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I want to eat all fromis members braphole

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she’d be sm hotter if she didn’t just speak like the average Twitter user every time she spoke english it’s quite cringe desu

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kari is supposed to be for booba

you can't just eat her flat korean ass...

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itzy rimming time

>wall rat
stupid retard

oh yeah lunch is served

knocking up Yeji (Accident)

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she is beautiful everywhere

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Cute date with Jisoo girlfriend in the park

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just spread it you fucking whore

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I hope you take responsibility brother.

chewy trying to figure out why european languages split apart from latin, while chinese stayed consistent for thousands of years

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Is Yujin natty?

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plastic uggo

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chewy doesn't know much about euro or chinese languages i see...

How did she turn into this?

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chewy's premise is flawed in several ways but there's a good tides of history episode about the origin of the romance languages if she's interested

she's too retarded to even know about latin or whatnot

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But you can literally see her panty line in this pic!

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kari sitting on my face while she entertains 2 other kpg posters who proceed to cum all over her massive honkers!

sex with all 100 gecs

she just sounds like a white girl wym

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the weak should fear the strong




It's not the worst turd cutter in kpop (thats Winter) but I kind of imagine it'd be a bit saggy out of those jeans

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exactly she needs to shut the fuck up

chewy finding out that english is 33% latin, 33% germanic, and 33% what the fuck

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I wasn't into Kepler at all but after watching that little fuck slut Hikaru twerk I'm a fan

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Face Sitting Angel

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post it
and the rat
and bahi
and chaehyun's fat ass too

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i miss my nigga henlo

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chewy is wrong again... importing a bunch of loan words from french doesn't erase english's germanic roots

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ignoring karina and stretching your hole...

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sexrat showing you her cheese stash

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useless shits!

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same face just grown up

she's not for that

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queendom ep tomorrow better have these hype levels
sinB you're on the clock

hikaru did this

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