RIP Trevor Strnad

RIP Trevor Strnad

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going straight to hell

Hell doesn't exist, moron

>starts doing porn
>kills self a few weeks later
Are they related?

Shit band, not a big loss for music

Oh man it's real. Thought he was a good song writer. RIP

that stupid whore piece of shit animal that he was fucking pushed him to the edge. the bitch was a supreme whore and ruined my boy's life, i always hated woman but now this shit is personal, there's going to be a payback

Good now the band can get a decent vocalist

This is the second artist death I've cried for, after SOPHIE
Y'all probably think that's pretty funny but this shit sucks ass

Nah bro this shit is sad

Backlash from all that shit finally push him over the edge?

TBDM is my favorite band, really glad i was able to see them a few months ago. RIP Trevor

Truly doubt it lol he has regularly shown people his dick and balls and asshole since the band started 20 years ago, he wasn't particularly shy about people seeing him naked

He received massive backlash from doing it, not he killed himself because he showed his cock.

where i can see the massive backlash? i sincerely hope the whore that pushed him to do porn dies extremely slow and painful

There were only 2 contants in life. Taxes and a TBDM album every 2 years. Fucking death ruins everything.

Gay retard kill yourself like he did. There was no massive backlash you just wish there was because you're a sexless freak

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Fucking on cam was a symptom of suicidality, not the cause. It's that "fuck it, I'm not gonna be here much longer anyway" type shit that suicidal people do

I wonder if the rest of the band somehow tries to go on with someone else on vocals. Trevor and Brian are the sound, without either of them it doesn't seem right, but for the other dudes to totally have their careers nerfed forever would be some shit

Wouldn't work or be taken seriously. Much like the gay ass rumors of ETID wanting to replace Keith lol it won't succeed if they try

oh fuck, what happened?



it's just like an eternal dreamless nap user

>As a fan since their first release it feels like whatever was left of my youth has died with this news. I finally got to see them live after years of misses last September...was a great show. Since I followed their career and Trevor so closely I hate to speculate but things seemed to be weird for him the past year or so. From what I gather from interviews and posts he suffered from depression and was on meds prescibed and otherwise. Finance wise the band took a big hit not being able to tour for Verminous and there were some recent cancellations that couldn't have helped. He was selling his clothes online to make extra cash. He moved to Georgia to be with some nymph and they had housing issues and made some recent weird move into amateur porn. Beware the company you keep. RIP Trev I'll miss you. I wonder what the band will do now? They are all young and talented but Trev is irreplaceable. Sad day.
>I noticed it getting weird after he got with that girl too (She helped him with photos of his shirts). Posting housing issues and 2 different sales of his stuff, then the OF. I just can't believe this. Incredibly sad. One of the absolute best to do it and he'll be missed by many.
so what i can gather from word of mouth is that Trevor was financially not so well, his mom just passed away and to top it up he was with a crazy sex addicted whore. Jesus Trev...

any pics of his chick or his dick?
asking for a friend

I blame his whore of a girlfriend, her twitter is pure cancer. You just know she just tried to control him. RIP

kill yourself asap

Yep. Cuckshit and women... not even once

100% with you on that, you just need to scroll her inane retardation for 60 seconds to realize Trevor would rather be in OG hell and this abominaiton of existence

>>starts doing porn
what have I been missing
what the fuck

he got himself some e-whore onlyfans animal that literally devoured the man's soul. Not even his most metal song would reach the heights of the irony of existence.

What's this from? An instagram story? Wondering why it looks like a received text.

>he suffered from depression and was on meds prescibed
Every time.

>He moved to Georgia to be with some nymph and they had housing issues and made some recent weird move into amateur porn. Beware the company you keep.
Who wrote this? lmao

people in the comment sections of metal injection and metal sucks newspaged

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Very reliable source

what's her twitter ?

that's why i said WHAT I CAN GATHER FROM WORD OF MOUTH you stupid nigger, want me to find a peer reviewed study of his suicide? go debunk reality on snopes while at it

Poor bastard, saw them once, great live band. How did he kill himself?

People are only speculating that he killed himself because the band posted the suicide hotline number. Reasonable speculation, but no details about anything yet.

imagine the smell

Hasn’t said anything about him. It’s just abortion stuff

May she suffer excruciating pain both physical and mental until the day she dies.

Why? He’s an adult made his own choices. Comments like this is what drives people to suicide

How did he have no problems with housing in New York City but did in Georgia

They keep a cracker down there. Can’t get no loans and shi

may God hears you friend, for it's the exact intention and will behind my comment. MAY THE WHORE DIE PAINFULLY AND FULL OF REGRETS, MAY SHE BE REBORN AS NOTHING HIGHER THAN A ROACH

Drunk idiot


keep coping simp nigger, whores and whiteknights get the bullet

What effect does social media have on the developing human brain?

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>can't even undertand what that thing is trying to convey
literally looks and speaks like a 80 IQ tranny... WHAT THE FUCK WAS TREVOR THINKING???? wasn't he with a cute blond alt/scene girl with tatts? i thought he had a long lasting marriage and I'm just realizing he had a bit of a chaotic life this last couple of years.

>wasn't he with a cute blond alt/scene girl with tatts?
Yeah, I think he dumped her for the onlyfans girl within the past year.

damn that sucks

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Oh yeah and she only has like 100 media...mostly stuff that could be on IG and maybe a little nudity.

Rip Trevor /kpg/ sends it's regards

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I sold lsd to him and brian in lansing michigan like 2 years ago. rip dude. smoke weed all day.

verminous sucked tho.