"kpop" edition

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Cute Girls and Investors, we wanted another Bahicoin thread


To fuck poor backwards peasant girls who think they're rich because they have the luxury of shoes.

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gaeul marry me


uhhh wh*toid bros...?

not like this...

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no please
too much sheep

all me

most bullshit statistic i've ever seen

this is based

yejibros what is kpop?

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we all know what they say about Kims, Parks, and Lees...

I thought SK is the Asian country with the least amount of crime?

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might be true brother

yejibros lets get to korea and pump those numbers up

I had to move back to my country, bro
too far away - and that was that

secret yejibro

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bring back poor-mid income family idols

From this image alone I support the K-reich cleansing Europe and founding Greater Korea.


yejis face when we whip out the king snake

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i bet white men are responsible for all the domestic violence and women being the majority of murder victims in korea too


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that sucks bro, hope you're happy with where you are now though

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post more sun kissed bahi

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The ending of episode 2 is really unexpected. We see this quiet and unassuming woman so far and out of nowhere she becomes bold enough to go to mr gu and asks him to worship her.
I don't know. I think it's a bit obvious. The hinted couples so far are mijeong x mr gu and gijeong x single dad (from first episode). Those were the couples I wrote down on my notes during episode 2. "I want liberation. I want to feel liberated. I don't know where I'm trapped but I feel trapped. There is nothing in my life that relaxes me. I feel cramped and stifled. I want to break free" The scenes of the liberation club itself are some of my favorites.

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bahi doll

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secrete yejibro

this is fine
because sex crimes in korea are not considered important and usually the victim gets the blame

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we are booking our flight now brother

bahi sex princess
bahi creampie angel
bahi fuckdoll

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please take this L with some dignity

bahiyyih practicing witchcraft

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showing yoohyeon my 'dreamcatcher lighstick'...

its our calling in life brother

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secret yejibro secretions

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what happened to the original bahi poster(s) back in october


cope, wh*tes are literally the most savage and inhuman people on earth

so much for blaming the niggers and kikes, it's pure projection


Her Twitter is basically Early Life:Slanty Feminist Edition

that's a hot g**k

>take one L from a female in your own country and decide to move to the other side of the world to pull tail
>still cant score consensual sex
holy fuck imagine being that bottom of the barrel

go off pajeet

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anal prostitution with bahi

kpop playlist status?

it's a made up statistic you braindead retard

still here

Lisa flavored toothpaste

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no brother, I am desperately sad without her
she was my soulmate (a fellow artist)
but she's in russia and I'm thousands of miles away
closest idol to her in looks is jinsoul

Bloated beyond reason and sanity. Seriously I have a problem.

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and henlo is the victim


White Asian countries import english teachers?
Here in italy all the english teachers are italians citizens.
Are asians too retarded to learn and teach english?

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who is she? i saved this webm a year ago

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Lisa flavored lube

it's actually small browns. t. study conducted by the korean government

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wait a second..
fukada eimi is the main target for chaewon deepfakes
but the main difference was that eimi had huge fake tits

chaewon must REALLY love her fans to try to match her jav-alike

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damn right brother all of the above

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not looking good...
less than 10 good songs this year

it's possible mr huening taught her some esoteric bahai sorcery

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literally all the yt bois in this thread...

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eunha from gfriend


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her name is bahicute
her name is cutehiyyih
her name is bahgoddess
her name is sexhiyyih
her name is bahottie

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yayabros, this is yaya

post the bahi who let the dogs out edit please

It's always better to learn a language from a native speaker retard


*raises wank-crippled arm*

376 songs and dropping fast. thank god for gen 2.

kinda unfair that ill never fuck eunha but ok

my phone wallpaper

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post the bahi stuck in baja blast piss bottle edit

extra walled

time to pick things up and put them down again brothers

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>220511 Kim Minju will have a special stage alongside fellow Show! Music Core MCs this Saturday, May 14th, to commemorate the resumption of live audience.
this bitch is STILL doing idolshit on stage after not signing?

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based straight males

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Sad to hear about this.
I though korea didnt let those kinds inside their country.

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dude if youre a korean that knows english the last fucking job on earth youll want is to teach kids english in korea

damn, never knew she had that hair

why does eunha act retarded

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no, they prefer their english teachers to know nothing about the native language

big L

soon we shall reach our goal brother

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kazuha klan members are aligning themselves with yujin yankees

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what is minju up to now? Is she just leeching off her parents?

her brains plastic

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nobody wants those types of jobs

being a bimbo is her idol persona
she's not acting though

yes brother

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preparing for her JAV debut

Prototype sexbot

>not incelfies
for fuck sake reddit

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why is this non-idol allowed near music shows still

sounds like a comfy warehouse job brother

yejibros I kinda like these bahiboys they seem to share a similar spirit of rascalness that we exude abundantly

i want to fuck the literal shit out of ning nings ass with my meaty fleshplunger

the source for that statistic is that she claims to have worked at a crisis center where like a third of the rapes were from white men. there's no actual stats though, just a 'trust me bro'

never believe a woman and never believe a leftist

its bahimen and there are billions and trillions of us

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c-chimp chads?

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>never believe a woman