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our collegegfrin

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i'm crazy for dubu

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My wife Jessica Ho

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Bony is for making stock

chaeblades: IN

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any idols that went to uni?

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koreans are afraid of THE RAM

wony>>>>>>>your waifu

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yunjin went to Yale

i love these two

a lot of them


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is this ryujin?

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shit sigarette but popular

Ich mag everglow

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which two fromies would you pick for a 3some and why?

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that is pretty cute

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jiheon and jiheon

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My wife song hayoung

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Jisun has a doctoral (HC) in semen extraction tech


Wony: same personality as before
Yujin: more depressed, low energy


Chaewon: same personality as before
Sakura: happier, high energy

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he's so ugly and bogged and skelly

fun duo

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that's... kinda hot

megan and henlo
loud and wild

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wrong type of asian, this thread is for gooky girls only

>doesnt watch on tv.naver

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truly satan's spawn

very cute

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can i get two henlos for double paizuri?

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japsisters we're leaving..................

>Yujin: more depressed, low energy
we had to postpone our marriage, sorry

Which kpops are legitimately bad people?


is LSF more popular than AKB48 and Niziu in nipland?

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your waifu is extremely low quality

you guys are something else today

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gowon seems like such a fucking cunt

Dubu's pink nipples!

good luck


the real korean and the white woman

aoa mina

at least, unlike the literal whos on Youtube, she ended up in the best possible place for her to succeed. she'll be fine as long as JYP can cough up a song people actually like.

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somi (satanist slut) cub (degenerate who doesn't care about anything, even her friends) , winter (hurts all types of animals)

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we're here, feeling embarrassed

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complainerposting is the lowest quality

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shut up and tell us which fromies you want

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>Yujin: more depressed, low energy
t. 0 minutes of ive content watched


/fit/ here, post the source vid of this stacy fags

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which anons are legitimately bad people?


why do they all look dead inside?

is queendom 2 a big flop? i hardly see anyone talking about it

>/fit/ here
sure bitch

Henlo is a whore, brothers. We must face the reality.

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all of them

>that bittersweet feel when Wendy yells out the n word during sex

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what's even good or bad anymore. the last few years psychopathic behavior has been completely normalized and sometimes championed.

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prove to us you're from /fit/

show us your cock


she even has a good side profile, maxilla, chin and mandible.. it's over all kpops are mogged

Which kpop can LEGITIMATELY cook