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>he didn't know about gowon's giant ass

second for sucking on haseulie's toecocks


my girls

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Multiple slug sightings today.

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every position...

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based thread, cute dami

8th for hard slaps

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dami do be lookin cute lately

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you kysing yourself

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any sheon feet

where's heej

i remember when they made fun of how naky says "youth" with a small lisp

where's yunky

who's your favourite iljin and why

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oribia hey

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They were making fun of her sticking her tongue out when saying it mainly.

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that sounds pretty cool
especially when they hit the chorus

ohhhhhhhhhh mama

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thinking about bella

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in my lap

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henlo is the dumbest meme you guys have forced so far


what food should i eat for optimum kpop enjoyment

we do not like it

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sex with that 1 special fromis only

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chink feet

well the result sounded like a lisp kind of

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a gun

sex with these 2 plus wonnie

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uhh cute

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u gonna cry about it

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the ugliest one?

neither of these are good ideas

4 days

yujin is perfect bros

we all know bella is a superior name

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get her off right now

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henlo recording jiheon rape

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a man of taste, I see


Choi Yoo Jung


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yunk STAYS

>heejin has orange fee-

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cute doob
wise words

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ughhh look at those

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she knows what she’s doing

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i just know charttranny is sick to his stomach lmaooooo

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making a heart sign yes

i love it when she does that tongue thing

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sexy doob

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i like when they look to each other

naky's voice is so weak there, lost the moment but henlo caught it up

fuck naky almost did it

not enough strength from naky, her voice is fading too fast

kekler and nmixx are shit tier groups and the dumbest fucker here is a fan of both. big surprise

he killed himself

is this minesweeper

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paint the yves womb

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my beautiful wife

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gayest fucking discord tier post itt yet. fuck you

making a tablet selca yes


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she is not ugly

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i think i was 2nd gen

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naky's gotten a lot better since imo

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stupid post kys

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why does he hate izone groups so much

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i doubt she had that in mind

me as cub

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bro it seems like the only gay here is you

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kekler and nmixx flopped so fucking hard its crazy

homeless shelter yeonhee

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who's the britney spear of kpop?

nah he's right what the fuck was that cringe shit

I miss nako

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nice tummy

is this why hes been seething so hard about itzy lately

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not unless i'm raped

she showed a lot of improvements, she's their 4th vocalist now

nako belongs in kpop

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is this earth?


Boa is britney before britney went insane

henlo's head is fucking gigantic

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ever heard of continental drift?

naky is good, singing along with henlo is hard

their lack of sexual skills due to autism
my penis

nice small titties

this is the world we live in

i knew that dumbfuck was going to regret telling me that their streams weren't going to go up this week. plus he was wrong about their chart position going down during the weekends. he doesn't know anything about charts

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me as sana

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i think you're right

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cute preggo birb

very unlikely

does that mean we get boa tits someday?

remember "koreans don't listen to music in the afternoon!"

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Garam sees that you are close. She pulls you out of Sakura's mouth. Kura pulls on Garam's hair

chew and the lads

holy fuck, they look ROUGH


me in the middle

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shut up fag

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cub seriously looks mtf

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a loaf of bread
a gundam kit
my happiness


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can't believe soty came out in janurary


its funny how 37 is a win for lesserafirm but a flop for oh my girl

pink + wunky = winky

Let me rephrase it
Boa is the korean britney if britney never went insane.

imagine how much better lesserafim would be charting if their song was actually good like eleven or smiley

Whos this guy?

haha yep, i was gonna link that too, her part at 2:05 is my favorite

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finally a good post

thank you eebu bro. i saved some of them.

Is it sodomy to eat ass?

my foreskin as the frog

what's mtf. i'm gonna regret this

he's the biggest backpedaler on kpg
>first claims only ULs are important so stayc > ive
>ive beats stayc in ULs so then actually only peak position is important
>ive beats stayc in peak position so now none of that is important

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I bet henlo smells poor and everyone in the hybe building can tell

oh my girl used to chart at #1 that's why

a king sized bed
my weighted blanket

comfy night

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cub looks thirsty

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chartshitters in
i'm out

our girls are gonna do it amazing this summer


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>arguing with a personality that isnt here
if you're getting this mad you've lost KPG

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cub looks gayer than the gay

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3 large sized pizzas
a salad for me

cub mogging chewy. this is the darkest timeline

oh my girl can barely sell 60k while lesserafirm sells six times that

imagine sucking on those small titties

some reporter iirc

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because they're a 7 year old group and dun dun dance was a top 10 hit for weeks

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Orange chew was a short but nice chew

this song actually shows that they almost of them can sing above average

but high notes are still for henlo and megan

absolutely fucking based

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>its funny
its not

i just failed 2 of my classes and i blame it on kpg fuck you all

what are you studying

lmao imagine unironically living in the middle east

Please post Cub

do you think gowon would give head to me if i asked real nicely?

get fucked. stop cooming.

nigga shut up let her eat girls’ leftovers

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*humps pillow*

I like nmixx more than probably anyone else here but they're a jyp group and they had massive hype leading up to their debut, the song just filtered everyone and they flopped, so at least there the comparison is fair. kekler did about what they should have though since no one watched that show.

you'll be begging for your life by the 7th round. she won't take no for an answer


oh no no no n ono hahahahahahhahaha


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>the song just filtered everyone
is this zoomer for 'was shit'?

you are right brother
we live in the middle east but only ironically

i don't have any cubs

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