Why do low testosterone males hate metal so much

Why do low testosterone males hate metal so much

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I'm actually (unironically) lowtest, scrawny, short, left-wing and love metal so fuck off with your garbage bait post.

Actually it's midwits that hate metal, midwits just tend to be low testosterone

>I'm actually (unironically) lowtest, scrawny, short, left-wing and love metal so fuck off with your garbage bait post.

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How do you know you're lowtest?

Nah I don't really know, but I'm 21 and most people think I'm literally 13 years old when they see me, so I just assume I must have really shit test levels or something.

Anything that requires the minimum effort is a turn-off for these kind of people. Ironically, the metal community outside the artists is filled with a good amount of low-t fags trying to compensate for that.

>requires effort
wtf are you talking about? Metal is corny as fuck

But they twing and twang fast xD

Is that what you tell yourself to feel good about getting filtered?

That's a fucking blessing though user, I wish I looked young

There's a difference between being 21 and looking 17 and being 21 and looking 13... I can assure you it's not fun lol

Low test faggot filtered

Midwits have entered the thread, wew imagine living with just ~110 iq, bet you listen to death grips and choose to post-ironically enjoy mainstream pop

>high test
Don't make me laugh

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They literally do twing and twang fast, though.

>poster count didn't change
seething so hard about metal you have to samefag

Hardly anyone twings and twangs in metal anymore. :\ That's the problem with it.

Twangy guitar tone really isn't popular in metal at all, idk what point you're trying to make, you should probably stop posting

>M-metal isn't cringe I swear

I'd still enjoy it desu

Idk how it can possibly be cringe when it lives rent free in your head 24/7. Just for that fact alone it's based in my book

Okay, well you can continue playing dress up and screaming like children over shitty powerchords and pentatonic masturbation.

i'm not saying it's the flagship for discipline and hardwork in music, but a lot of the artists are known for dedicating a good amount of time practicing and unlike other genres, they aren't subtle when they show it off
it's practically the same reason why low-t peeps can only enjoy jazz when it's presented in an easy-to-digest format like kamasi washington

Pentatonics are rare in metal, stay mad tho

Not mad, just dismissive of faggot larpers playing pretend tough

>metal is the /SOI/core of music
>only virgins and SOIbois actually listen to it (oh, and bullied teens)

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Keep seething poptimist faggot

im a sjw onions boy beta and I love metal

Metal is pop, dipshit

being a loser =/= being a soiboi
metal fags (for the most part) are indeed compensating, but at least they force themselves in a shitty competitive environment
soibois are afraid of anything that requires the minimum effort, that's why they're often relegated to consumerism alone, and always through a filter like twitter's hivemind or hip reviewers

>metal calling anyone a poptimist

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/samefag/ general



all of you are losers. stop arguing over whether metal is cool or not. this leads nowhere. just listen to what you like and do something productive.

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