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not kpop

hyunjin or jinsoul or gowon whatever

does Korea hate this group yet

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kpg cries esl but could it be you're all just stupid?


so jealous of the future lucky bastard who gets to marry her and fatten her up. she's gonna hit 300lbs, easy.

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getting into trouble because your Boram noona gf looks underage

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They hate Garam

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no just a few roasties whose ptsd from getting bullied in middle school was triggered by garam

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that's disgusting

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attractively chubby
tlc documentary waiting to happen

my chuu cumtribute reached 400 likes on twitter


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Why do you write as if you were giving a history lesson? There's plenty of oldfags here.

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how they get to experience LA and not be in the hotel all day

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post it

you're gay

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Kazuha and the uggos that nobody cares about

our lovely yonuh

yeonwoo thread brothers
post some fucking yeonwoos

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billlievers in

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why would you want them to experience la? the place is a shithole

why does yunjin always bare so much?

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idk about korea but i certainly do

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yejibros we are elegant

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wow look at her go

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never stop billlievin'

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lol post it

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unpopular opinion: tsuki is pretty

can't stop won't stop

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support please

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experienced whore

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Blackpink is the revolution.

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Cause I'm esl and to me words got no nuance behind them whatsoever. It's just information. I might sound intelligible but I have no clue about what kind of a vibe my posts are giving out.

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really going against the grain saying the only member anyone can name is pretty

bikini concept

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pierce oppa?

my mouth will heal those feet

>we are the yejibros...
>lower your shields and surrender your thread...
>we will add your kpop knowledge and cultural distinctiveness to our own...
>your wifu will adapt to service us...
>resistance is futile...

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i genuinely wanna smell her butthole

I just listened to qurious and yeah i like the girlcrush parts. But generally wooah's music feels too "baby" for me, like it's made for girls below 15 of age. Idk the age of the members but yeah. I still like stuff like that sometimes like some weeekly or twice, depends on the vibe

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yoenwers was positively mogging chewy back when

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it smells like poo or soap

kazuhass is their only redeeming quality

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You've got a long way to go

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I rate tsuki


is she autistic

neurons thoroughly activated



>I have no clue about what kind of a vibe my posts are giving out.
There's a high chance you're kind of autistic. I'm esl too and i just know what vibe words have, that is if you learned them the natural way (not in a classroom)

sorn is a biological male

i will be keeping my kpop wife permanently pregnant

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why do you you you you make me cry
why do you you you you break me down

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imagine fucking up momoland

Post cute dubu!

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can kpg scholars explain how kazuha became the most popular member?

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when she and her buddy shinsadong remember how to write a hit

no she's quite aware of what she does to the male psyche

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>user discovers korean naming conventions


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Yeah, let's post CL, shall we?
Let's start with her humble beginnings as one of many Terry's cocksleeves
We won't be harsh to her for that, eggs and omelettes etc

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not true i watched siyoon's vlog yesterday, she was kinda retarded though

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we only hate yunjin and the scar under the chimp's pit

by having a certain suzy-like look that koreans autistically obsess over

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wow, she looks good here

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back then there was a pann article discussing the recent crop of female japanese idols and the other jap in billie was mentioned not tsuki

yeah you’ve never lied
lied lied lied lied lied lied
sure I know sure I know
you’ve never been mine
mine mine mine mine mine mine

My wife song hayoung

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Stray kids Hyunjin
Le Sserafim Kim Garam
(Gi-dle) Soojin

I pity the victims...

>post response: [+367][-25]

1. [+167, -2] I seriously don't even watch any video with those school violence assailants including the group's videos anymore. I don't listen to their songs either. It's frustrating to see how these people can't read the room

2. [+121, -5] Let's give Hyunjin and Kim Garam a special stage together at the year end

3. [+93, -2] What an ugly world we live in

4. [+68, -0] Why are you excluding Fromis9 Lee Chaeyoung

5. [+47, -5] +Lia

6. [+37, -54] ?? Soojin has already left the group and we haven't had a definite answer either, so why are you dragging her?

7. [+27, -1] Le Sserafim fans' shields are comingㅋ

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I mean I'm on Yea Forums posting rich korean women for my freetime.
Of course there is a high chance of me being autistic.

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hoe yunjin

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there she is

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wow yunky is a lucky girl

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who's suzy?

>2. [+121, -5] Let's give Hyunjin and Kim Garam a special stage together at the year end

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honestly i would have bullied her out of the group too, probably. she was just too pretty.

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music is mostly on stiger lyrics are hers

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how are these incels bullied by girls in school and then going online and upvoting comments about the bullies like lmao thats pathetic
Korean men are going extinct soon

autistic people are dumb btw

cumming on her pregnant toes

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>5. [+47, -5] +Lia
wtf I love cancel culture now

>I pity the victims...

if you haven't been into kpop for at least a decade you need to lurk

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haruna's got those rei vibes

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best jap is Yuuri specifically purple Yuuri

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redpill me on garam

yujin is a bully too

>he doesn't know

she drew a hole on the bottom of the ocean and it made a giant funnel and sucked in the sewol ferry

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sex with naked jiu

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yeah that's her knetz were saying she has a princess vibe
how did she fall off so quick?


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They already ruined Soojin's life leave the girl alone already

I think you are very good at English, especially for being ESL user. Nuance is hard.

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3rd person to say nice things about hyunjoo, other two are jungah and woohee
my god yonuh is amazing

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*Purple Kiss Yuki

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what do you mean she fell off


you can just say jiu, naked is implied

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still too old looking

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except everyone knows that was bullshit

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A decade? Try 30 years. You need to lurk moar

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getting spit roasted by kahi and nana

high chad energy

kazuha is simply not attractive

>drew dicks on the school walls
>smashes people's heads with bricks
>smahes snails on the ground
>leader of a biker gang
>wore nazi like uniforms with swastikas

i want her and sakura to fight


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They won't stop until she commits sudoku. knetz are the real bullies.

post her dirty feet

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I was not implying that you write in an intelligent manner, you sounded condescending and pretentious while also being wrong.

>I'm esl

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cute chew!

high gay energy

garam is just mad she’s discount wony

JYP lost her case though

she became a nugu

he said intelligible not intelligent..

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baka everyone wants to be jennie these days

intelligible != intelligent

bunion queen

when do you sleep?

>wore nazi like uniforms with swastikas

i don't get it, when was she not a nugu

she's a cutie

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cheeky slug


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instead of worrying about history lessons you should take some english lessons


comeback please

Wow that really backfired on you for mocking him for being ESL

sleep is the cousin of death

I don't have the pics but trust me everyone knows that
someone might have the pics and post it later but just trust me in the meantime

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>wore nazi like uniforms with swastikas
wtf i love garam now

bad bitch alert


I'm scared brothers... my life is a waste but i can't bring myself to end it. i don't want to exist anymore

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I go to bed at midnight

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get a tablet, weirdo

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swastikas don't have the same connotation in asia as in europe

your rights to call anyone ESL have been revoked

would you stay with me
whistle whistle in my heart


where is the guy that post the girl eating the cookie and waving clip at? did he off himself? KPG aint the same.

chuukkumis no homo but we would suck that

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how bout you just useo nigga

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>did he off himself?

to be fair if you write like a retard you're probab;y an idiot

he's around sometimes. minju angry ice cream has been gone though or got bored of the gimmick