Which musicians are legitimately bad people?

Which musicians are legitimately bad people?

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All the major ones. Thats how they get to the top

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Dave Mustaine. Not even talking about his politics. Just an all-around cunt

Didn't he kick a random woman in the face.

You can't beat Mingus

>Mingus' temper was notoriously bad, and he twice hit Knepper. Once, while onstage at a memorial concert in Philadelphia, Mingus reportedly attempted to crush the hands of his pianist, Toshiko Akiyoshi, with the instrument's keyboard cover, then punched Knepper. Later, Mingus reportedly punched Knepper in the mouth while the two men were working together at Mingus's apartment on a score for Epitaph, in preparation for what became his disastrous concert at New York Town Hall, on October 12, 1962. The blow broke one of Knepper's teeth, ruined his embouchure and resulted in the loss of the top octave of his range on the trombone for almost two years. This attack ended their working relationship, and Knepper was unable to perform at the concert. Charged with assault, Mingus appeared in court in January 1963 and was given a suspended sentence. According to his daughter, Robin, Mingus also later mailed heroin to Knepper's home, and made an anonymous phone call to the police. A little girl at the time, she remembers the police questioning her father after the mailman delivered the package.

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>You can't beat Mingus
There's like 1000 rappers in prison for murder. This whole thread makes no sense.

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but you can't talk about rappers being bad people

They're bad people. A lot worse than Wagner or Mingus were.

most desu
were bards after all
at the very least we all have something very dark that were running away from

First of all you've got your Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift type people where their music is ok or whole sale ripped off someone else but it is just the money and then they soak up public money (Like at the BBC) that obviously should have gone on smaller scale artists that couldn’t blank check the whole thing.

Then it's drugs and rap which is a 1970s size telephone directory of drugs and guns gangs.

Some of the lesser known legitimately bad people were the managers. Mike Jeffries, jimi hendrix's manager was really really really, really really shady.

Black Sabbath's management, Ozzy said himself they were just like the mafia.

Where were those crates of cocaine coming from? Probably.

Joy Division manager he's got a pretty bad rep but generally I think he was right. (If you didn't do it nobody else would have and you'd just have had nothing. People whose money it was didn’t agree).

People who lost their rights from dodgy contracts , they were being consciously robbed. Was it the Beatles? I think it did didn't it? Bowie.

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KISS got robbed by their manager in the late 80's. He stole $13 million from the band, left the country and went into hiding

There's this bloke involved with the Rolling Stones he's in Colombia to this day.

Literally in the jungle. It's not a coincidence.

Doris Day was sad. She had to come out of retirement.

Agreed. There's an odd breed of these weird semi-autistic people in rock that just seem insufferable. I'd put him on that list alongside.

Mike Patton
Billy Corgan
Henry Rollins
Paul Stanley

Pete Doherty took some repentance.

>billy corgan

Amy Winehouse was heart of darkness angel of death.

Are you saying that because you don't think he's autistic or because you think he's a full-on sperg?

Not sure if it counts but
>Simone was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the late 1980s. She was known for her temper and outbursts of aggression. In 1985, Simone fired a gun at a record company executive, whom she accused of stealing royalties. Simone said she "tried to kill him" but "missed". In 1995 while living in France, she shot and wounded her neighbor's son with an air gun after the boy's laughter disturbed her concentration and she perceived his response to her complaints as racial insults; she was sentenced to eight months in jail, which was suspended pending a psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

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dude opened up a tea shop, he's about as autismo as it gets

heh. Yeah I guess so.

that cunt who raped babies. can't remember his name and don't want to remember his name

It was Ian Watkins

Him aside, this is such a stupid fucking post. Why even bother?

Status Quo for ditching their drummer. That was pretty cold. It worked.

I have respect for Johnny Rotten for calling Saville out back in the 70's. The rest of them were probably in on it.

Cliff Richard was investigated for being a pedo in 2014, and police raided his house. He probably paid them to drop the charges.

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Nocturno culto? Why him?


OP said musicians.

You would assume Impaled Nazarene.

All the RHCP, but mainly Kiedis and Flea. Unbearable fake assholes. I have a friend who's a crew man here and I got to meet many A list musicians backstage. Most of them were cool as fuck, I remember Kirk Hammett being one of the nicest. Some rappers too, but most of them were surrounded by hanger ons and women

Phoebe Bridgers for writing a diss track about Ryan Adams while she's on his tour for not putting out then slut shaming him when she herself is a total where. See also Don Broco front man.

They're a lot happier in partial captivity and we are a lot safer.

Da Baby. He's got real problems.

Are pedophiles bad people? If so
>Jimmy Page
>Pete Townshend

I feel like you could get on with R Kelly though don't you? Um.

Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield

>Mingus reportedly attempted to crush the hands of his pianist,
I would have slit his throat.

If you do that he wins

That French band he stabbed his girlfriend to death. Pure evil really. I don't think you can come back from that very easily.

First off, theyre not people, theyre black. Second, even if you cant concede that theyre not people, the thing w/ them being bad in public is just too enhance their sTrEeT cReD.

All of them. Your fucking local scene is full of toxic people, imagine what happens when you give them fame and the illusion of power.

>most rappers and jazz/blues musicians of the past (running drugs/women, stabbings, shootouts, rape)
>most rockstars (pedos, being abusers, being on drugs)
>half of all BM Bands (killing someone or being a nazi)

Special mentions:
>Phil Spector
>Die Antwoord
>Ethan Kath
>Blood on the Danceflood
>Mindless Self Indulgence

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Probably the entirety of the noise/harsh noise scene

George Michael. It's naughty.

How so?

He burnt down her house then they found out he'd been hoarding guns and explosives.

Morrissey he'd have cheated them out of their royalties never endingly by the sound of it.

That woman. Shot the dog and killed herself. Oh my God.

John's erratic behaviour around Julian continued — fun one moment and violent anger the next. And he could be like this with Sean too, reducing the little boy to tears of terror. Fred Seaman, or sometimes Yoko, would act as a buffer when John lost his temper. Julian was constantly on tenterhooks, sensing that an eruption was coming and retreating to his room in the hope of avoiding it.

One incident in particular did him lasting damage. The whole family had been having fun, making Mickey Mouse pancakes and fooling around, when Julian giggled. John turned on him and screamed, ‘I can't stand the way you fucking laugh! Never let me hear your fucking horrible laugh again.’ He continued with a tirade of abuse until Julian fled once again to his room in tears. It was monstrously cruel and has affected him ever since. To this day he seldom laughs.

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the eternal (((band manager)))

>>Mindless Self Indulgence
Makes me sad because You'll Rebel to Anything still hits, but can't say I was surprised.

You met Keidis and Flea?

hi Kirk



John Zorn (Jewish)

what did Mitch Hedberg ever do?