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i just literally posted one generic henlo pic

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Mmmm, brown and wrinkly, winking excitedly in anticipation for

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beanbros even google is attacking us now

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Post ducksis feet

and then what

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>should i give user a n-word pass?

*puts on ohio state hoodie and baggy camo pants*

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is this top gfe experience?

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yejibros is the new show woori the virgin any good?

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she'd take it to the base

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sex (in mandarin)

Because those people might have thought it was me

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Class:y bros... our girls are actually funny

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who took the picture???

everyone loves henlo
moreover we love memes

literally me
(the mexican not henlo)

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her big black boyfriend

maybe it was for you because youre acting like such an attention whore

Our BASED breadcat

A simple slug post.

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honda hitomi


what about U-ME?

holy fuck our nigga became glorious

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she cute

are you black tho?

My natural and pure wife, Kim Minju.

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what the hell, why does this have such a gravure fee-

post her pure feet


>blackpink is the revolution
people died in gwangju for this shit

cant, theyre in my mouth rn

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haein probably

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i love her so much


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underboobs feet pits


b*tch n**gas

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bro we're generic too


my natural and pure wife gowon

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Prepare yourselves yejibros, today, you will be GROOMED!

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CLASS:y bros......I am obsessed with Riwon so much that I even saved her childhood pics and videos......

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not kpop

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how does her hair look that good after being dyed like 2000 times

You're still able to talk clearly, so obviously those feet aren't deep enough in your mouth


Koreans are built like gnomes

mental illness

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