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>Last 30 days in pop music>>RECENT EVENTS

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failed general

>still no new Tove Lo added

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Regarding the topic of unwholesome botposting, a few new details have come to light. After peace was made with the Orcs, formal discussions between the Guild Leaders and the Chieftains of the Hoard were held. It was found that many rogue bands of Orcs were in allegiance with an elite cyberterrorist robotoid globalist defense unit. After our skirmish with these rogue bands, later autopsies on the carcasses revealed that many were found with biomechanical implants in their cranial cavities. This disturbing piece of evidence revealed much in regard to their previous acts of smug unwholesomeness. Later investigations revealed even more disquieting facts. It appears the bots have been on the move, and word has just reached us from our vast network of spies that DP is indeed behind almost all of these incursions.
In an attempt to understand the reason for all of this, I think we might unpack some of the source data. To begin, the pop artists known as “D*nz” or D*nz CM” appears to be the original focus. This “D*nz” or “D*nz CM” was formerly known as simply “Computer Magic”. Friends and Fellow Brethren of the Fold, I hope you now understand the dire implication of these most disturbing findings.
From our secluded ashram, my Brethren and I are hot on the trail, and will root out all of the malicious black sorcery which has so plagued our General of the past few weeks.
>Actual footage of me at work attempting to secure Wholesomeness in our General

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Ok boomer

I love her.

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Same. Carly is amazing.

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what does /wpop/ think about /kpg/ and kpop?

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Hayley's unofficial older sister looks cute here.

wpopbros… how do we recover?

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I need to impregnate Rina Sawayama.

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you can't recover from a KO

For me to poop on.

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Post good content. Avoid trolling and spamming trash.

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Anyways, big booba time.

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Charli has a sexy body

what the fuck this post was too based
whatsdamatta with a lilbit o’ trollin

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For me to poop on.

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The 5+ kpop generals at any given time was one of the reasons we started wpop to begin with. There can’t be hundreds of betas flocking to mu just to discus kpop, so the only alternative is that it’s all spam.

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Best body in the business!

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Ok, a bit of trolling is reasonable. But many anons here go to the extreme. There are people here, not robots.

And her boyfriend wears Canadian tuxedos regularly and smells like clove cigarettes; she must have pretty low self esteem.

>betas simping for bugs
>betas simping for roastbeefs

Okay and?

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She can keep compensating for half-assing it as a musician by larping as a model, or she can start full assing being a musician.

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fuck off dp

roastbeef which you will enjoy much more

i don’t think about you at all

I forgot that you existed*

Her past few albums have been fantastic, though. Duno what you're on about.

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Peculiar how no one heard it. You would think that being a popstar, would mean that you're popular: youtu.be/QTKv9JSy25Y

fuck off midge

Duno what to tell you, big guy.

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don't think there's anything more enjoyable about this trash

You can say, I wanna talks about popular music in a popular music thread, instead of showcasing my vast library of prostitutes laundering money: youtu.be/JRD80XRMT7s

OR I can keep posting Charli and make you seethe.

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Then you'll be just like Charli, wasting your life: youtu.be/aIuCdQtNBgg

I love Charli.

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>that top

>roastbeef which you will enjoy much more

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Imagine spending any amount of your time with your action being motivated by another. There used to be a term for this, I believe it was called slave: youtu.be/Mzybwwf2HoQ

Absolute state of grace.

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gain height

Look at all you trick ass hoes pulling on my hair trying to get me to talk to you: youtu.be/IlV7RhT6zHs


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Do you think Adele was shaking her ass on tiktok prior to producing any of her music? I doubt it. That's probably why she has the best selling album this millennium with a low marketing budget: youtu.be/Vg5uRzBEkYg

I love when Charli shakes her bum

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charli got her bottom in the air

Simple and eloquent and beautiful and everybody has heard it despite her not pandering or a major global corporation financially backing her marketing. I wonder why people liked it: youtu.be/UQ8cXH7qbVU

I wonder if she put her soul into it, and people felt she is good: youtu.be/Xpc8mAJ_2nM

Lmao Adele is an ugly hag, that's why she doesn't pander. Nobody wants to see her face.

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chili boob

I wonder how many people want to see you, if you get a residency at Vegas: youtu.be/fk4BbF7B29w

why can't wpop have OPs this good

I wonder why she canceled her tour, maybe because nobody wants to see her fat face. It's been months Adele, give your fans an update.

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mp and the midge drove all OC creators away with their antics

Yeah Adele, stop working hard on music, and talk to these degenerates that can never be satisfied: youtu.be/H9NJenpBV2I

Lmao Adele is ugly. Choli is hot.

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I must have really pissed off AP by calling out her retarded shit: youtu.be/A8IRqCJVkOo

Literally who is AP.

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Someone who hates women: youtu.be/FRa2lpHWRZo

Does he love Charli?

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AP doesn't listen to popular music, so maybe, but she is a woman, allegedly: youtu.be/YQHsXMglC9A

wheres original charliposter

How do I summon AP? I need to ask him (her) if (s)he likes Charli.

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Duno, user.

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i accidentally all the beers

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I heard AP likes musicals and operas, so post some of those, I'll help: youtu.be/ILxo-TUkzOQ

based bossman have a good time and be safe

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But I don't know any operas or musicals!

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