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Nice argument faggot

>Murders children
>Wants an argument
No. You will, however, be forced to take responsibility for your actions for once in your life. Enjoy.

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It's interesting how republitards care about children right up until they're born.

You murder children. Anything you say afterwards meaningless. You do not have the moral high ground. Stop being a whore.

>You are all no different from this

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>thank you VERYVERYVERY old joke from george carlin

>jerks off
>no babies
Yes even the chronic masturbator has the higher moral ground than baby murdering sluts

Give them their birth control, dood. Women having the ability to kill sperm inside them is the same as men having the ability to waste sperm on her ass. Both options kill the sperm, so why is It bad when the girl can do it?

That heartless 73%, refusing to raise children in crippling poverty. How dare they. A child's life is so precious, we should carry all of them to term so that we can starve them to death. No child should be robbed of the opportunity to suffer slowly.

>Imagine expecting people to take responsibility for their actions

You will all finally have your actions taken against society punishable.


>children commonly starving to death in the west

Literally stop having massive amounts of sex you stupid fucking whore.

Masturbation=\= Conception. Go back to biology class

Actions against society? Thinking wankers are more responsible than sluts?

One of them is hurting no one, the other murdering babies..

What the fuck did I do? Actual abortions are kinda.... Questionable, but it doesn't have to get to that point if the lady uses personal protection methods. Let her have her BC pills, or her lady condoms or IUDs.

>You will all finally have your actions taken against society punishable.

You`re saying you think im a woman? Kek

>forced to take responsibility for your actions for once in your life
Yeah, but you don't really want that for everyone and everything. You just want to tell women they can't have casual sex and then have abortions.

This has to be the most retarded survey on the planet. Do you understand why rape and incest scores low? because most women havent been raped or are victims of incest you dumb faggot.
Go do the same survey on women who are actually raped and pregnant and see what their thoughts on abortions are.
You fake news spewing trumpfags need to die so that humanity can thrive. And take the trannies with you please.

Eat shit.

>Go back to biology class
You also appear to have failed reading

No we dont, we just like eggs ;)

Hey everyone, how's this for a compromise? Women get only ONE chance for a legal abortion in their lifetime. Also, it comes with a MANDATORY tubal ligation (surgical sterilization), and the option to have your eggs frozen.

People of both sides, would this hypothetically be a satisfactory compromise? It'll stop the "revolving door" problem while allowing women to have more autonomy and control over their reproduction process.

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What babies? There's no babies there. And quite frankly, we have enough people here. We don't need any more.

>the "revolving door" problem
It's not a problem. You're trying to make it a problem. Sorry your feeling are hurt.


>casual sex
There's enough birth control they don't have to murder prospective people cause they're too lazy to actually treat sex with respect.

Liberal Logic Explained:

Women need to have the choice to kill their children, that way their children have a choice.

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There is a non-zero amount of women who have repeat abortions. This is a statistically verifiable fact. Feelings don't even factor into it.

>user here, I'm going to leave now because it appears I'll just be talking to a brick wall.

you are all retarded incels, please blow your brains out

Fetuses. Not babies. They don't have a functioning mind or memories. At the time of abortion all mammal fetuses look the same.

So at what point during a pregnancy does a fetus magically become a baby? I have yet to hear the answer to that one.

But they would without interference. We cool to kill unconscious people now because they don't have a functioning mind or ability to access memories.

Shit, babies don't get that shit for months after birth

>But they would without interference.
what is a stillbirth

An uncommon occurrence.
People also die in car crashes, so we shouldn't drive?

What's the difference between falling and being pushed?

>Thinks a clump of cells with less sentience than a turnip = "children"
A fertilized egg is as much a child as you are a productive member of society. Sure, it has the potential to be one day, but why would anyone take that risk. Better to get rid of it now and save everyone the disappointment.

you are definitely going to be pepper sprayed at least once in your life

Retard thinks there are women here and didn't demand tits or gtfo. Stupid and a cuck

I used to wonder how a person could be so shallow minded and unenlightened to believe that because a small amount of time hasn't passed yet that life is not life.

Then I met a liberal.

Killing is killing. What you don't realize is that person will never undo it and have to live with it for the rest of their life and in many cases regret their decision.

Literally close your legs, you subhuman. Holy fuck it isn't hard.

Ooo that thinly veiled advocacy for more taxpayer money to be spent on entitled, irresponsible, niggers and whores is just SEETHING out of this one.

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Ah, so you support limiting abortion to the very early stages of pregnancy? Yes?

>women don’t understand biology

>Fetuses. Not babies
There is no physical distinction except for their location. A fetus is a baby.

Okay. My republican friends just adopted their 3rd child.

Meanwhile, some college liberal whore bags couldn't be bothered to babysit because they had to go wear pussy hats and scream at a pro-choice rally that babies deserve to die because they were unplanned and an inconvenience to their party life. Who would have thought LaShawnda would get pregnant from getting cream pied 17 times a month when she is still taking the pill. It's the pill's fault, not hers. She cannot afford no baby. She ain't got no time fo dat!

Fucking stupid useless whores.

Everyday "birth control pills" that a woman takes is more for period regulation....Aaaaand birth control. The "day after" pill is possibly arguable here. Anything beyond that, is murder, plain and simple. "My body my choice" is fine, But that body inside of you is NOT yours. You have a rider, you cannot tip the canoe and walk away. "Keep your government out of my womb" is all fine and dandy, if you're a whore. But then you must keep your womb out of the government. And we all know that since governments are ALWAYS full of whores, that will never happen. Close your fucking legs.

>lives in the west
>implying women cant keep themselves financially afloat due to them being biologically incapable of doing so

Well the people laughed. So yeh. Joke.
I know tiktokkers will never again be able to watch media they don't politically agree with, but we did that.

Makes you wish you could retro-actively abort gandma here.

>She dindu nuffin!!!
>make whitey pay!!
Literally wears a "best mom ever* shirt and her kid lives with the grandmother.


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a fetus is definitely more of a person than you are, and I say that as someone who firmly believes in a grace period for rape/medical/personal choice.
>I don't personally consider this developing life a living thing
isn't a fucking argument. You can't arbitrate a soft form eugenics because you don't feel like being fully involved in the adult world.

>There is no physical distinction except for their location. A fetus is a baby

its funny that you are saying that as it seems you have not been in a vagina since you were unfortunately pushed out into this world to be more stupid than that fetus you once were

>u stoopid
Great argument. Tell me, at what point in pregnancy does the brain magically activate?

>Great argument. Tell me, at what point in pregnancy does the brain magically activate?

you have the reading comprehension of a disabled toddler,

>look at this, (attached image)

and also, a brain does not indicate
intelligence, as speaking to you has shown me.

my Apology's if you were asking me a question by saying that, but it seems you were being sarcastic.

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So you think abortion should be illegal after week 5?

>>So you think abortion should be illegal after week 5?

not what I was saying (I could've worded it better, please don't twist my words), and no it should not be illegal.


>clump of cells
reddit atheist detected
gods a spaghetti monster amirite?

>No I won't let you lick my pussy
>TSSSSS TSSSSSSSSSS! That's how you learn!

He's got a point.
Make women wankers for an abortion safe future.

>that way their children have a choice.

I feel as everyone should have the right to choose what happens to their own body's. You wouldn't let a leech stay on you and suck all the blood out of you? catch my drift?