Why do women view killing babies as female empowerment...

Why do women view killing babies as female empowerment? Why the fuck are you so inclined to kill babies when in literally 99% of cases you can avoid pregnancy?

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Forgot to add that the establishment doesn't care about you, WOMEN. They care only about reaching their goals one of which is depopulation

I hope you get a girl pregnant and she ruins your life with a Down syndrome child.

Because modern women are evil and have been thought that they can do literally nothing wrong.

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Because keeping their legs closed is too hard

you give off pedo vibes

>Overturn abortion
Fucking retarded nigger get off this site

Holy fucking checked.

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It gets rid of people with shitty DNA. It's great.

this trips me out. birds use their tails to see if predators are watching them. they flick them up to see if a predator will react and go after them. this is common in many species, but bird especially. the tail length is only useful to check out if there's a threat, but that's a retarded move. it could just be that birds have shitty eyesight and a bigger tail just gets a female bird's attention but what if it's that a female bird sees a male bird with a big tail and realizes he's somehow been really lucky not to have been noticed and is somehow a winner. you'd have to be a sick bitch bird to see it that way, and ignore how being a bird that gets more attention isn't a bad thing.


i have this album, catalog rkk000 on clear vinyl. it came with stickers in a weird clear slip case. your stupid birds reminded me.

I have the perfect solution for abortion.

Let jews, niggers, indians and the asian race have abortions because there are way way way way wayyy tyoo many of those useless people, so why not let them have the abortions as much as they fucking wanr?

You cant argue against that and if you do you are in denial.
If anyone disagrees with it then have fun coping with it.

Asians should be allowed to abort. However, mandating it would be the end of Samsung phones and Honda motorcycles, and the world needs plenty of those.

Women see it as empowerment because women themselves are children and can't form coherent and logical thoughts. You could convince them that, say, being incredibly promiscuous is empowering and look at where we are now.

Baby killing sluts, nearly every one of em.

This is actually a big problem because it will mean more niggers. Normally I don't care one way or the other about unborn shit, but in this case, if black people lose access to cheap abortions, so too will the US population become further infested.

The lesser of two evils, by a large margin, is allowing abortion to continue.

you kill a baby, you kill ball juice

I was always told to eat what I killed as a kid. Are they not eating them after?

Just like they think being a whore is empowering. You can’t successfully apply logic to most women.

Well, they only view flushing your baby down as empowering.

We can pass on the unnecessary phones and bikes.

>clump of dysfunctional cells
In your mind, is a chicken egg a chicken somehow? How about a nut? Is that a tree? Is a wheel a whole car? Jesus fuck Americans are so retarded you can't figure out shit Greeks figured out 500bc.

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Well, they have the power to negotiate a price on sex. Back in the housewife and dowry days, their price was whatever a man paid to buy her, and she just had to lay there and take it.
Good luck getting the vast majority to agree.
Sorry, we are too dumb to even decide if Pluto is a planet or not.

True. It would also be nice if we could stop incentivizing them to be single mothers who get more money for more kids. Hopefully they’ll do us all a favor and go to a neighboring state where abortion is legal.

Dont need everybody else to agree.

Because they aren't babies. Also anything that doesn't tie me to paying for 18 years for a shit head like you is a plus in my eyes.

OP is always a faggot.

It's about them being able to have promiscuous sex without the consequence of having a child. They are so angry because they are scared they're going to get pregnant and not be and to abort and they'll have to end their slut lifestyle

This is why tubal ligation should be incentivized. Project Prevention is fucking awesome.

Everyone in this thread is a fucking idiot other than you, user.

The do have the power to negotiate the price of sex but look at what it’s gotten them. They give it up for free without marriage and end up 40 and ran through with no prospects other than a lonely life of cat hoarding. They’re much better off under almost any other system.

>killing babies as female empowerment
The real question is at what point does a clump of cells become a viable human. Certainly after 5 months.

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user dont you know? Women are literally being raped by their fathers and forced to carry babies in mass numbers!

