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must have Arin

chimpy implants status?

10/10 perfect and beautiful

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yeji FOOL

Give me all your best minju pics please. Need new wallpapers for my phone.

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Womy mogs sullyoon to oblivion

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Literally the best girl

>ive is the first gen 4 gg to sell over 500k
>sold 544k in one month

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scars are fake
implants are real

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add youre waifu

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hideous yunk

it's called sajaegi

there's not enough sullyoon posters to get many you's but there are enough wonyoung haters

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yeji dumb fucking retard

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it's just one guy

yeji genius

serious question, why do kpop artists have no soul or personality compared to wpop artists? it's like someone put a gun to their head, they all just act like robots

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there's more kpop fans than ever brother
based asiansoulchad

aespa sold over 500k

Wony is the visual hole of IVE

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aespa sold 600k

based izone

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what you’re doing is called coping

Post intelligent idols.

BIG L for sseracucks

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what's she doing wrong


this is not an act right

they're singing songs someone else wrote, dancing to choreo someone else designed, wearing outfits someone else picked out, given names someone else came up with... you tell me

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aespa sold 392k first month with savage

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i think about sumin all the time :(

not within a month

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cope with these nuts in your mouth lmoa

you hold the upper black grip in one hand and turn the other with your other hand

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Last one

I love Rei



liz looks much better with dark hair

>sullyoon posters
>wony posters
we are the same people so there's never gonna be more than 1 or 2 bait posts shitting on each other

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oogie power!

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dis nigga seething lmao

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crushed by kazuhas high velocity ballerina ass

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back off............ her cheeks are mine

Oh this gaon data updated for all groups. TY dc poster.

Album sales on Gaon (per year):

2020 — 31,449
2021 — 291,300
2022 — 280,061 (so far)

TOTAL — 602,810 copies

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yejibros we wouldn't take gowon out in public

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and yet you have a thread full of "people" who simp for these insects, what gives?

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kpop celebrity jeopardy with yeji, yooa and seulgi

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kekler sold 23 BILLION


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what happens when someone sees your wallpaper?

Leeseo nip slip when?

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love taeyeon
love fany
love irene
simple as

kissable, both of them


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i don't think so buddy

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billie eilish exists and you post this shit.

they're overcome with the urge to protec

nobody ever sees the phone wallpapers of the anons here

they're idols. their job is literally being idolized, which mostly results from a combination of looks and personality, most of which is an act. it's pretty effective if that's what you're looking for.

our favorite tits in kpop
>rei oppai
>chowon's chowons

you don't even go outside faggot

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i wish i was cuddling with sumin rn :(

is she allowed to do that?

never buy a cryptocurrency because of an idol

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jay jay

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could've stopped after cryptocurrency

she looks like a completely different (upgraded) person

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is it me or does most rap sound the same?

still looks better than the plastic trash posted here

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we're all given names someone else came up with what?

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why would you want them to protect your phone?
not true i’m in public several hours a week..

I want to fuck overweight liz
I want to eat her ass and fuck her mouth

my girls can't even get 100K first week let alone break MelOn Top 100... (but I still overhype them every chance I got)

every rap song has rap in it, it's very derivitave