What we need to purge from this board

We need to purge faggots who say "BRO JUST LISTEN TO WHAT YOU WANT TO". They are unironically ruining this board. Only listening to what you want to is an active endeavour to limit your music discovery, and what is this board without music discovery?

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you are retarded

just listen to what you want to you fuckin sheeple

i think the most important shit to purge from here is the kpopers

You are being the sheep by locking yourself to only listening to pop you fucking idiot. I hate you.

what a shit take
listen to what you want bro

Correct. We need more gatekeeping in order to maintain a high standard of discussion.

you're the one unable to understand that listening to "what you want to" can also include new music you're exploring, so the entire point you think you're making is nonexistent

yeah dude i love only doing things that i want to do that's why i don't go to work and only eat unhealthy junk

How about we purge all the spergs like you from this board? I'm sick of people that are incapable of social interaction and empathy throwing a fit about everything they don't like.

> I'm sick of people that are incapable of social interaction and empathy
where do you think you are, reddit?

You are retarded. There's not an ounce of reason in you.

Some people want to work and aren't lazy dipshits like you, faggot.

you were breathing heavily when you typed that out

Moron. I hate you too. Don't you see that I was insulting the conception that you should only do what you want to? My actual opinion on the matter (of working) was not in the post you're replying to -- It was an ironic statement used to demonstrate the absurdity of the proposition, something that you have failed to realize.

Except your analogy doesn't work when the majority of people WANT to have a dignified job.

music is purely a form of entertainment for the vast majority of listeners. If you are interested in music for more than just entertainment then I can see where you are coming from, but unless you are studying it or creating it yourself and trying to learn then forcing yourself to listen to things you don't enjoy has zero benefits. I'd like to see you try and come up with one

There was no reference to a majority in the post you replied to. It was written from an individuals perspective. Your point here is therefore unjustified and an undignified reflection of your imbecilic character. When will it be made apparent to you that your own subjective IDIOTIC ideas that come from your cognition of my posts are beyond stupid?

I try to listen to everything but and the end of the day its bc I want to and if someone wants to listen to spotify top 100 for the rest of their life so be it

Neck yourself.

Your replies to my posts are horrendous. Please never reply to my posts again, you ap.e .

I am obviously more intelligent than you. I'll do what I want.


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