Any of y’all here after Twitter was sold to a facist shit...

Any of y’all here after Twitter was sold to a facist shit? I actually started out on Tumblr but left after they banned NSFW, but went to Twitter, but it’s not safe for ppl like me anymore bc it’s owned by a sociopathic racist, so I decided to come here. :P Anyone else? Everyone has been p welcoming, I mean they don’t have a problem with it.

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Gtfo Twitfag

You stupid fucking nigger, get out fo here a d never come back, there's actual fascists here not your pretend villains.

I don’t wanna. Wygd? \_•_•_/

From what I’ve seen those are just /pol/ bait. Yea Forums seems to call them out alot. So yeah, gtfo back to /pol/, ig

Every day you cry your butthurt about Twitter. Just fucking swallow a bullet or suck on a shotgun barrel you fucking little whiny faggot, no one fucking cares.

>there’s actual fascists here

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I be more worried about the huge amount bots he will implement to fuel his ego
>Elon twits
>8 million people liked it

I hope a pack of niggers stab your body from all angles you tourist piece of shit.

Suck my shit covered dick you fucking trannies.

No. I haven’t been suicidal in years. I’m fine. Some of my friends are here, too. They suggested it to me

That’s what these /pol/ people are. The idiots from that shitty 90s boomer show. (Idk their name, I just know they were idiots. 90s cartoons are awful.)

I’m asexual and aromatic, mane

You should reconsider.

Damn, that's crazy

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I ain’t a tourist, broski toasty. I’m here to stay, so are some of my friends. :y

>90s cartoons are awful
Apparently you've never seen Gargoyles or The Pirates of Dark Water. Get some cultural, zoomer.


Guess what, i don't give a flying fuck, now, where were we, ah yes, I SAID SUCK MY SHIT AND BLOOD COVERED DICK YOU STUPID FUCKING TRANNOR.

How is Elon Musk Fascist, racist and sociopathic?

Tbh, I have no idea what the fuck you just mentioned. The only 90s show I like is sailor moon. Also ye. I’m a Zoomer, but I’m not a boomer like u. At least Zoomers are good for something

I hope this place elevates your chances of suicide you waste of oxygen.

Have you not done your research?

Just a twitter faggot using random labels on whatever doesn't fit their worldview.

That was the joke, glad you’re barely keeping up
You’re a faggot for taking this place seriously in any way

>I’m here to stay, so are some of my friends. :y
Then learn how to fit in or know that you are a cultural appropriator.

You made the claim, you post the evidence.

Edgy boi is edgy

Oof. Wow

Sure, seems like a rich dude who like building stuff, so what am I missing?
Sounds plausible.

I know the joke. You’re on my side. Read my comment, you’re cool af, but the show in the gif is shit

Damn you suck at trolling.

>The only 90s show I like is sailor moon
Tell me you're retarded without saying you're retarded.
Please never procreate.


And you are na even bigger faggot for thinking another billionaire faggots taking over another mainstream company will change things in any way bad or good.
I hope you cut on my edge and bleed out to death you fucking human parody.

And here I was hoping Musk would get rid of censorship, and Twitter would bloom with loli hentai once more

I’m not trolling.

No bullshit, you're joining our neck of the internet, acting like you own the place will show just how much of an arrogant prick you are.
If you're here to stay and you're acting like you own the place, that makes you a colonizer.

Leave him alone, edgeboi. Least he probably has a life outside screaming swear words and seething

nice b8 m8

I don’t care what that guy does. It has no effect on me.This is also a retarded way to complain about it.

What’s wrong with sailor moon?

Sure you are, you're trying to piss off people with zoomer stuff, you're just bad at it.

I hope that an accumulation of small inconveniences leads you to killing yourself.

Edgeboi didn’t get his nap nap, don’t mind him.

But this has nothing to do with Elon.

Nope. I’m just happily listening to mother mother and eating sour candy, watching the show.

That would be for the best




If that thing had a life it wouldn't care so much about what stupid things happened inside a computer program.
I can do whatever the fuck I want you nigger.
Tranny didn't get it's 41% successful so it migrated to the slums thinking it would be better than whatever the fuck twitter was supposed to be.

Edgeboi is crying

Tranny is failing at the only thing worth doing for itself, ending it's life.

Elon: don't ban news outlets for posting the truth.
Woman: *uncontrolled sobbing*
Everyone else: lol

Do you even read your own articles?
This one won't load for me so I can't point out how worthless it is.

Basically, Elon harassed a Twitter employee over her race and tried to silence her.

Show me the screenshots and I'll believe it.


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He doesn’t give a fuck about his oppressed minority employees

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Show clitty and tranny tits.

Lmao no minorities are oppressed. Black privilege is rampant in America.

Of the tweets user, not the article badmouthing him.

That's not harassment and there's no mention of race.

> I can do whatever the fuck I want
Sure, but you should probably do it in a less stupid and antagonistic way

Edge boi can’t help it. He needs his nap! He can’t even make a good argument without it, he’s only 5

Can you make any good arguments without resorting your lameass 'edge boi' insult? You sound like a twelve year old who thinks he's hot shit.

Least I’m not shouting out various slurs and swear words and telling people to kill themselves and trying to pass it off like I’m in the right like a fucking moron because I can’t stand lgbt people.

kys nigger

This is Yea Forums, what the fuck do you expect? There is little to no moderation.