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Cumming inside, balls deep multiple times until she gets knocked up with my hapa twins mate!

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Trampoline date with mia

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hyunjin pure poop angel

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yuqi open bob

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Love Joy
Love Irene
Love Seulgi
Love Wendy
Simple as

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you forgot one


our nymph

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what a waste of a cute woman...

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I hate that everyone always tells you "be confident" "oh don't put yourself down."
I am being humble... Why would I just start saying a bunch of positive things about myself? And why should I even care what anyone thinks?
I would hope idols would like a guy who wasn't arrogant all the time...

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Wony and Tuna stuck in a desserted island. Who would last longer without eating?

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open your legs bitch


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yuna is a devil and wony is an angel
neither need to metabolize

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yejibros we just straight up asked this girl we were ghosting for saying we can find other girls out there besides her if "us" is a viable at all at any point in time and she said why would it not be but now just is not the right time

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imagine the logs

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hyunj cat is for feeding and nothing else

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girls dont like good guys.


mogged by minseo

>gidle is touring sea and latam
>twice isnt

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(I just run to you, run to you)

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nobody likes whiny people

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yejibros the new gacy documentary on netflix was pretty disappointing
they didn't even get in-depth about his art

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that lower back is just insane

fuck off bitch. you're a pussy. post slugs ass.

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Feeding her my seed

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why are you so self-obsessed

kill yourself troglodyte

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my wife, fish tuna

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lets feed her together

that's not enough

the injustice!

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run to you mentioned

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tuna is cum

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xhes so uggo

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>itzy's last comeback was before ive existed

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>"be confident" "oh don't put yourself down."
You can be that and humble, stop being retarded

there's a difference between confidence and arrogance but you wouldn't know anything about that you sniveling beta cuck whiner

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thighs make me coom.

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and yet they are still the mapia

For me it's everglow

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was he the clown guy from slipknot?

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breedable btw

You pull the left pigtail and I pull the right, deal?

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wish i was yuna

why is everyone cumming on/in hyunjin now???

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thinking about all the things i could feed my pregnant hyunwife

How did Alexa even come to the scene? Is her family rich or something? Is her company well known?

yes brother the funny clown

me too i wish i could fuck you

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Yes, preferably the huge ones

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yes. teamwork. lets provide her with our seed.


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aggressively flat

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I think some do for sure.

I don't mean in a whiny way. I mean just if you are cool about it.

How? It seems like every normie I talk to mentions something good about themselves in the first 20 seconds. Especially men. I don't want to be that, I want to be meek and hopefully a few will appreciate it.


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joonkin to cub

love her tummy

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why do some of them have shirts that show their midriff and others don't

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do i look like google nigga shut up

new dxw just dropped


omo daddy

very much so.

big thighs are hard to beat.

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she's been constantly attacked online,
but you can tell she's just a normal teenage girl
who's not familiar with being a "bubbly, aegyo public persona"

strikes me as pretty introverted

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wtf is wrong with this backwards country

>All pervy anons in this thread giving her a creampie before walking up the stage.
>Having it run down those silky smooth legs while the world watches and takes the highest res pictures

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you aren't breeding the breadcat if you keep fucking her ass stop just stop


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where is she...

damn bro that's hot af

remove garamwiga

right? *plays it on loop* fucking sickos they have no shame.

lesserafim is dogshit you LGBT roasties

my nigga..

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I hope slug isn't hodling


she had a popular meme moment in the produce series, got picked up by warner

hot girls, good song, cool choreo, yeah they're great

fat trannyfucking loser

I would never fuck you lesseratranny

for me, it's cub's trampstamp

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hahaha I love that video

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imagine railing her and looking down and seeing that tattoo...fffuuuccckkk

women dont understand music they shouldn't talk about it

Imagine getting a full view of that tattoo while you're pounding her from behind

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imagine getting a kpop ad at the movies

that's hot

kill your self


Bitch even some posters here you wouldn't call normies think they're the smartests when they're clearly not. It's not a normie thing, thinking you're above what you qualify "normies" is arrogance for example.
Being humble is being able to admit when you're wrong and know where you come from and admit what you achieved took work etc. Confidence is just knowing you can do something because you actually have experience

better that than fucking insurance and mcdonalds

I love Slug.
I will confess my love for eternity

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No bra fat thighs slutcat Hyunjin desires gallons of liquid protein inside all of her moist holes

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>I am being humble
>"I'm cute"
>"I'm good looking"

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I can't wait for when Twice is over and she does a nude photoshoot