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200000 album sold 1 day. Gratz jo1

cutest girl in the galaxy~

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Do you think idols think their fans are masochists from all the comments wanting them to step on them etc?

it's new, isn't it?

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do your thong


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Lalisa Manoban

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Finally itzy gonna save kpop from those turbouggos rigged*one

Hey guys I'm a member of a JYP boygroup, AMA

they think theyre disgusting creeps, which they are



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what's my thang though

post face


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i iz*gay

I like her hair in this pic

why does this slut have such good feet?

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Please creampie cub so she becomes straight again and cuts the lesbo styling for good

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Yeah but that's a given


ijeneun neo anin
nareul jom deo saranghalgeoya sara gal geoya Oh oh
hanbal deo dagaga
nareul deo ana jul geoya jeonbu jul geoya

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You shouldn't call her that

royal thigh meat

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Because all sluts have good feet

slut feet

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very beautiful

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Theres been an accident and you can only save one of the Twice girls. The rest will die. Who do you choose?

I just punished my daughterwife ama.



Squids laughing but a year from now she will be forgotten and looking for a job lmao

i literally just realized that the squidling is beautiful...

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Saw a vid on IG of Wony falling of a chair or something lol, bitch got what it was coming to her

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how may I ask

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Did you buy it?

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Lmao post it

post it u coward


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Saw a vid of Wony getting creampied by a BWC lol, bitch got it coming to her

mogged by her sister

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U just jelly

haha based

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You wish inferior squid

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Give her the D

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lmao nice one

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Slug post

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Imagine liking a group full of these goblins

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thank you for posting my wife

the black swan mv is so beautiful guys ;_;

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plenty of people can imagine liking the top gg group in kpop

i went to pee ate some hazelnuts came back and there has been no new post
dead general

I still didn't even watch the two on videos yet, man they're dumping out a lot of shit this cb

fair point

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The bitch deserved it

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Looks like Irene lost her soju gig to IU

lol our boy Josh getting busy

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no wonder it's dead here

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kpop is so erotic

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imagine if he was black

looks like Dreamcatcher saved kpop again

BTS are ugly and untalented

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he's finito

iu was the face of chamiseul for years anyway
irene must have tanked their sales

Word, but this is J-Rock.

Which one was suzy advertising?

The Next Twice album will be the greatest kpop album of all time by a significant margin.

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Sweetness and light


no u

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chum churum

>NCT has more views than BTS
its happening

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nct saved kpop once again

i wish she suffered a life threatening injury

i don't think this is the kind of music experts would approve of

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Mutt's law

OH NO NO NO its true

scammer should have used the brick money to buy some food

scammer can get it

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word but i won't spend a dollar on twice until momo breaks up with h*chul


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all SM bridges sound the same

>rigged one
no one cares about them

he's back in korea????

i love them both, so happy for nct tho

what a massacre

Why is NCT popular?

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did izone win today ?

they lost to the best selling kpop girl group? whoa, I can't believe it

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they’re original, cool songs, talented members, amazing dancers

based retard

based pentagon at least getting into the top three

she cute

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>bts “what’s my thang”
>nct “let me introduce you to some new thangs”
don’t tell me did not do this on purpose


meant to quote


we have decided she is the most desirable idol in kpop today

nct is viewbotting

Save us Blackpink

based izone

can't sing
can't dance
hitting the wall at unprecedented pace

why are izones bullying nugu groups?


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come join me in writing "selfish" and "traitor" on Sejeongs instagram


kpg is my home

your mom...

holy shit pentagon must be cursed


Fucking retard

they lose to a lot of groups, it's hard to keep track.

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Their return is imminent

holy shit dcshitters btfo

Very true, friend

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I hate this "90% of the song is just shouting, you can only sing in the bridge" meme

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this is peak human form

durr why did a music video with a month of hype around a couple thousands of dollars wasted on a pre-release project get more views in the first hour than a surprise mv


literally will never live this down

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black swan isn't even the lead single and i guarantee it will pick up traction and surpass nct in the next few hours

seething and in tears

shes so perfect bros, dropped my blackpink waifu for squidsis :/

everything wrong with sm in one picture. this guy literally destroyed the company.

