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Dark Liz > Light Liz


my pillow has a hole in it

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np :D

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my pillow has a box of picrel in it

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that's not a pillow that's yunky

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post minju

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my little brother showed me this rapper he likes, joyner lucas. it was so fucking awful. i don't wanna say i'm ashamed because that's too harsh, but definitely disappointed

cop or not? i like the salmon pink/orange one.

any shows tonight?


No lewd posts. Only songs.



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makeup's beautiful here

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oh look another burger newfag

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it goes up to 4xl
yejibros we're in

minju couldn't even get an offer to appear in this thread angel~

totally, she knows exactly what she's doing, pissing off all the fans, boosting sales... she calls red velvet, "red hot" in the books!!!... she's a fucking genius.

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indos and filipinos look like that?

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yejibros we think yeji is too close in this webm and it's making us uncomfortable

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4xl asian size is like xl US



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brother we rotated our monitor and kissed lifesize yeji on the lips

imagine peeing on this whore in this position

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where did storygroomer go?

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her cute face and lips are killer

she really is so cute

is this the thread for future school shooters?

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brother we use a 50" tv and that's way too much yeji brother

hows the clothing line jessica chose over snsd doing anyways? was it worth it?

A single wash even if you flip it out is going to fade the graphic. Don't waste money on cheap chinkshit hoodie.

listen to this unharmonious almost dissonance of rapping compared to this harmony it doesn't quite fit. it sounds like some amateur mashup song on youtube


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walking up behind her, putting her hair on one side and then kissing her neck and gently biting her ear

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nah check this out

soshitter meltdown

Nowhere. I played the jigs and wendy posted with an user. Now I'm posting some songs.

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she pure korean



well it still exists so i'd say so

500k sales

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never mind yejibros we are out


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one of the sweetest and cutest woman alive

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in segregation with the other pedos

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500k kilos of cum spilt for IVE

well does it exists in high end boutiques or fucking target my nigga

You can just live a life with Twice, you know. It's simple.

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i have a fake comme des garcon chinkshirt that i used to wear 2 times a week for the last 9 years and the print hasnt faded or peeled off yet. had a fake pancoat and it started scratching off after a couple months.

washed them both once a week

i think she is the richest of the 9, so yep

school shooters would be less sad. half of us are in our late 20s/early 30s

why are you ban evading??

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cute doob

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my pillow has a pussy in it

yeah its simple, let the BULL do all the work, us oncebros will just watch

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What show is that nonce even talking about?

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I'm not.

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>live a life with Twice
i'm interested

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we are treading on thin ice brother

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>i think
that doesn't mean anything

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what went so wrong?


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nagi-ya eat food pls


those thighs are GONE

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more like jihan booba monday monday edge edge

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what does she say in this one

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I like cherry bullet's yu ju because she looks like a dog

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