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take the L and delete this shit thread

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My wife song hayoung

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Queen Lip

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our guys have done it again, it's a banger

purity angel


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i'm a bit disabbointed by her berformance

arinsissy BTFO

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sumin sumin

it's garbage, lover loser was alright but hybe can't make music anymore, also bait for loonaposting

meant for

my computer just automatically turned the images into my folders into NFTs how do i sell these

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yonhi's face is the cutest kind of funny

i like kissy face selcas too. love blasting over them..

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welcoming nigga

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i wonder if he likes grey suit.

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What a repulsive laugh Dubuggo has.

that looks like lalisa

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stop posting that pic with extra chubby gyuri

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this bside is better but yeah it's no loser lover

he is a gaychad after all they are brown

i don't think dubu is uggo

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this is not the best time to be selling crypto assets user

I am analyzing this screenshot so hard

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what a self-critical bunchability bag

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its okay, she wants you to do it
why do you think she posts her fancams before she goes to sleep

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it's tinny don't bother

more of her

less of this ugly shit

godbaby and godzuha

is taht yuqi in the middle?

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yes! she is pretty!

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new dxw

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kys(keep yourself safe) lipfriend

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post her ass

yejibros we are getting cancelled on twitter

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kazuha mogs that bogged melting tranny skelly

hail sm

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I need my idols to act like children.


this angle makes her look like a gowon tier 150 cm goblin

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yonk is perfect bros

may has no good comebacks

>brave browser and discord

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lip thread lezgoooo

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>more of her
she posted a whole vlog but there wasn't much fun there

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tongues are better

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jisun open minded angel

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whats wrong with brave

this but unironically


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minju drooling on my nuts...

how the fuck is kimlipuggo an idol?

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post the dubutt dubro (i'm a dubro as well)

jennie analyzing dayeon's cheek lines...

you are a fucking great person, thank you

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sharp eyes :0

my little sex goblin.

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>searches yejibros on twitter for the hell of it
>there's a kpg screencaps account
which one of you absolute faggots does this

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don't call her that

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imagine dubu doing this

kimlipuggo exists because roasties need someone to self insert and imagine what it would be like being an idol and dating their dicklet husbandos

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this might actually be the greatest moment of gowon's career

which fromis gives the best head? I'm thinking chaeyoung.

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it's more fun if you join them, instead of being bitter all the time

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>no dont look >.

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Big brain cutie

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henlo's sister

why did bighit let chimp do a dance with her txt husbandos

the gowon akgae is attacking Kim Lip again what's his problem?

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henlo and megan. have you seen their mouths? ik that shit drive niggas crazy

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get this ass mustafa

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i love kim lip

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>searches yejibros on twitter for the hell of it
yo what the fuck how many random accounts does this retard have to talk to himself

sex ;)

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the one you guys call 'henlo' for some reason

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this but unironically

>mustafa gets exposed
>arincrops stop

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look how happy she is
chimp loves being a WHORE

nothing more blastable than this though

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god i love megan

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wife lip

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>install a browser to not get spied on
>install discord one of the most notorious spyware apps in existence

meds now

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Who cares

and its hilarious that hes been seething about miracles for over 4 years now

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are you denying its you?

i'm going to marry kim lip

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buy the fucking subscription already you poor slut

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