>virus in US near me


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she should have been a solo artist from the start
nobody cares about gugudan

Soobin is a kara and april fan

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this dude belongs in street fighter

I'm afraid Everglow tour will get canceled even tho there are only 4 days left

>Taeyeon's new song ‘Happy’ will be unveiled March 9 at 6 PM.

>The song is an R&B pop genre that re-interprets old school doo-wop/R&B into modern sound. The lyrics are about the warm and comfortable fluttering and happiness found in time spent with a person you love.

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he’s one of the most talented artists nowadays, stay mad

you have to try harder than this

im about to oribiajoonk

nct needs to get rid of singing verses when doing this style. just go ham. fking retards.

2 days actually

don't forget to punch any asian looking people you see

very surprised it wasn't. what if they pull a gfriend fanmeet and wait til everyone gets there to tell you all to go home lol

can't wait!

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I'm still waiting for them to get denied at customs

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imagine _____ doing this

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new cheng xiao

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wtf I was just looking at this girls profile

remember when oh my girl was stopped at an American airport because they thought they were Asian prostitutes

It's Hyejoonking

Why didn’t you save them

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she was top tier before.

lol look behind u

pic related?

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trash bait


very Attreactive woman

something uggos will never have to worry about

oh nonononononononononononononononononononoononononononononononono

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>tfw she’s not actually that good of a dancer


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K Pop is TOP HEAVY. Q Pop is based.

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>happiness found in time spent with a person you love
do you think she's finally found someone?

her shirt looks shooped


i wish she was just a little bit chubbier

noooo taeyeon is for my rear naked choke only

those faces yikes.

did they even announce this ahead of time

nobody in loona can dance
they are like the morning musume of korea


After another year or two passes I’m gonna become a dedicated Eugene poster. Can’t wait! :)

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I used to mispronounce IZONE lmaoo thought it was “eyes one” or “i zone” turns out it’s pronounced “Best girls”

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why does she make so many people seethe beyond control?

love arin

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did you know? izone in korean means "rigged whores"

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fucking retard

im korean. you are right

our girls

did they recycle mark's outfit from his superm teaser?

we want agadari tv

anyone know the music that plays during 0:16 and 0:48 when olivia does the thing?

look at my binn
my binn is amazing

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he looks 80

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trash binn

may i lick it?

1. It was for the greater good and now we have the best girl group ever created
2. The young women who were affected negatively by this incident are being compensated by the company
OK? So just stop

Gowon has a cute butt

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i think i might be a gayshitter now bros

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*mogs bts*

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just cope with the fact that they were rigged. talented or not. still rigged.

>now we have the best girl group ever created
it could have been better

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oh noooooooo

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just have sex

I have a confession. I don't listen to kpop and im just here to gather blasting material and to talk shit.

are u trolling

even simon says was better than kick it

im looking there

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why is it so slow here today

wait, there's music?

based once

Why is NCT appropriating Chink culture?

well yeah simon says was a banger

I didn't notice sera covered depression by CLC

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give it a lick

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nct should have just put out superhuman again
i still really enjoy listening to that one

couldn't care less about that binnie hag

nct song is actually good wtf

binnie did this too

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Binnie randomly becomes turbo slut on variety shows

link it and i'll make a clip of it

she knows.


just dropped bts for nct


Yea Forums is boring. u only post whores. no one cares about your buttfucked bitches


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just dropped txt for nct

I like Fiesta
I like So What
I like Dun Dun
I like Bouncy
And I will probably like Wannabe too.

there was a slug incident this morning, probably scared a lot of people away for a while

who’s your husbando

j hope

just dropped wayv for nct

Anything with GFriend I can jack off to before my boss comes to the office?
why does this sound so familiar


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just dropped nshitty for exo

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just dropped a fat log for dubu

Based no standards bro

explain the slug incident

My two favorite girls. Thanks man

i wish i could enjoy kpop

she could interpret it very well, it's like depression is her second nature

why does it look so much lewder zoomed and slowed

Just sharted for Shitzy

Lisa overwhelmed by support from Thai fans at a fansign

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slugmen pushed about 3 threads in a row to image limit at 200-220 posts and jannies deleted attempts at creating and migrating to new threads early so we languished in them or left

that styling is so hot on her

your brain is conditioned