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nice tb there pal

How many other bands can take a 17 year break then come back and release the album of the year?

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recently discovered that this album not only goes well with ice cream, but empanadas as well

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Powerful lyrics in this song in these trying times. I hope you all in America know that your rights are on the line.

First for Drengroth

Pentagram - Relentless

Any forcefully shilled album on /metal/ is an album I will not listen to, simple as

can i get uhhhhh some racist riffs

Mocking the Philanthropist is better.

Can any Virginiafags stop by here one Saturday to pick up some food and give a review for us?

I'm craving some empanadas now. I'll blast this while I wait for the delivery boy.

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Tastes like trust fund

Finland is the most metal country in the world.


Execution of the trees
Violent wretching rage
Agonized dismemberment
Limbs are disengaged
Contortion of extremities
Horrors of the rack
Stretching process, ripping flesh
Vertebrae collapse
Spate of boiling water
Funneled down the throat
Pressure on the heart and lungs
Turgid body bloats
Gruesome tools of torture
Stategically applied
Prolonging mutilation
Condemned and necrotized

death metal
>promotes fitness, lots of gym rats blast it for motivation
>deep, meaningful lyrics
>vocals are sinister, abrasive and how men naturally communicate
>instrumentation is densely textured and layered, worthy of close examination
>attractive to women. a dangerous man is someone who can protect you
>named after that which is inevitable, the strongest force in the universe; death.
>makes for good gym music, hence why all death metal enjoyers have the body of a greek god, which means they get a lot of pussy
>no need to hide their faces because they are all handsome chads
>has a lot of riffs
>the most varied subgenre of metal, there's a style of death metal that suits each and every taste

black metal
>promotes blobification, living in fantasy. don't improve your life, just imagine a better one
>lyrics about orcs and elves (gay shit)
>vocals would be laughable if it wasn't so subversive. men singing like women, disgraceful.
>instrumentation is purely surface level. tremolos on top of low effort production. pure shit
>actively repels women. when trouble comes, can she trust some pasty geek with clown makeup to protect her?
>literally named after a subhuman race, the scum of society
>fanbase of low T twinks who have never seen a pussy or lifted a weight
>wearing a "corpsepaint" to hide your ugliness is an important characteristic of the genre and its culture
>doesn't have riffs, it relies on ice cream truck music with a bit of distortion instead
>all of it sounds exactly the same

i hope this clears things up


France makes the best black metal.

Official list of good metal

Official list of bad metal
>Everything else

my butt made the best black metal after taco tuesday

Arghoslent is honorary diapershit (i.e. not metal)

I came here to post this as well

What's the most dissonant Deathspell Omega album?

torturing yourself? probably paracletus, but what do I know

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Can someone tell me what Power Metal is and why it sounds like Pop music?

I thought this was something completely different from the thumbnail

puts on a good live show

I dont know the answer but if you're asking this you should probably check out Ulcerate if you haven't already

The fans crossover with pop and power metal thats why it sounds so gay

pop rock for gay nerds

Heavy metal as a distinct form of rock and roll peaked with this album

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I can't believe the US government wants to ban this based shit.

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Uh! Uh! Uh!

nuclear blast


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>Can someone tell me what Power Metal is
the best metal genre

I'm tied between that and Judeobeast Assassination desu

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder dead. And maybe suicided. The fuck?

He did, they link the suicide hotline number on their facebook post.

because they took heavy metal(which is already very pop) and combined it with gay euro-dance


powerless metal

>gay euro-dance

metal jazz fusion

post one pop song that sounds like this you shitters

every jazz metal I've ever heard has been positively based, so its good in my eyes

you just did

jazz metal is just circus music


>melody is... LE BAD!!

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that's extreme metal, not pop

Traditional Doom

power metal is not extreme metal

Who's more extreme, the band playing at 220 bpm for 8 minutes with 4 minute solos, or the one that shouts like when my grandma stubs her toe on the corner of the bed

Pay attention to the music.

you first

>I wanna fly away on a unicorn to a land of freedom and light...
>to discover a force inside me
>i wanna fly away
Nah I'm good

idk, ask a music normie

the one that doesn't get featured in guitar hero

I am.

lacking harmony

hah he done got me good no cap

Morbid Angel is not extreme for being on MTV

Goregrind mogs your favourite genre

Not him, but that doesn't really mean anything

degenerate shit for porn addicts and diarrhea vocals

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Idunno… iguess for me it’s Drengroth…?

dragonforce was on g4tv, a gaming show

Brutal Death Metal

he done frfr

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>tfw grind and deathrash sound the exact same to me

extreme metal has always been popular with the gamer crowd

wtf i hate metal now

black "metal" is just incel crust

Immortal bros....

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>extreme metal has always been popular with the gamer crowd

holy shit slash is black???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?

how would you even know that, and where in the video is DragonForce

>E3 from 10 years ago
>gaymes look the same as today

power gaytal must be a huge hit with the speedrunner crowd, then
no wonder they're all trannies

Slaughter - Strappado

Abbath could fist my ass hole (non con sensually) and I would still be a card carrying member of the Immortal internet Defense Force (IIDF).

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>where in the video is DragonForce
Here it is. Sam fell off stage and somehow managed to detune his floyd rose.

his mom is black

btw I have a guitar just like Herman uses here.

>they added blackened crust punk to RYM

THAT band looking like that, is like watching Larry LaLonde performing with Primus at Woodstock '94 when he was 26.


Yeah, I don't know if you have noticed, we are going through an industrial revolution when we were brought up with "we're done with this shit". It messes with people's heads.