Diaper thread: hump day edition

Diaper thread: hump day edition

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Had a great simulated breastfeeding session last night with my gf to the point I fell asleep a few times during it.

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home alone for a few hours - how much - or little -
should i wear?

dips dips dips dips!

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Enough to keep you warm. Sweltering heat or freezing cold are never a good thing. If I'm in my living room I turn the heat on and just wear a t-shirt.

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Hot! Have you ever drifted off during a diaper change. Those are the most instantly relaxing for me

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>Have you ever drifted off during a diaper change.
No. It might happen someday.

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Diaper changes are the best and most intimate part imo. Only thing better is maybe being held while breastfeeding.

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How many of you have become allergic to pants since you started wearing pamps?
A onesie or just a tshirt. and programmer socks if you have

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i was thinking just a diaper and shirt as well

kys you degenerate fag

I refuse to wear anything but diapers or pullups (goodnights). I refuse panties entirely. Padded4life

Seethe harder cunt

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>Diaper changes are the best and most intimate part imo.
Yes. You are taking care of somebody in the most sensitive of ways.
>Only thing better is maybe being held while breastfeeding.

I specifically am a non-sexual abdl and theres just something about a natural change that doesnt involve any naughty touching in that area thats so reinforcing.

>Only thing better is maybe being held while breastfeeding.
It's the only way to do it, otherwise it's a cold-sterile experience, which is not what anyone is looking for.

>How many of you have become allergic to pants since you started wearing pamps?
I don't like jeans in general due to weight I have to cut. Unless I have to deal with delivery people or something, I'm not wearing any pants.
>programmer socks
I'd prefer a heating pad.

Do you know where you are? Nothing degenerate about this stuff, just comfy and/or cute.

What are your favorites?

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If you wear garments meant for babies and incontinent old shits, you have a serious problem. Yes, I am okay with gore threads, yes, I am okay with loli threads. But this diaper shit is not okay.

Ok fag

>If you wear garments meant for babies and incontinent old shits, you have a serious problem.
It's sad that anyone in the middle feels stigmatized. You may wanna try it one day.

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Let me guess, you migrated from Twitter? This is some Twitter level degeneracy.

Mommy has me wear northshore diapers as my nighttime diapers, double pads.

my day wear is a mix of ABU/Rearz (mermaids, dinos, barnyards) or goodnights.

I've been on Yea Forums since December 03. Twitter-level? I'm surprised they allow this stuff. I'd think Tumblr would best suit such moniker as it was a literal goldmine before the site went crazy.

I wish I had the cash for this!

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First day on Yea Forums kid? Cope lmao

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They shut off the water in my building yesterday for 6 hours. I messed myself and had to stay in it until the water came back on. Good thing I had my pullup to protect me (and my pants)

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I've been on Yea Forums since 2010 and I have never seen threads like these in my life.

I just wanna be padded up, given a stuffie, and tucked into bed under a soft blankie.
>Wake up in the morning all poofy and wet

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We spent like $700 on diapers when tax returns came in. Being a baby is expensive ;(

>Literally a daily diaper thread
>Yea Forums my whole life
>/d/, /aco/ exists
Sure kid.

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I first saw some stuff on Yea Forums in 2006 when I learned that I wasn't the only person into diapers.

While not padded, me and my gf watched American Graffiti under blankets, surrounded by stuffies.

Holy moley!

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Dunno why but its probably because i'm new to wearing, I haven't been able to sleep in a diaper yet, i'm just not able to fall asleep with it on.

Is heat an issue? Have you tried a sleep aid?

Dunno. Everyones diff. The only time i can imagine it being troubling is when its hot. 99% of the time tho i sleep longers and more completely without anxiety.

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It certainly is wednesday

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dips hanging out of skirts/dresses is just... yas


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It might take a while to get used to it. You have to get all the hornys out until it becomes just a regular thing.

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chastity helps :)

The diaper is enough in some respects.

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Good morning lads

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Does anyone know what happened to DC? I have a bag of amors left but haven't opened them because I figured they might be discontinued

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Life could be worse

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Trying out a Megamax Air today. So far they are really comfortable.

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I put this one in the diaper thread last night but I just love this picture.

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Hey, all diapers welcome.

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I like it.

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okay thiiiiissss looks like she's underage.... not rly feeling it. I like girls in diapers but actual kids are a huge no.

She's just a petite spic.

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luck as FUCK then. gawd i wish I was her. she looks like she could fit in baby stuff like highchairs and none of those bulky ugly adult ones people make

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Love her the most

That'd be me yo.

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you have a website?
Your stuff get posted anywhere?

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I posted on manyvids and onlyfans till onlyfans move away from abdl content. i did a bit on just4fans but once i lost my room it was over for my content.

i still have a manyvids. goddesspurplefrost or theelegantfrost.

im stoked tho, my room opens up this month so i can dive into content again.

I miss being able to fit in small attends back in 2006.

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You get me hot n excited every time really

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