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her face is so dumb but soft and beautiful

scratch and sniff photocards when

yejibros we just rubber banded our balls

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yejibros we're going rogue

Nina voicemogs Jihyo and Lily. And it's not even debatable

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very cute sully

Why doesn’t no one talk about Exy?

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tzuyu that couldn't be....

nmixx chads run this general

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looks deformed

the princess duo

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>SM Entertainment lost a lawsuit against a UK company over trademark rights of EXO.

A UK wholesaler caused SM Entertainment to lose certain rights over the “EXO” brand.

According to a May 10th article from Korean news site Press9, a UK pharmaceutical company called Sustainable Ethical Enterprise Limited won against SM Entertainment to nullify several trademark rights of “엑소”, which can be written as “EXO”, or “XO!”.

In particular, the aforementioned company submitted registration to use “XO!” for their products back in March 2020.

Since “XO!” and “EXO” saw similarities in both the pronunciation and writing, Sustainable Ethical Enterprise Ltd also submitted additional patents in August 2021.

As a result, the Kpop boy group EXO won’t be able to promote several products under their names, including vitamin supplements, disinfectants, medicinal candies, dietary supplements, medical mouthwashes, tea, and medical weight loss products, plasters, veterinarian pills, and many more.

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we love this girl so much. her personality is so adorable. we want to get married to this girl. we would do anything to protect her. we want to spend some time inside her thigh gap

official kpg keklist:

Jihyo sure - shes overrated as hell, but with lily im not so sure and just depends on what type you like, i like ninas more personally too


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which group is putting out the best variety content these days?

i guess its hard to get an unbiased answer to that

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WJSN got bogged for queefdom so we don't care anymore

no one cares about this kind of shit.

jihyo voicemogged by a goat

rat nips

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she's not very remarkable i guess
nobody talks about dawon either


isn't that the villain in the first spy kids

Last time kim tayeon had someone cum inside her lithe pussy was 7 years ago

based, bongbros on top

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enjoy your b*n

what the fuck was that song and MV?


speak for yourself, my entire life revolves around EXO

who's mogging?

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yeah everyone is just gonna say their favorite group


did sohee get a boobjob? that doesn't look 100% natural. fucking slut

yejibros whatchu lookin at whatchu lookin at ?

kek truth hurts, thread reeks of plastic

experimental kpop coke ad

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>that doesn't look 100% natural
can't even see anything you fucking autist

Soty and kino

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parasite girl is cute as fuck

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then the past year must have been super shitty for you. an extremely mid group release followed by their only good soloist enlisting in the military.

jihyo is great, her technique is good enough to deliver good performances

Lol. Lily is leagues ahead of anyone else

Watch her in Camping Vibes it's comfy

so dam cute

Shes always been a bit stacked,, probably just a push up

imagine jyp spending more than 5 dollars on cgi


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dawon vocal mogs 99% of loop vocalists

arin's ass

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gonna chek it out thanks


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stop being horny

I only stan virgin idols:

still the purest girl in the biz

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you misspelled ahin

i don't watch kdramas because the cute girls always end up dating some chad and i do not support or like cuckery

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Karinas cheeks have been clapped for sure

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karina has no cheeks

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hapabros we are literally hapas
transracial look it up



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as a gen 2 boomer I'm gonna say no one. it's all such scripted soulless formulaic trash.

>voicemogs Jihyo
not that hard

how come they are so sloppy brother might as well look the whole fuckin store


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Brothers, for me it's Sumin
Gummy smile goddess
Personality goddess
Feet goddess
Best girl

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Bahihyi is not a virgin


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reverse cowgirl

she would make $ millions in a big 3 group

as a MY, stayc



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Latina’s don’t stay virgins for long


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is she? post some vocalmoggennings

i tried watching stayc content in the past and idk the vibes always seemed off, like some of them don't get along at all. maybe their chemistry has changed since then.

when did stayc do a maid cafe concept

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