Yea Forums's favorite metal albums

i wanna make a topster, send your favorite metal album. i'll accept as many as i can, if yours doesn't get accepted i either consider it a troll or i didn't have enough space. i'm doing the 100 topster

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brave murder day

i might as well add one myself

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Obligatory Rust in Peace

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Coroner - No More Color


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"The Number Of The Beast" and "Piece Of Mind" by Iron Maiden
"Ride The Lightening" and "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica
"Highway To Hell" and "Back In Black" by AC/DC

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A newcomer, but very well liked to be sure

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all of these suck, but if you want an Iron Maiden record add Powerslave

>Not Iron Maiden
One job

>all of these suck
Okay, kiddo.

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stop fighting and post albums
also no ac/dc sorry friend

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"Melissa" - Mercyful Fate

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No AC/DC? You don't consider them metal? That's reasonable, since some people consider them "hard rock", but I'd still consider them metal.

i might just put them lower down like i did with the second metallica and iron maiden albums

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We Are The Romans

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Fair enough.

Alright Guns n Roses next then? Fucking tards


what album by Venom

you should just do 1 album per band

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you got quads therefore i'll listen, sorry other people

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Kohanic Charmers

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Quads of truth, just one band per album
I'd have posted Peace Sells but someone already posted Rust so I'm going with Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence

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BASED i love this one

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good choices

I have to think on this one.

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Oh wait, multiple albums allowed?

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i'll give him 3 more

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It's hard for me to narrow down to a single favorite metal album, so I've posted several. Fuck it if OP doesn't like it.

exercises is overrated definitely but still excellent.

And with that, I'm done.

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this or Miss Machine

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incubus looks so out of place here

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yes, but gatekeep bands are still important and I also like them

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we should have had this for iron maiden, peace sells for megadeth, kill em all for metallica and punishment for decadence for coroner
oh well

Absolutely unbeatable.

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>we should have had this for iron maiden
fuck no, Somewhere in Time shits all over that

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