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Grand Belial's Key - Kohanic Charmers (2022) [320]
>black metal
Sample: youtube.com/watch?v=tTvzL9bOaYI

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overrated album

Black metal is inherently inbred

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The best part of The Long Defeat, and arguably many DSO albums, is the drums. They have had a madcunt drummer since at least Si Monumentum

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it truly is only missing a banjo

But most of all, I hate (You)!

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not metal
thank you for your attention

underrated album

This chart is fucking ASS
But im gonna roll anyway

trve kvlt expression

Why do they look like this, bros?

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Why do they look like this, bros?

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Inbreeding and centuries of it.

Meant for:

The Bearded Hustler fears the European man.

You can always tell the number of drops by how inhuman they look

>With Roumanian thighs, who weasels 'n' lies

Why did he marry a blind uggo when any number of barely legal alternative thots would be willing to marry him and give him children instead? Varg is an idiot.



That's just not true. Would dressed in black sluts ride his dick? Maybe, he's famous to a degree, but I'm sure none of them wouldn't give birth to 7 children, lmao.


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>Posters: less than 20
>on both threads

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The parting of the dead /meal/
Mods should just delete this one since the other was there first

Let's roll and see.

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what's wrong with that girl's face? looks like some app fuck up

How about they delete yours, shitposting motherfucker?

Failed chud-thread. Not even OP sticks to this garbage pail.

>what's wrong with that girl's face?

It's a transexual. Not even joking.


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Step aside for the REAL aoty. gbk is low t music for femboys. Absurd(the real) is for barbarian cavemen rapists.

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More like absurdly ugly

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Thats a picture of nostalgia critic wearing an absurd t shirt. Who else?


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I guess now I know what is meant by that "caged" meme

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kvetching and samefagging

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Drengroth is better than this band desu. You should be listening to them desu.

this is cool but who gives a fuck about ancient egypt... what were these guys thinking?

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if this is a dude hes cute, who is he?

this desu

bunch a fucking nerds if you ask me

Whoever posted the little acoustic interlude from this album a couple threads back, thank. This is like Morbid Angel but good

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None of the drumming on that is madcunt, his blasts are fucking basic shit.
Are you listening to a different album to me or some shit? I don't even think it's the same drummer as the cymbal work on the simpler parts is so different.

gelal gave me a handjob in the seven eleven outside of rural buenos ares


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It's growing on me, although it's still not near the quality of their first 2 albums.

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black metal will never die

Karl's linear notes were extremely detailed. Sure you can call it nerdy but it fits with the scales he likes to use.

blah blah blah i dont know what any of that shit means