Cause everybody sees
What they wanna see

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did they?

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Who is this nugu

아 진짜 짜증나

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wtf? i thought it looked pretty big

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There is something though

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they def hate each other the only way they can communicate is by saying slay to one another like a group of faggots or black girls

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This is the weekly test of the slug post system.
This is only a test.

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where is the tweet...

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hopefully today is the day i die in my sleep

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(You) (You) (You)



everything appears to be in working order

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What's a man to do now that there are no pure idols left?

sex with gidle except shuhua because taking advantage of mentally disabled people is wrong

they're big enough for me

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>how the fuck is the seulgi poster so positive?
Do I seem positive? I thought I seemed like a doomer. But thank you

>is he on drugs?
Only K-pop.
But I drink a little.

>maybe i should try like heroin and be happy in my last moments before i OD
That is dark and I would not encourage that

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choerry still exists

become the pure idol yourself...

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sex with all 12 loona

stop posting my wife

dububro meltdown

lol that face

big eyes

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are there factions within this group?

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Thanks for letting me know it's working properly.

remember when people thought they’d bring back slut pop

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very true, my brother friend
i'm in love with her face as well

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sex with 12 girls would be too much work. sex with haseulie only.

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have you heard of chou tzuyu?

what's she playing?

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grrrr I wanna reproduce


wtf short hair dubu??

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a guitar

lol that FUCKING UGLY face

Wtf is wrong with kazuhas face there

are you guys sure chimpy's tits are bigger... i don't know....


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i mean we know for a fact that chimpy and garam are both total cunts


thank you for posting my wife and daughter

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choerry is the purest girl to ever live and that's gospel

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but they did?

Eeeeeveryyy rooosse has it's thorn~~~

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Slug's extra bendy arm.

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chimp is only a cunt to small browns

you must've mistyped, because she's so FUCKING CUTE

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that's why we love chimp

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I'm amazed how shit maison is compared to their other titles. Jesus Christ wins for this?

Thank you for reminding me that there is still purity left in KPop fren

rei's pretty hot

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is she saying to there..?

lol that FUCKING UGLY FACE with retarded GAY fans

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No bully chimp

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we're following vtubers. enjoy your lesserafim chimproasties.

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when did ive and lsf do a liev together?

it must’ve taken a lot of work from dr kim

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Jesus Christ sunbaenim doesn't have any show wins yet. Everyone is waiting for his comeback.

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this really hits home brother

kinda cringe how dubu dances in encore


this is a slug

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>Everyone is waiting for his comeback.
no we're antis here

Momo trying to force GFE with Nayeon. Wow...

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speak for yourself tranny

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we don't listen to gaypop

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queue up fucking tool songs

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she's cringe incarnated

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why wont cub show off her lower back tattoo? it goes down to her ass doesnt it?

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But she's so pretty...

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yejibros we are beautiful

who's who?

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what's the best Yea Forums mobile app? kuroba is shit


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You're correct.

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it's so big wtf, that's like half her back

she's possessed by the holy spirit

I'm gonna beat your fag ass

tactic tuna?

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The demons are dancing

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looks like C to me

yes brother we are pretty princesses

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because it looks hideous

>rei looks more feminine when he face is mixed with a gaypops
cant make this up folks lmao

Cub's buttcheeks

you have to be very fat and sleep on your back for that

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First there was Arin, then came Kazuha

Yuna is Tuna lmao

100 won whore

made for anal

imagine spanking henlo

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thanks to intense training

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lsf wishes they could get to bb awards like alexa

>pure girl born with succubus body
not her fault

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can't handle tattoos? lmao ngmi

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our qtpie

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oh lawd i am imagining

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purity mentioned

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a tramp stamp out of all the tattoos she could've gotten, baka

the boobas are the windows to the soul they say

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member clc

This is my favorite picture of her. I might make this my phone background

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female chicken-scratch tattoos are so unappealing. get something cohesive if you want to ruin your skin forever

>cub isn't the most SEX member of tw-

naughty and rebel


I like it, they're like pinky and the brain

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cute thumb (cutest)

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Guys I need help
I need a consensus
What should I do to be a fine man a make Jihyo fall in love w me
asuming there is no jihyo bro in here

sorry wrong pic

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>yeri has like 4 tattoos
>nodoby else in rv has a single one
Brothers what do I do with this information?

"user is that your girlfriend? wow she looks cute"

ugly little rat
cute dog

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is this some sort of a prison dyke?

sex hog

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you need to stop being so incel about tattoos

imagine loving tatted crack whores

you'll see it with the bikini concept

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what do you do with the information that two gfriends have tattoos

be white. earn $500k yearly. go to a fanmeet. simple as.

More of Jihyo's bazongas please


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less whoreposting
more miaposting

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the best

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Shit myself?

Did she smash it with a hammer while she was still in the womb or something?

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why is winters philtrum so long

try killing yourself!

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pepperidge farms remembers

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I think I’m losing my way

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well gfired was full of bogged whores


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my apple cinnamon strudel is dry...

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my face

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i love this sad breadcat

they weren't gonna make it with any human female anyway

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Slug's magic monos.

oh stay with me here
and don’t leave me please

ive blasted several times already to those new cute wony webms

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brother i can put some cream on it for you

down to her anus


>debt free
>no tattoos
yeri is the worse member

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Does kitty need some milk?

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brothers is the s22 any good

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y-yes.. yeah that's a great pic of her huh? she.. uh.. she has pretty eyes right?

I could weep...

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>it takes pride in porking a ham beast

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any kpop in 5/4 time


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But what are they of? We have never seen them

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Looks like a smurf jizzed on her face

(don’t care about everything you say to me)

shut the fuck up

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she's cute and not for anything sexual

>ham beast

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maknae line

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too late

Different words. She has two finger tats and one on the back of her neck.

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