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you're a bunch of lazy fags edition
old :

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>quantized incoming midi
>arpeggiated incoming midi

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one knob louder

fabfilter everything

nexus 4 >poorfags seethe



refx sells sound of the past

fl trancient processor

anyone recording on 4 Trackers inhere?

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analog obsession
waves c6
ozone imager

Not sure if this is the right thread

I just bought a pair of new speakers
What songs should I listen to determine their quality?
lows, mids, highs, that sort of thing

ariana grande

Mix / Mastering / FX :

iZotope Trash 2
T-racks collection
Fabifilter Collection
Waves collection
Brainworx / Plugin Alliance collection
Arturia Collection
Voxengo collection

Synths :
Omnisphere / Nexus / Serum

Nope, I have a pc that can do what that box does times infinity


a sign from the gods

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play pink noise at a medium volume (50-60db) for 24-48hrs first
once you know they are set up correctly (test patterns, reference mic adjustment with something like sonarworks or dirac etc)
depending on the genre you are producing some references are:
steely dan - aja
michael jackson - thriller
joyryde - brave
noisia - outer edges
rage against the machine - self titled
daft punk - random access memories
radiohead - kid A
literally anything by Tipper
the crystal method - tweekend

t b h there're too many to list but if you want genre specific recs I can try to point you in a good direction, if I know of it

Also :

SSL Collection
Slate digital VMR + VTM
NoiseAsh Audio Ruletec Collection

what kind of speakers?

rec me some an alternative session horns pro


yep, look at them: youtube.com/watch?v=9GfRPqpHi14

bitwig stock filter

compressed noise sound nice driven hard into tape user



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god the cringe

I - I was getting this Email from a Company called Usinon.....NO NO i don't use Chordpacks!!!

>Wanna catchy Melody?

I got You!

okay niko!

I bought both the Logitech Z623 and Klipsch ProMedia 2.1.
These both seem like good entry-tier speakers so I'm trying to decide which one to keep.

thinking about making hyperpop but I have no idea how to start.

How do you notate straight eighths in swing? Is it just a 2 over the pair?

seems fun

how do you guys learn how to make a genre of music?

Is there a better sf2 player than sforzando? ableton 11 sample dropped support for it.

make regular pop but then make it hyper and more better

>Fabfilter collection
>iZotope Ozone, Neoverb, and Stutter Edit
>BABY Audio collection
>Schecter E-1 FRS
>Ibanez EHB1505MS-PLF
>DSI/Sequential Prophet Rev2 (8 voice)
>DSI/Sequential Prophet X
>Serum (over 109,000 presets)
>Massive X
>Reaktor Razor
>Kontakt and Output libraries
>u-he Diva
>UVI Falcon and libraries
>Parawave Rapid and libraries
>Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger
That's everything in my collection. Most of it legally owned. Pretty much everything except the bread and butter gets used for only 10% of the elements of any track and minor sound design. The other 90% is just
>Ableton, Fabfilter, Prophet X, Serum, Falcon


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go back to your board nobody cares


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We also made that joke 2 years ago

what kindof troon brainwashing am i being subjected to now

Start by writing a really, really bad song. It is very important that it be extremely tacky and gay by way of presenting as "teenage-rebellious" while actually being utterly tedious and inoffensive to everyone. Equally as important, it must be brief and forgettable, absolutely no longer than 90 seconds. This will ensure that your entire song gets the chance to play without losing the attention of the captive audience of zoomers who hear that shit passively during one of hundreds of daily tiktok videos. Then, you basically just take your incredibly bad song, and do the following
>mix badly
>autotune to chromatic and tune up two octaves
>speed up master wav file to make it even more shrill and perfectly timed to sync with a tiktok video
There you go, now you're a hyperpop producer. Although you've already missed the boat. Zoomers don't give a fuck about hyperpop. They just tolerate it because it is necessary for their consoomption of tiktok. When the next unbearably cringe dogshit fad starts its two week life cycle, you will be mocked by all ages for being a 30 year old hyperpop creator.

what music is the loudest?


Intro - Hook 1 Verse 1 Verse 2 Hook 2 Bridge Outro

for new mixtape

need honest feedback

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listen n give feedback

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different versions of ableton even do it differently
current you have to load a groove into the track before there was a swing %
also delay with low feedback on triplets


how'd I do boys? trying to make ... idk how to even classify this, random chiptune music I guess. Mostly used triple oscillator voices I modified and other prepackaged stuff from LMMS and its ZynAddSubFx synths.

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I'm fucking stuck in front of my DAW again. I can't fucking create the music I want to or even close. What fucking do?

yo where can i get some dope beats for my raps

Rec kontakt libs

Orange Tree Samples

Anything for jazz brass/horns?

I fked up at the hook part desu

re-doing the mix atm

Maybe Native Instruments. Session Horns

There is also Vir2 Mojo Horns it's more big bandy

SQ8L and KS200

Both are free btw

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damn shame. I literally cannot escape the trooon plague

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