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a giant comes inside me


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twice renews and goes back to purepop

I love song yuqi

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it's lucky mustafa is really tech-savvy and uses a filename randomizer

otherwise someone might notice his samefag

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Attached: [Queen's Land] 태연 sbn 인기차트 점령하시었다, 해와 달(김립, 진솔, 츄, 하슬, 영은, 채현) - ♬다시 만난 세계 _ Queen's 노래방 #퀸덤2 EP.6 02.45.webm (1920x1080, 2.92M)

cool reversed webms bro
>blocks md5

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henlo nigga

sure oncel but not in our timeline

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doing cardio in Saerom

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>twice disbanding
stop this nonsense, groups dont usually disband at the top of their game
7 years curse only applies if the group is flopping

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Wonder if kiel and momo hooked up

whys the video so fucking BLURRY


there are white choreographers in K-pop?

lil turtle

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b r o w n

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Cardio inside Yeji

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i'd still eat that

>we don't need money to feel good
don't let _______ hear that

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who won today's show

cuddling with chimp
face in between her breasts


very true

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still on! hwaiting!

i hate gay white men

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face cardio inside chimps ass

yejibros we're leaving

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they gross you out? i find them oddly erotic


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cute smile

does the white guy do all of twice's dances?

what is this meme

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miss burgerbrony so much bros..

yejibros we want abs like yeji

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Cub probably loves him but its the complete opposite for momo and chew

Tzuyu looks so happy

do you always asks questions you know the answer to?

you're in luck he's still here as story groomer

pretending i'm gay to get close to cub

natural habitat Yeji

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>nayeon is older than him

smelling chimps butthole with the back of my throat

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a lot of them are pretty entertaining not going lie but they can get away with pretty much anything

heard this theory but i dont think its him

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>white genes
jesus i though he was above 30 for sure


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losing even one member would break my heart

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why not

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jisoo looks like j here and now I want j to wear this outfit

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i'm white and above 30 and still get asked for id regularly


keppys in

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such a horny stacy

Momo looks horny af

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Morning exercise with Saerom

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sex knower
sex haver
sex enjoyer
sex wanter
sex seeker
sex discusser

9 course meal eaten out of chimps downstairs area

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>if only you knew how bad things really are - tzuyu

choreographer's not choreographer

>Cant win a fucking 44 old freak

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useful ass cream

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I wouldn't mind pretending to be gay if I get a chance to smell sweaty Twices.

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no i think he does the blackpink dances and someone else
but he seems to recycle dance moves a lot

cute chew

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what do I win

izone chimp yes
now not so much

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tzuyu still looking like a goddess

if these pedoposters ever get mukpg booted out, where would we go? /hr/kpg? a new kpg in /trash/? kpop. re?

all roads lead to chimps asshole on my tongue

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you have so many

wtf where did the music show stream go

the wall is cruel

this is literally lilykawaii

thank you for posting my wife

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it finished

Can we remove garam still or is it too late for that

its over
psy won

*Sniffing Cub's armpit*

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Too late

(and thats a good thing)

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jannies aren't googling idols to find out their ages

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huh maybe i'm retarded cuz i thought someone was still left

tzuyu was so pretty is tzuyu still pretty?

someone posted a jihan split yesterday and it got removed from the archives within 30 seconds, somethings bound to happen soon

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[email protected]_sserafim 'FEARLESS' – 07PM KST:

#4 Bugs (+3)
#24 Genie (+5)
#32 MelOn (+4)
#32 FLO (+1)

MelOn ULs: 133,982 (+258) new peak

twice and jyp are aware of how hardcore ot9 the fandom is
they bend over backward to keep jeongers in all the MVs


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omo catbox it?

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splits are a different level. also it used to be worse here, back when somi and arin were underage just posting them would get you banned


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how many of the products that arin recommends to you own

they already have more content than aespa, thats impressive.

even sap?

Imagine being a fan of kpop

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thats tzuyu now? ok that's good, i was starting to hate life

are splits a no-go? guess it's a legal grey area
twt split accs are getting nuked and i have no idea where to find their archives (or even if most splitters make them)

he's so ugly and bogged and skelly

a few months ago but yeah

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are reverse food eating clips a thing or is it just one dude in here posting it?

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i posted 2 last thread but rn it's 1 guy

is editing rei's face a thing?


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>poostafa is kpg's #1 hybedrone
my fucking sides

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quick kazuha finisher so I can get out of bed..?

It is always just one dude.

storypedo is just consistently passive aggressive in a really faggy way, he hasnt lashed out like burgerbrony used to
and the posting times dont match up, he was aussie iirc
i know some freaks have changed their sleeping patterns for cbs but burgerbrony was an adult with a job
its really just the correct punctuation and the pedophilia that connect them

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meds now you sodomite

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post moar le epic maymays discord frens

no, its actually not as bad as I thought

not even the soju?

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god I miss pre-wall chewy so much bros...

Context is important

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Golden cow tier.

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oh yes she's so perfect..
she got it last night and now she's getting my morning wood too

eebuggo is uncanny

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let's watch

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