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>cadillac green edition

post pics of guitars and clips of yourself playing them
I'll start

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I'm 6'2 female 230 lbs what's the best offset to bring attention away from my big size

Offset Telecaster

based thread
thank you user

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I'm 5'10 245lbs, a mountain of a man. Get that wieght up. Eat big to play big. I recommend a Gibson SG.


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Fucking hell...

gretsches look fucking stupid.

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I'm falling for the lead singer in my girlfriend's band. He is so cute and blonde. How do I reconcile this as a straight male? Whenever we are alone together the sexual tension is unbearable. Last night he wasn't feeling well and he tested his bed in my lap and I got hard. He noticed but didn't say anything. He also plays guitar and basically I sometimes pretend to be him and he almost cought me stealing his clothes last week.


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Deluxe reverb or Princeton?

see if they need a bass player...
because you my friend are a massive fag

Princeton for bedroom, DR if you're gigging.


I do play bass. But no, I can assure you I am completely straight. Please be respectful.

Wondering how to sound like Drengroth? Boomer newfags dont seem to know so they dont have to respond

is the princeton not load enough for gigs?

Pls delete

Came here to ask this as well

>230 lbs
Those are rookie numbers. I would get an esp/ltd viper or an explorer type.

It is, but it doesn't have enough clean headroom, so you'll get breakup if you go past 6 or 7 on the volume.

retard edition

they have vocaroo vids now. Very kek bros

bros if i wanna build a guitar
warmoth or allparts?

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Rhythm guitarists are the best. I’m level headed and have a wife and child that I’d never consider cheating on. I’m also 100% straight.

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something the matter, partner?

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the following are the lyrics to a death metal song i'm writing called 'no more baby formula'. what do you think /gg/?

>when will there be enough dead babies, starved to death, for people to realize that god is demanding our nation pay for our sins in blood?

>imagine CNN anchors being sacrificed to god, to pay for our sins, and atone for us towards his wrath.

>imagine the women with knives stuck through their stomach being raped and raped and raped before being covered in gasoline and set on fire, and the pretty female CNN anchor is trying to scream, but only puking blood and coughing as the smoke of her own fat clogs her nostrils.

>i mean, that'd probably calm god down, right? that'd pay for our sins, our decades of wickedness? we're going to discover as many civilizations in the past have, that only human sacrifice can convince god to remove his heavy handed curse from our land.

>and, who should it be, if not the pretty CNN anchors... you? you want to take their place? naw. it should be the TV faces and the politicians that we send screaming in horror to hell in order to make god stop cursing us. unless you'd like to volunteer to be sacrificed like that.

>i guess i'm just saying, when you see stephen colbert trapped inside a flipped over electric vehicle, and it's burning, and he's kicking the glass, and he's on fire, and everying is jeering and booing and niggers are recording vertical videos with their cell phones - you're not going to want to switch places with him.

I’m a 5’5 MtF t-girl who weighs 145lbs. I have been on puberty blockers and hrt since I was young so I look very feminine. Should I get a Mustang bass?

man, if i woke up in your body, i wouldn't get a mustang bass, dude. i'd get three or four AR15's and some boxes of bullets and produce a mass casualty event at a fucking doctor convention or something lol you're pretty fucked up. shouldn't that be illegal?


trying to hard to be poignant. very cringe

would you rather see stephen colbert inside a burning electric vehicle he can't get out of

or would you rather see stephen colbert from inside a burning electric vehicle you can't get out of

because blood is blood as far as gods concerned

the fact you have to give it a political agenda is autistic as fuck. i'm right wing and even im cringing at this.

Don’t lie, if you woke up in her body you’d just play with your tits.

Am I the only one who hates that style of guitar? Makes me think of KISS or other cheat hair metal bands.


Stop the madness.
Play a Fender.

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This is just a boomer facebook schizopost isn't it?

Fenders are gay


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i have six completely fucking perfect notes for a melody here that i think could be a like an all-time hit song, and i've been trying to find the next notes for a week. i will spend a year trying to find the next six notes if i need to. yes, i am playing this on guitar i just have it scored so i can stare at it for hours. the fugue at the end isn't for guitar though.


seriously i might kill myself if i can't figure out where to go from the melody that starts after the 4 wide powerchords.

is that you playing piano?

no, i just have it scored on the computer. i play this on guitar. but i can't fucking figure out what the next notes are after the part it gets emotional at like 5-6 seconds. and it's killing me. i've never spent this long on this small of a thing, but i feel like if it takes me a whole year to get the notes, and get them right, that it'll genuinely be ok to die after that.

All I want is a Les Paul to LARP as Jimmy Page in my living room
I know I won't ever truly be happy with my guitar playing until I do. I've got the American made Telecaster, Japanese made Ibanez and they're great but I will never be happy untill I have a Les Paul

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wish I could give you advice, but I'm also terrible at sight playing, best of luck user and remember to go slow as possible, also for that good score, here's something I wrote

nice tapping, i kind of want to install air nozzles under the strings of a guitar with a air hose hookup so i can just fret chords with both hands while the air keeps the strings ringing.

Fuck Les Pauls

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Why? Because you can't afford one?

tr(j)anny 40%'d lmfao

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and cockbreaker's mom took his phone away again

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They’re ugly

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Nebula bass

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or did she?

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>21 posters

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anyone play one of these?

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>i have six completely fucking perfect notes for a melody here that i think could be a like an all-time hit song
Are you joking? The chord progression feels like it goes nowhere, no resolution. Normies need that.