That's their problem. Good riddance to genetic dead ends.

Why don't republitards care as much about living children as they do about unborn ones?

Because they need future soldiers to fight their stupid wars for more oil.

>Pluto is a planet

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Holy fucking false equivalency batman. It's already scientifically proven that life begins at conception. Your arguments are Dishonest.

Because progressives don't see babies as human

>scientifically proven
Creationist literature isn't science.

What does viable have to do with anything? According to basic biology, when does life start?

You've never taken a course in biology, have you?

By that reckoning, all virus and bacteria should be protected.
>also witnessed

Viruses aren't life, by most definitions. And no, viruses and bacteria aren't human.

why are you so inclined to force people to birth kids they dont want? you gonna pay for that shit?

The whole pro-abortion contingent is a big fan of socialism, so why not? Raise the babies of sluts in a big commune or something.

absolutely based

If anything they want the free world to make more babies. It's the African and Asian countries they want to slow down birthrates in.

Are you slut shaming two continents?

I've never met anyone who'd be for killing babies. Where do you find schizos like that?

Also, a reminder that a fetus is not a baby, and an embryo is not a fetus. Nor a baby.

Have you ever met a pregnant woman? I've never met one who touched her belly, and said, "the fetus is kicking".

>hurr durr all language is literal

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You kill a baby being a woman -> 0 days in prision

You fuck a kid being a mna -> 30 years into jail

This is the fucking reality. Women do the laws and control everything.

You shouldn't hurr durr people when you have the IQ of a paramecium

Women are actually making the argument that they have the right to have promiscuous sex without protection just for their own enjoyment and murder the consequences.

While they completely ignore that most conservatives are like, "hey in cases or rape and incest abortion should be legal", they keep waving that flag around as if nobody knows about it.

Kill all the children they are scum to this world

100% in your case you virgin fucktard.

Abortion could have prevented your fetal alcohol syndromed ass from burdening the rest of society.

They aren't evil, you were lied to by disney (jews).

Women are relentless biological machines.

They want the best possible offspring. period. They biologically know that looks = healthiest and best. They also know the higher the adrenaline during the sex, the better the sperm (why rape, s&m, violent ment, etc. turn them on)

Thats it, they aren't any deeper than that. So if you can be attractive and want women, thats it. Dont worry about improving anything else for them. If you want to get them off, better hit that adrenaline button hard.

1. Not murder. Scientifically provably not murder.
2. You don't need to worry about it since you will never have anything to do with consensual sex. Fucking dumb fat loser.

Ho's gotta Ho

An hero, you basement dweller

You're fucking stupid. You are the lowest part of the bell curve. People with down syndrome are smarter, kinder, better, and of more use to society than you are.
The single greatest thing you could do with your life is end it.

lol stop activing like rabid girls are running around with machetes' hacking the nearest stroller like a crazed zombie

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>1. Not murder. Scientifically provably not murder.
You think a legal definition is scientifically provable

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Says the fat fucking loser born addicted to crack from your "purebred" white whore of a mother.

Abortion should be an option.

Males should get a "pill" equivalent that makes your sperm useless.

Between the female and male "pill", people can fuck all they want and not have a kid until ready.


Fetuses aren't babies.

Why do men think it's any of their goddamn business?

Half of y'all will be asking the whore you fucked to get an abortion anyways.


>Males should get a "pill" equivalent that makes your sperm useless.
Can I put a chip in it?

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Murder requires consciousness. You can't murder a sofa. Not unless you mean the way your mother murdered the sofa of her crack den when she birthed you just before falling into a drug coma.

Ask a pregnant woman about her "fetus" sometime

Someone has to teach these goddamn unruly babies that there are consequences. If a baby sees another baby get aborted, that baby will think twice before acting a fool. Once a baby realizes they don't even have a name, they usually fall in line, but there is always an example baby that must be displayed. Fuck babies.

>scientifically proven not murder

user, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Nah man, you know these lawyers.

