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my boys

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mustaine is based but we wanted something else

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kissing hyunjin on the lips
kissing jinsoul on the lips
kissing gowon on the cheeks

yejibros is this getting deleted?

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tfw some of the greatest bsides of all time where packaged with a low effort single released on a friday

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why would it brother

Never post these uggo nugus again

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i want to touch every cm of j's body
i want to touch every cm of yeseo's body

fuck slugs. they ate my crops.

stop calling me a roastie, I'm a man!

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love bomb one of the greatest kpop songs nothing strange

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*pants sexually*

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no brother dave is a certified kpop fan and yuna is his waifu

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Hate Mustaine
Love yellow women

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is squid legitimately autistic

with what?

hes never liked ULs though, i remember him saying specifically "chart position is all that matters", wouldn't predict that its him.

he likes BM he would probably like yeji if he met her bros

My wife song hayoung

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based but kissing gowons lips

brothers is she okay? she keeps dropping things

you know those guitars that are, like, double guitars?

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now i know why one girl left...

this is kpop brother

is {itzy member} legitimately autistic
your fugly waifus could never

what do you think?

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brother we look just like him

it's just early onset arthritis brother

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anyone over 25 you wanna touch?

a car going highway speeds

Why would it be?

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yes all are except beanwiga



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Too many old ugly bastards

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my hand, mouth, and penis

im a fat, ugly, poor, balding manlet with a small penis who stans twice
will i ever find true love?

i miss you

imagine what they would have achieved if not being dungeoned for 1.7 years

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our girls our song

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okay dr. yejibro good

shane book status?

I love my mia cutie wife

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napalm death are based and we look just like the bass troll


my p would be so tingly if that happened to me

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yes but the list would be too long.

it's over oncel

noting is true
everything is permitted

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love bombing naky

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correct answer

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>is {korean} legitimately autistic
yes we are, it's just not as big of a social disadvantage when everyone is like that. also why we're great at elite autismo shit like league and starcraft but can't swim or drive.
t. korean

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damn it's been 4 years already

>Too many old ugly bastards

The bass-player send her some questionable videos

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