cool new album Edition
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1st for Drengroth post youtube.com/watch?v=y6CKTi07XMA

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We hate chuds here
United We Stand

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'ate diapershit
'ate ice cream truck riffs
'ate chuds
'ate black "metal"

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dead bitches LOL

Glad most of these talentless chuds suffered excruciating deaths

Ian Stuart died in a car crash right? What happened to the other two?



Covid and cancer

Ian was murdered by the state. There are four people in the picture.


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BASED band, tons of hits. My favorite being the one that annihilated Ian.

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ian stuart be like
>*shamelessly plagiarizes chuck berry*
>*macho man's himself*

Based edition, chuds are malding epically already

I prefer Kaldrad of Branikald's cover, personally

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>chudband ilterally named after a tool
Couldn't make that up even if tried

Chud Annihilator

me and the boys (read: me and negru's 5 personalities according to negruschizo) discussing how much we fucking hate chuds in /meal/

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Schizo has a new target to kvetch over. Poster count not changing LMAO

This is embarrassing. All these posts and you haven’t contributed a single thing to the thread.
Get some fucking antipsychotic meds, lunatic

this is literally me right now

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we are just discusting our love of the band Drengroth its not a problem friend

retards unironically coming to /metal/ to discuss metal, what a silly thought

this post clearly made pope richard's belly tremble

Shartzi shill is literally in full schizo denial mode
Someone please help him before he assaults the local ice cream truck operator

crouching tiger, coping chud


What type of ice cream do you guys like to eat while enjoying ice cream truck shit? personally, I am a fan of chocolate chip and mint.

this is me right now

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RIP Trevor. the time i got to see The Black Dahlia Murder live was fucking sick. legit loss for the genre!

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I'm pretty sure the guy spamming it is brown, so fix your image

>have sex with your e-thot slut of a gf on onlyfans
>an hero like a week later
what a fucking timeline

Wait, what ?

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/metal/ niggas the types to take too long eating they cereal and then blame it on negru when that shit get soggy

you are negru and also a faggot

This ice cream shit is pretty funny sometimes ngl

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Negru rocks

This is Summoning, but with Western/Cowboy movie music instead of LOTR music. Really well made. Wish it was slightly more original though. Honestly just a reskin of Summoning

i'm not negru but i will say that negru has indicated multiple times that he's most likely a handsome, based individual

Fuck off negru I know it's you

TL;DR on what happened?

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tastes like it sounds, i bet

>fuck off negru i know it's you
>mfw when i'm literally not negru
negru is based because the mere mention of him causes seethe

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These "people" look like cave trolls

GBKbros... we got too cocky......

This was posted on 21.4.:
>The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad has teased his apparent role in a since-released video on his girlfriend Violet Knox's OnlyFans page, a hub for independent content creators who charge subscription rates for access, most commonly used in sex work.
>On April 20, he shared the news on Twitter and teased, "Fellow pervs: I may or may not be featured in a new couples video dropping on my girlfriend @cakefarts666's OF [OnlyFans] tonight. Subscribe and like her newest post to be sent the DM you've been waiting for all your life."
>"First partner video with THEE Trevor Strnad drops TONIGHT Y'ALL! I know y'all wanna see that demon man dick at work. Keep an eye on them PPV messages! (It's obviously XXX and higher def than this, I just shared this older pic because it makes me chuckle," she wrote, the latter portion being attributed to a photo hidden behind a paywall.
>In a second post, Knox, an internationally published model, added, "T's debut is finally live. If you missed it, let me know. Thank you to all the new folks out here for Papa. He'll be back and we'll keep getting into the groove of making stuff together, bear with us! We're new at this, but stoked to share with y'all. Remember to hit the DMs if you have special requests!"

"He'll be back" is the new "He'll be fine"

alright, enough flagrant shitposting, let's post albums that BTFOd and filtered chuds

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literally any grindcore or death metal of the brutal variety

Unironically thought better/higher of the dude. Still sad to see him go.

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He could beat up all of them

This is negru's troll thread where he gets the attention the Herman Li could not
Other one was first

This is the legitimate thread
The other is a fraudulent shill thread

Americans are fucked beyond reppair at this point

don't rewards obvious shill threads that put the fucking album download in the post. it is like when someone uses share threads to shill their projects - the oldest trick in the book

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Does anyone here have long hair? Can you post it for inspo pls?


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Sure, sorry about my weight

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Here is me and my bf

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Sadus - Swallowed in Black

Gelal aka Gelato should stop wearing his sisters leggings!

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when i was in high school this girl i went out with always wanted to play slayer while we fucked and it was such a turnoff. not saying that i would want my grind shit to play instead but how in the fuck did she expect me to zone in to that shit? like, nigga, put on some jodeci or something. bitch think i'm finna wreck her shit to jesus saves, like what? like how?

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>Melodic death metal