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i am yet to recover from Seungri story

yejibros we want to PIPE chaehyun

Worshipping slug until she becomes a primal.


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nini sex meat

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made for matting press

Finally a pure thread

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cute bean. fuck cube

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yejibros we want to go back

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what is he even trying to say?

>3 rapes in korea for the year
>1 of the rapist is white
>white committed 33% of all rape in korea for that year despite being less than 1% of the population

fake yejibro

( o )( o )

My natural and pure wife, Kim Minju.

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post yeseo


>average /kpg/ poster

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yejibros is this source reliable

real yejibro + true + W

>tfw bought into Soshibonds
>converted them to Taecoin
>10+ years and still winning
feels so fucking good

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kep1er queendom slaying angels

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dayeon is sex

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My wife song hayoung

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yejibros we're making frozen french fries and watching jeff hardy go through a table

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more yeseo


amazing she's still pure

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We already got a jennie op

Greatest artist ever in all of history and before history.

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>both slugdoomer and storygroomer got nuked
thank you based jannynims

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yejibros we're cooking like a chef, we're a five star michelin

yes brother just like we did 20 years ago and what we will do 20 years from now

you got DEBOONKD last thread, learn to take the L

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made for matting press

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>thought it was highly suspicions when yebin was sponsor baiting on IG
>disband soon
kek. cant wait to see all these hoes streaming

the person who wrote that article basically admitted she was full of shit and set her twitter to private. the amount of raping that would require is insane, especially with korea already having a sexual violence problem. there'd be riots and protests to kick white men out if they were raping at that level

yejibros we're choking on a big black cock

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god help me
I didn't mean to
it just happened
I coomed to hong eunchae again...

shut up ryujinsissy


cope essays by balding sexpats don't count as such, sweaty


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meant for


yeji fool

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his name is ryujinchad

my queen

brother we are not dubu

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it's understandable, but try to not let it happen again

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kvetch more

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CEO cock cumming on choa's face

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choa chorong or yeseo

cute cute cute
cute cute cute
cute cute cute

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wow she's beautiful

*Yells every lyric*

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she looks like kirby

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Waiting for a slug solo.

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waiting for a slug feet

>that thumb

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yejibros we nutted brothers we couldn't hold it brothers

Our girl Yoohyeon is a 10/10

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slug has feet?

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pit meat

fucking motherfuckers I want yeseo

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kim garam
no mercy

yeji poots

>E X P O S E D
yeah, the average wh*toid moving to asia

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