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*marries seulgi*

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hyunjin thread

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outsquats you

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just find a toilet and pee, nigga

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love wannie

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frieza gonna get btfo

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hate me for this
but I like fit Jihyo a little bit more

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my sleep paralysis demon...

toilet paper bin…

yuna virginity taker

That... is a lot of titty.

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outsquatted by

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new dxw

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gowon should let us kiss her lips

be a gentleman and let her piss on u

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Which Yuna?

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name my group

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bread can squat on my d

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pg13 disney princess

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Should I go see (G)-idle when they come to the USA? I want to see Miyeon in person

WHY is yuna like that?!?!?

sexually ambiguous

only one matters

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not kpop

It's not because she wants to pee! It's because she forgot that she doesn't have a penis anymore!
I'm not joking, that is actually the reason.

you answered your own question

you don't wanna know the answer to that

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her padding fell out

yejibros is it pronounced nevada or nevada?

gowon virginity taker

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i already told you. stop asking me.

like this?

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unfortunate nose


g-idle is one of the ugliest groups in kpop alongside itzy and mamamoo

not enough beatings

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so rough

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Nice set of noonas you got there.

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more squid

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why are they so square?

when is yuna gonna do this

sex with all 24 itzys

holy shit i never noticed that

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last concerts even more

ryupaul the jelly searoastie


>ewww why are you looking there user

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Miyeon is an absolute goddess, Minnie is a cute babe, Shuhua has fat Taiwanese milkers, Yuqi is cute and Basedeon is ugly-cute
Overall I'd say they're an above average looking group

nothing interesting posted in this thread I'm leaving, let's see eachother in the next!

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sex with 4 out of 5 red velvets

ryujin knows

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squid was so auschwitz mode...

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based ryuwife

shut up bitch take your pants off

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yejibros give it to me straight

did you go to the concert?

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brother we only give it to other brothers the gae way

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miyeon is good-looking , the rest are uggos, especially shuhua and yuqi, simple as. uggos can be cute, see nayeon and squid. still uggos though

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>fat Taiwanese milkers
Nigga wtf you talking about?

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why are fishnets so hot?

i cant post squid anymore i need to hit the gym

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leave Minnie to me
she a baddie

>uggos can be cute

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hey, your opinion is total shit!

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wow user you are so cool

literally looks like some gaisha or asian prostitute

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why aren't you at the gym?

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>looks like

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post 3 more webms to give me an arm workout

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yeah cute means cute, something absolutely ugly can be cute

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Sex with all Chaewons

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Gidle has Miyeon and Minnie who are cute enough to make them complete looks-wise with any group out there


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sex with squid in front of yuna
sex with yuna in front of squid
sex with yeji in front of yuna
sex with squid in front of yeji
sex with yeji in front of ryujin
sex with ryujin in front of squid
sex with squid in front of ryujin
sex with yuna in front of ryujin
sex with yuna in front of yeji
sex with yeji in front of squid



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who are their waifus

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Why are you cranky, boi?

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I did
couldn't see them very close tho
Jihyo looks waaaay better in person, not a fanboy but she really looks like a tiny angel

Sex with Chae(r)yeon(g) in front of Squid III

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>wow user you are so cool

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not a wendiggo thread

henlo is such a prostitute


why is her midriff so brown?

>couldn't see them very close tho
>Jihyo looks waaaay better in person,
as long as it's far away am i right

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i too would like to know the psychological reason

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posting bean

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not for that (actually is very for that)

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yejibros we look like this


Redpill me on the Toilet Paper Bin Inchident

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stop sexualizing henlo, she doesn't even know what sex is

kamen rider idol

now we're talkin...

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come here brother

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There has never been a single good looking idol whose name starts with "Chae"

she'd be perfect if she lost like 15lbs

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henlo is halfway to 60 she knows

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Brother it was a blood bath

i'll teach her

maybe she went outside

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any wonpossums

nayeon isnt cute

HHa could see specifically her close enough to tell you that

thank you for posting my ex gf

ryujinsissy only knows how to laugh and how to take it up the ass

cute protochewy giraffefu

no wonder they look so familiar

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jeonghwa maknae

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his name is ryujinchad

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teach her what?

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brother our mothers told us to go for hrt to look more masculine is that a good idea?

breadbrothers we're listening to queen (the greatest band ever)

How is Sumin so perfect? I don't think I've ever seen a girl in kpop that makes me feel the way she does


why is noone talking about waveya?

shut the fuck up

can we get a rosie tits and ass thread

Inferior Chae

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nice, leave reeny for kim

>uggos can be cute, see nayeon
oncels ladies and gentlemen

Yejubros we are here:

i need to see them live before i die

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sex with chaeryeong in front of jyp, twice, stray kids, itzy, got7, wonder girls, niziu, and nmixx

im a virgin

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>Girlcrush? Blacks? Drugs misuse? Dating scandals?
>C'mon, user, stop being silly and listen to our new summer song about eternal friendship and love!

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brother tell our mother she's a dumbass, we are already ridiculously manly

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performance anxiety...

don't include the yejibros

there's a loona tv that shows queen footage but i dont feel like looking

imagine paying money to hear twice's shit tier singing in person

hard anal nonconsensual sex with squid

>she doesn't even know what sex is
but i know

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we prefer intel core i7 shilling song

Article: Scene of school violence filmed at construction site spreading quickly on YouTube

Source: Insight via Instagram [YouTube video]

1. [+2,254] I hope that all children realize that in this day and age, you have no guarantee that your act of bullying will not be captured on film by someone else. Whoever filmed this and reported it is a hero.

2. [+1,786] Their identities must be publicly revealed and this must be left on their records

3. [+1,118] I can't believe stuff like this still exists Please do not go easy on them just for being students

4. [+735] Why are they like this... All that you get out of this is a red mark on your record..

5. [+230] So are the police going to investigate this or not? I'm so enraged right now

6. [+195] I want to take a look at what their parents look like

7. [+81] Aigoo... what will they grow up to become

8. [+9] Scary

9. [+25] We must raise our kids to not only not hit others but to also not just take it when they're hit

10. [+33] Evidence is everything. Whoever recorded this is a hero.

11. [+27] Why bother blurring their faces out?

12. [+24] Students should not be given lenient punishment for being young but actually sentenced harsher, and their parents should be included in their punishment as well.

13. [+23] This pisses me off so hard...

14. [+20] They will regret these actions one day in the future when they're barred from pursuing their dreams because of this

15. [+35] I hope this follows them for the rest of their lives. They won't realize just how big of a mistake they're making until they have kids of their own... They're hopeless. Their parents are just as much to blame for raising them to be like this. No kid is born evil... what a bitter reality

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shut up incel

she is too funny, cute, and beautiful even without makeup

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seeing jeongwhale in person is worth the money

imagine not having the money to watch Twice's concert just out of spite

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You cant just call everyone you dislike a sissy

chaeryeong sex with jyp, twice, stray kids, itzy, got7, wonder girls, niziu and nmixx in front of me

dont mind them, they're all "hills have eyes" inbred monstrosities

isn't this china?

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uuuuuuuuuuh garambros?

no those are the people i like
Look at them bolt-ons

not kpop

yes it is, that's how garam gets down

id unironically pay 1000s of dollars for front row seats just so i could throw peanuts at her

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