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princess hiyyih

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yejibros we wanted a lily thread

banger to start the thread


yejibros a brotha got some mustard, we got an L.

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billionaire's yeonhee

Would you rather bangle her bingle OR let her bingle your bangle?

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My wife song hayoung

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this bitch has the body of a boy

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what is this place?
where am I?

yejibros we are satisfied brothers

yejibros we must breed kazuha

Why are you cranky, boi?

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j cum drainer

>girl on the other side of the planet who doesn't know you exist and most likely has a boyfriend

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broke mans nina

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yejibro general

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We are looking forward to it

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mid as fuck

want to discuss music?

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all me

schizophrenic nonsense

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thank you for posting my ex gf

post your uggo and let's see how she stacks up against kazuha


who is nina. she's pretty though

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>lol better stop user

henlo needs a fat dick up her ass

Yeji is cringe

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NiziU Nina

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cute neetsis

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might be true bro but she’s not for that

who is this? she kinda looks like s.o.y.o.u


shut the fuck up

what the fuck
>Dreamcatcher has now gained 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify since the comeback
can someone explain this to me, i don't mind but where did these people came from that's almost 90% increase. no way it's just the "women in music" or whatever the hell were swedes promoting

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hi im henlo

spoiler that shit

thank you. i'm trying my best to keep myself out of another rutt. it's hard but i'm trying


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I feel they were better promoted overall

i hate this fake mole bullshit that they are doing now

they are giving idols fake moles

maybe also some yuros preparing for the kpop concert in a few days

They don't call them creamcatcher for nothing

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post her ass

plastic gook whores

post yuna

thanks friend

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sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh here's my cream

Mami means grandma here wdym

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>anymore milkers

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who has fake moles

Will never surpass

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im surprised nayeon allowed this to go ahead

She's on another level

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Is the music discussion already over?

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we love giraffes

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what is this?

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>yuqi literally nigga twice

wtf are you saying

i would have sex with sua if given the chance


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fuck me she's so cute

dububros we won

boy you're like cream
don't ruin their body
don't ruin their body

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that better be your hand and not your penis

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kpop took this from you

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Bitch please

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riwondaddies? boeunbros?

Forget it

sex with yoohyeon

not really. she's a bit goofy though. mia is full of fake aygeyo too.

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noooo dont hide them

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posting monday on a wednesday

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some wooah woman
you can post soyu without triggering the wordfilter
yeah but 90% better promoted? kinda ridiculous, I wouldn't even say anything if it wasn't a steady increase too, like 20k a day during or after promos
which one

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HEY! that's where lucy was sitting

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>crazy eyes
>mentally ill
>dicked down by a filthy SEA
>most likely had an abortion
>stripper friends
>pronounced overbite
>complete retard
>looks like a rat at best of times
>most likely a man
>groomed by a 50yr old
>complete retard
>cant sing for shit
>has a high testosterone count
>most like has an enlarged clit

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any choerrydaddies?

>insulting yeji
WTF dude shut the hell up nobody provoked you

heechul has nothing on kazoo

your pic but on my bed instead

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thoughts on my new girlfriend?

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chuu tweaking


I ate 5 lion bars and a snickers today and a bag of filled rope candy.
Still losing weight
kpop for this feel?

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Reaching out from my sorrows
Far away from tomorrow

sana shows her pits like a slut
pure chewy hiding them

natural nina is cute af
better w/ no make up

I've read that sex is disgusting.

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when will her burner account be found

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It can happen if they got placed on some Playlist or something, i don't think they payed for bots or whatnot. They got their win, tour in europe, sometimes all those stuff can get those crazy results

permanently tweaked

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she looks very pure


i can't even come up with stupid things to say about my loonafus anymore. i'm sorry

I look like this

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sex with my yoohyeon gf

sex with gowon’s brother


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brothers we don't know what's gone wrong but we're actually making some modest gains at the gym lately

what's yo
ur fucking problem

brother you might have a tape worm

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that's wrong brother

gowon's brother is 16

>a safe inside an empty vault
could they have put a at least a little effort into making the scene even remotely decent?

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5 lion bars is a bit much. although, they are tiny these days.

You've got a problem with that, bud?

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in mexico, some things are best left unfound

can we post less whores
and post more mia?

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Mia fakes aegyo but she genuinely likes that aegyo stuff.
Anyway i wasn't sure you were that one tranny. When is wooah's comeback?

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cute chew

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suck my dick you voluptuous Caribbean bitch


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she was on the verge of hitting the wall before kpop

i remember thinking she looked different when this was released. this was released months before produce48
i remember thinking that her jaw looked different as if it was shaved

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>4 secs apart
You're very bright aren't you

maybe it's a playlist thing because it was 1M listeners for 4 years then steady upwards line and it's not stopping, again good for them but i hope those are listeners interested in dc not just trendy hipsters

new dxw

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My natural and pure wife,Kim Minju.

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i am him, but that's not important.
wooah comeback is not to be seen anywhere. no signs of it in the vlogs or tiktoks either. I'd say a month or two at max and it will be here.

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shake it love
shake it shake it shake it shake it love

I was just testing something

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So is your waifu obsessed with building LEGO for hours upon hours day after day? heh... Didn't think so.

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>4 secs apart
why does it matter?

kek she doesn’t look like this anymore
bogged hapa trannny

LE a goddess

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not him or her or it, but there are several schizos here who do exactly that, write a post on pc and phone then submit them one after the other like clockwork until they're called out on it.

i have no ideas what her hobbies are but she seems to like her dogs

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no it's her phone

first idol i thought of

it's not up to you

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Dumb bitch

hold me chewy... hold me...

imagine if they kissed or something haha

oh my god. it's chaeyoung but hot

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Elly doesn't look like THAT THING

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Yes it's important i can't discuss with some overreacting drama queen
Well rip... At least they do vlogs. No sign for everglow either

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LEGO heh, that's child's play

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why is she talking to her phone?

good stuff

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she's retard
and french

it's clear she doesn't have the idol weight and figure yet but i pray to buddha she never slims down a single gram

gugudan lol

it's fine she's too old for that now without boltons

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I mean i love mia but i'm not gonna spend data to samefag and spam her. I'm not that motivated yet

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we've spent a lot of time together

love bun

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That's just crazy.

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why are the two on either end not posted more?


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i like the nighttime visuals a bit more than the daytime visuals though both are nice. guess i'll preorder the nighttime version of her release. love yerin!

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that's unfortunate. uncertain times cometh upon us

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we could have had minju instead of that ugly kazakh tranny

too pure


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Yes it's actually up to me because she's my gf

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