wizturd btfo

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what happened

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mental illness general

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>no panty line

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did click on something i shouldn't of?

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Why did she get implants?

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>fol sold 890k
twice are close to a million seller

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the jannies don't like the stayc takeover


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cute kazuha

rate it

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cute shibuya kaho

Post minju

eunchae is so fucking hot

>whatcha lookin at whatcha whatcha lookin at
bitch you know what we're looking at

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got jealous of eunbi
simple as

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Begone ye seductress

the girl in this pic made me lick her feet once at a club in west hollywood during the summer of 2013



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out of 10? there's only 8 g**ks

employment status?

>bitch you know what we're looking at

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cool, thanks

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little lee luda carlson tonight


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whos the third one on the top

kang seul-gi, you dumb bitch

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my kpop harem *8 pictures of yeji*

can she please just grinder her ass on my face

heejin jisoo seulgi yuqi
somi nancy sieun yeji


Kazuha is quite literally built for black men

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10 10 6 9
9 8 7 8

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discount bum babababum bum

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yeji >>>all

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esl detected

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white woman lover

are ive an all time top 4 girl group?

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there's no good reason for that camera angle to exist.

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why they got a 50 year old woman in the group

of course not

it's good for one thing

if kazuha wants to truly make it,
she knows what she needs to do

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my wife, sis neet

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oh yes there is

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My wife song hayoung

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all I did was go to work and be semi productive which made me miss out on the henlo nigga thread

I knew I should've just be an unproductive coomer again

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>twice are already leaving for america
why so early

cultural appropriation but she's poor so we'll allow it

thought yuqi was kei. kinda disappointed

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>nina?forgot her name. the hapa one
all uggos

cute sisterwife

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i dont know which is which in le sserafim, and i really dont care enough to want to

incest with neetsis!

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Brother we lurk and post from work.

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hapa = small brown

better than twice, fromis, and kekler

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awful lot of white girls...

fanny should enslave me and make me her personal feet locker

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>KAZUHA says she fell in love with K-pop after she listening to BLACKPINK’s music. She randomly saw the “BOOMBAYAH” music video on YouTube and was really amazed by it. KAZUHA even went to see BLACKPINK's concert live when they were in Osaka.


you really like them white girls huh

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slaughter all hapa lovers

brother our work is to post here

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oh I just assumed because I saw another dude who just got off from work and missed the henlonigga thread too

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that's not a harem...

>kazuha is a blink roastie
KEK perfect for that horrible roastie group she’s in

>see kpop
>"i can do that"
>does that

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>white girls lover
i only included 2 hapas, which happen to be the best ones

very true

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jesus christ

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>roasties like kazuha want kpop to be just like wpop
why are they like this

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you guys sure have a lot of wives, are you mormon or muslim?

wpop is popular outside of your extremely limited social circle (your parents)

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thoughts on idols doing the gyaru peace, stolen from rei?

this view but eunchae?

yejibros this is the dream

looks like lilypichu

is the salary getting off the henlo bcs I'd gladly work overtime

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liking heej makes you a white woman lover more than the 2 actual hapas

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>heir of izone
explain to me how ive is like izone

i only have 9 and they're all ok with it

They say they're gonna fix my brain
Alleviate my suffering and my pain
But by the time they fix my head
Mentally I'll be dead

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we like kpop what do you think?

no you can’t watch me fuck yujin you dumb kid

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jesus goodness

we get our salary from henlo

stfu lesserman

KAZUHA revealed she auditioned for HYBE/Source Music with a dance cover of BTS’s “Dynamite” and a video of her doing ballet.

"There’s a dance break in “Dynamite” that’s so cool that I wanted to try to do it... I thought Jimin’s dancing was especially beautiful when I saw it."

Based Rei has started a cultural phenomenon


i really like having sex with east asian women

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