Kendrick Lamar's Mr Morale album cover

Kendrick Lamar's Mr Morale album cover

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Mr Morale and the Big Booba in the Goon Cave

nigga had dollar signs in his eyes when saint george died

I think hes too easy for kendrick he didnt even used him on the new song

we wuz jesus and shit

We wuz jesus n sheeeeit

Those not his kids

>black fathers who are actually there for their wife and kids are literally jesus

hue hue hue

This made liberal and leftist white zoomers cum and shit in their pants

You will never be black.....China man

>not white woman

>muh crown of thorns
what a self absorbed dick

He really do be like jesus tho...

Respect my hussle, Kendrick Shitmar.

>thorn crown
>gun in holster
>patched walls
what on earth did he mean by this

his house is getting shot up by evangelicals because they can't handle that jesus is black

>when the black man created art too intelligent for the white to figure out

Very forgettable

I actually like it when artists use Jesus symbolism. Always pisses people off.

Damn what's with all the hate on Yea Forums lately? Did I miss something? The album covered is okay.

not original.

Tbf Kendrick is probably more relevant to young people than Jesus these days.

There's a solid number of rappers who literally believe themselves to be god. African Americans have perhaps the single most narcissistic culture ever created, so things like this are hardly surprising. If anything, it's just sort of banal at this point.

Negro worship is the new secular religion of the American liberal, so the christ allusion is fitting

unironically the black woman is my queen

Not really, he didn't release anything for over a year after that and when he came back he said "I've been ducking the fake activists". I don't think Kendrick is really into the BLM shit based on some of past interviews and lyrics from TPAB, specifically on Blacker the Berry. It's hard to tell what he really believes though cause he's always playing characters and rapping from other people's perspectives.

Are these people religious? How is this not blasphemy if you're remotely religious

kendrick lamar is a believer in the black hebrew israelite theory (a fringe black supremacist anti semitic offshoot of the noi/5 percenters who think black people were the original israelites and actual jews are white supremacists who stole their history). its fucking dumb bullshit but a lot of prominent black celebrities believe in it like kyrie irving, ice cube, nick cannon, and other big sports stars/musicians/etc

>we wuz kikes and shit

I'm a Israelite, don't call me Black no mo'
That word is only a color, it ain't facts no mo'

Kendrick has a god complex and it's not in a fun rockstar/popstar way and just in the boring, annoying bleeding heart trying to save everyone kind of way. Also his voice is annoying.

he's doubling down on this whole "hood savior" shit. I'm still looking forward to this album but lol.

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have you seen white European nobility paintings. wtf are you on

Should've gone with this one

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Nothing to come out of Europe is anywhere near as narcissistic as the 5%ers, NOI, or Hebrew Israelites. Maybe Mormonism comes close, bet even that doesn't make the kind of claims those religions do.
The claims they make are extremely literal too. There's a world of difference between having yourself painted into a nativity scene and claiming that you are literally god, which is something that significant portion of rappers believe. There's also a difference between certain figures trying to express their power through portraits of themselves when they are extremely powerful, like nobles were at one point and pop musicians thinking themselves as god, god's chosen, or whatever they see when they look at themselves in the mirror.

europeans made jesus white for thousands of years, we can take him not being white for a couple

What’s that stuff on the walls?

Can this nigga be cornier? Jesus

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NO ONE gave a shit about Nipsey Hussle before his death


Every group of people come into contact with Christianity depicted Christ as looking like themselves. There's a world of difference between that, and claiming that you yourself are Christ.
Now, I will give Kendrick the benefit of the doubt because he might have something clever to say about this sort of thing, but since this has been done several times before without even the slightest hint of irony (Michael Jackson, Tupac, etc.), I'm not exactly hopeful.

It will be interesting to see it Kendrick goes full black israelite on this album. He always seemed a little bit too smart for that. But maybe I read him wrong.

>this much rage over a crown of thorns
I dont even like him but you guys are fags.
Also the cover just looks pretty shit.

Did anyone even notice that the ‘thorns’ are actually bullets?

Or maybe they’re not, actually. It’s possible I am retardo.

I always thought his depth was overrated. He didn't really say anythingnew or unique on TPAB, and the ending reveal shows that he really doesn't understand how culture and pop music actually work. DAMN had plenty of thoughtless references to their theology.
Him claiming to be the Hebrew Israelite messiah wouldn't be the worst thing he could do. I would at lease find it funny, but I don't think he has the balls to do that. My guess is that we're going to get more superficially critical takes on "the culture" with a a few more direct references to the religion. It will be lame, but certain crowds will eat it up.

that's because european nobles actually were gods compared to the peasants

GOD DAMMIT NOOOO!!! I KNEW he was going to go this route. I didn't want it to be some oldhead nigga preachy shit but I guess that's what we're going with now. Looks like Damn 2.

I would like a more personal album. Maybe Kendrick will reflect more on his family life now that he has two kids. We’ll see.

He means even though he's a multi-millionaire he's still going to LARP as a victim of "systematic racism" because that's what his jewish overlords told him to do

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But he's not even a savior, even within his own message it's bullshit. All he is, is some wannabe-hard nerd that actually made it and wants so bad to be able to do hard nigga shit but he can't because everyone knows he's one of the most successful rap artist of our time, so everyone knows he has no business doing hood shit. So he spends his time LARPING as some ultimate hood gangster trying to point out how "the culture is," but without realizing that he, himself is exposing the true nature of his own boxed in primal hood desires. Dude has literally all the money he needs. He is set for life and could just kick back for the rest of time, but you can just tell all he wants to do is shoot other niggas.

Sorry, this shit was hack when Tupac did it. Go all the way like Kanye, or stop.

Stop posting.
Go find god.

>here’s that rock album I was telling you about

if this is the cover im going to kill myself

zoomer culture is just catching up to niggers calling each other king. nowadays it's "god"

The irony of this post is that he spent the entire runtime of his latest single criticizing blacks and black culture.

Reminder that if you're an atheist your opinion on the album won't matter

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its Yea Forums contrarianism, most of these people probably will like it

>another nigger who thinks he's jesus

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these "people" are embarrassing

Zoomer culture IS nigger culture. Where do you think all their shitty slang comes from?
Zoomers sound like retards when they talk because they are literally saying nigger words.

I agree with all but sus because that's mogus

The fact that Kendrick actually grew up in the hood and chooses not to do gangsta shit makes Kanyecucks seethe. Because Kanye never even set foot in the hood so he can only do corny shit

i dont like Kendrick or Kanye because theyre rappers and i dont like this kind of music

American culture is black culture. White Americans have no culture of their own, so they have ALWAYS just appropriated what their black people come up with.

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Name 3 things that white people do that originated from black people and I will calmly explain to you that you're wrong