how she broke her hand... why does kpg defend this busted hag holy shit im seething and im not ashamed to admit s it

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i’m fat

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kinda cringe that it's 2022 and idols are still wearing masks to the airport


>cringe soft pleb whining cross-thread
yes most of us like real music. are you black? darkies hate rock and metal

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i'll always comfypost if i see other people doing it

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name them, you got 5 seconds

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Need 42 henlos to get to 6k.

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I would have to lock her up and never let her go outside because of all the predators out there...

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piggy #3...

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tickling jeongyeon until she pees and the slapping her for making a mess

Asians had a mask culture way before covid dumbfuck

based mom from rapunzel

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>real music
with the exception of a handful of thrash bands, metal is complete garbage.

doing the lord's work

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if anything irene seems like she's often deep in thought and she's probably a physiological person with a deep understanding of life and probably has a unique world view and perspective on things maybe

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yeah when they were sick you retard, or when the dust is bad. they didn't wear them 24/7

pleb opinion, brownie