Making definitions up out of thin air based solely on nothing quantifiable, or even objective. These lawyers are really out here, pulling shit out of their ass and slapping it on the table and calling it "legalese".

Thats how its done right? We're sending our kids to law school to learn how to take a gigantic shit on a table.

Prefer you didn't, but if I get free Office 365 I'll consider.

sperm aren't considered a lifeform because they cannot reproduce on their own. sperm DO eat chemicals in semen, so they are at least a creature than can eat for energy and become a parasitic symbiotic whatever. the thing is, they have the "spark" of "life". only a man can pass that spark to a lifeform. women are just a charging station. they are not the true parent of the creature that has been created to take the spark of life and move on with it.


So it's okay to kill people when they're asleep?

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Hating your parents because they didn't put you down?

Oh, so the woman should get tracked with the chips that are inherently and obviously in every form of birth control but you?

No. You're special. You shouldn't be tracked when you go to the fucking Piggly Wiggly, it has to be a top secret mission sanctioned by the CIA and NSA. NO ONE CAN KNOW YOU HAVE TO BUY SOME ORANGES AT THE STORE. ITS TOP SECRET SHIT.

>Fuck babies.

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You're on a website where people masterbate to women getting raped & butchered & you're seriously asking why women view killing a fetus, something that represents a ball & chain to them, as being an empowering thing? Something that in any normal instance be it nature or history we never gave any rights even to born children let alone unborn children. I just find it funny this is the one issue where the right are "progressive" & the left are the "traditionalist". If only Christians cared about actual children out on the streets & those being abused in foster homes as much as they cared about fetuses we wouldn't have this stupid finders bullshit & politicians shipping around sex slaves on private jets.

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>Making definitions up out of thin air based solely on nothing quantifiable, or even objective. These lawyers are really out here, pulling shit out of their ass and slapping it on the table and calling it "legalese".
Roe v. Wade is off-topic in this thread

What terms people use in casual small talk doesn't change what the thing is in there. It's a clump of cells that's no more human than a tumor.

Only the women with sperm, like your mom after her morning gangbang

>only a man can pass that spark to a lifeform. women are just a charging station.

top kek. Boy, I've got some bad news for you and your homosexual husband trying so hard to have a baby yet simply can't make it work because they don't have a "charging station" to "spark" a "parasitic symbiotic whatever".

Jesus, your God complex has literally deformed your brain. You genuinely think you're the alpha, omega, beginning and end of all life on this planet don't you? That's so fucking adorable. Little nothing you, in your little basement, on your little PC in your shitty little life, are somehow a god in human form. That's so adorable its pathetic.

Hey user, no bullshit, you're actually retarded.
> literally 99%
> killing babies
They're not babies, they're fetuses

Who cares? Women have had a pill forever, or those fucking implants. Why is it ok for us to say they have to always do shit? If you want to be smart about it, you kill it at the source, make a male pill and call it a day.

Wheres the fun in that

The inbred spawn of one of a millions useless white whores made an effort at a joke but no one fucking cared. He later killed himself which was the only good and right thing he had or could ever do with his pathetic existence.

Try telling that to a pregnant woman

Oh sweety.
I mean you.
I mean if you force her to have your child, she can bring you to court and YOU will be forced to pay child support for this child you FORCED her to have. And YOU will have your wages garnished, and face prison time if YOU turn into a deadbeat dad and decide NOT to pay child support.

Like a fucking nigger would.

That's the most retarded post I've read all day, and I'm on Yea Forums

Just because your mother and her brother decided to stay together and raise you to be just another white trash crack addicted fuck doesn't mean you get to pretend to be better than anyone.

Bad news for all you Christian fags....

If you're not going to let her get it aborted, you're going to be forced to pay for it. Period. Someone will be supporting this child, and you just insisted that it be you.

Did someone make baby feel insecure

If I can transform a fetus into a baby with a C-section it's a semantics argument.

>fap fap fap fap fap fap fap