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wtf we wanted a lia thread

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My wife song hayoung

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what group is blackpink but boring?

We love Lily! Very true and everyone agrees

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huening bahiyyih is a whore

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yejibros we suckin and fuckin

more cute riwony?


her sister's daddy just bought a house and her sister henlo called to celebrate in her newly bought Mercedes

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sup carl

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Don't be weird.

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after their mild reception at kcon, it's probably safe to assume niziu won't get a korean debut ever

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might be true

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good evening everyone, just got home from work
whats all this commotion with henlo? did something happened?

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I heard henlo has surprisingly large titties.

yeah..your wife..

my back hurts bros
carrying kpg ain't easy

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if you're grooming them at least fuck them. just finish the job.

actually, their reception was so good i have no doubt a korean debut is on the horizon

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we love henlo

instead we got a bahorsie thread :/


bros give me her insta please


brother what superM song is this

yejibros we are gonna take a poop and THEN we are gonna shower brothers big brain mode activated brothers


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nah, even her sister's are average

my lips chapped and red from the lick and slobber marathon

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WTF did storygroomer just accidentally reveal how he grooms his victims?

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I'm pissed, why nobody told me that my Winty got molested recently at an all boys high school? Had to find out through youtube's algorithm

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old and plastic

good work brother bet yeji couldnt even think of that

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sucking henlo's small titties and making a very loud and obnoxious slurping sound while doing so

when cbs isnt the posting the groomer doesn't even try to hide his creepiness

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hmmm sounds like it's not kpop...

they're decent sized, bigger than you'd expect

izone is the ideal for each group and should be what gg's strive for

we were posting about it when it happened...

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>spend 16 hours on kpg
>close tabs and reopen kpg
>"good evening everyone just got home from work"

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yejibros we look exactly like this

she deserved it

nothing bro people were just being a bit too excited

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brother poop IN the shower and save time

fuck beanwiga

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which kpop can pull off this trick?

we hate henlo

stfu ryujinsissy

I am a bit shy to do that and worried I might meet someone who isn't cool. Plus I don't know 100% that I'd even be able to go yet.
I am really picky about who I trust and my problem is, even though I'm an extrovert, I really have a terrible view of most people.

I could drive all the way to a city where the concert would be at all alone but that sounds so dreary.
But maybe I could meet some (G)I-dle fans. I knew someone who liked them but I lost her...

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>tfw no crabs dinner with sana

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I'm not grooming anyone. Don't reply to me anymore.

I have never done that as I don't mind going to things by myself. I have a friend who did and he said he had a lot of fun and everyone he met was super friendly and nice. It's worth a try if you want to go to the show and feel self conscious about going alone. His was for a rock band tho.

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it's also interesting that he's ESL. I've seen him make that mistake multiple times

none because it's photoshopped

Just the usual

Their videos have more views than anything else. It's the most relevant group in the whole event

making beanwigar watch

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Her sister seems like a huge whore