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useless little shit

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dayeon>>>>>>>>>>disgusting uggo piggy

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the most innocent duo in the world

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how is this not avatarfagging?

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very false and everyone disagrees

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I scared of emptiness after I finish the last episode. There will be nothing to wait for

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>ive arent even a year old
>they've already outsold sistar + wjsn combined

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so what

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Rate my gf

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any riwon haha


sistar had 2 million sellers
because people actually bought albums to listen to back them


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shushu so pale...

Only the best kpop choreography and dances are allowed to enter. Gaypop and GGs may enter.

Remember: this is the standard you should live up to.

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eating bahi's succulent but salty slit


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Golden cow

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yejibros we're gonna do meth and sort our kpop folder

na hours are the worst hours by far.

yejibros we want to live in the scarlet devil mansion


show your pubes sluts


you guys listen to any indies? recommendations? haven't kept up with any since i got linked to Sweet Revenge - Rule Breaker like 10 years ago on /sc2g/

I miss the old WEEEKLYGANG

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i heard loona flopped less than dollar for member
is that true?

brother, what do you mean, it's 3 am brother

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I really like that picture that's why I post it so much.

My liberation notes is by the same writer and from what I've seen so far it is a great drama. Finish my mister and come join me in this new journey. :))
I'm waiting! user

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>that guy was also seen at hybe hq
are we getting garam with this dude too?

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can any indonesians translate this to english?

m8 we dont listen to music here....

good ideas brothers

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cute chew!

am i the only woman who posts here

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You guys seen that r/kpoopfap post where a guy managed to get a shot of Sana coming out of the shower in the reflection of a Momo dancingVlive from 2017? That was some CSI shit.

stfu, lesserman. we real Divedaddies acknowledged that Sistar+WJSN walked so IVE can run.

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yejibros is this juwita?

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my cock and my cum

why's cub doing a dick sucking motion with her mouth

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Comebecky has a list of youtube channels who post a lot of indies I believe.

hi im a woman

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pale princess

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I do love autist idols

Double eeny.


yikes, so bogged

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