Have you ever fapped to a dead bitch pics?

have you ever fapped to a dead bitch pics?

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You mean a pic of her while she was still alive, right OP?



All the time

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Girl I know killed herself after getting caught molesting her little niece. She was a fine piece of ass. I jerk to her regularly

Here's her tits, posted on her fb

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Always and forever.

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i do now

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1. August Ames
2. My aunt - mom's bro's wife. Died in 2005. Still jerk off to her hot milf bod.


Dakota Skye

Yeah there was some huge titty broad back in the day, I think she had “gold” in her name, maybe? Anyway I used beat my meat to her pretty often.

thanks, honky

The day Anna Nicole Smith died, I went and spanked one to her Playboy pics. First time I ever knowingly, purposely jerked it to a dead girl.

Angela Devi. Some Indian chick with huge fake tits that liked to talk to much. Some of her tame stuff is still out there, but I'm pretty sure her family and some lawyers had most of her stuff taken down. She "committed suicide" years ago. Although there was mention of possible foul play, it seems no one looked into it any further.

so how did she kill herself?

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This girl is 16 in this photo, taken shortly before she died
Also, check em

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Kailia Posey, some teenage model / beauty queen that killed herself earlier today. @kailiaposey on IG, tiktok, vsco etc.

Other two whores who have anal sex with Mike Adriano committed suicide
One gunshot , other overdose
Don't remember the names

All the time, this girl killed herself a few years ago. Went to school with her, feels disrespectful to not jerk off to her

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gunna need the face

she was cute. it'd be a waste of those nice tits not to fap to them. what was her name?

megan, and i agree

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LMAO I did the same thing! I wasn't even that into her, it was purely out of respect.

bitch was hot. guess she was tired of living the easy life. lets hope the suffocation was slow and the sight was gruesome with blood coming out of her nose.

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megan looks slutty. any word why she killed herself?

Most classical nudes are "dead bitches" ditto some sexy marble.
I fuckkin love art.

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Blew a few loads to this story when it happened.

> Police said the girl, identified as 16-year-old Hannah M, was taking a selfie at the edge of the 17th-floor balcony of an apartment when she lost her balance and came crashing down the building.
> Hannah was an aspiring model of mixed Lebanese and Afghani heritage, according to social media posts.
> "While she fell out of the balcony, the mobile phone with which she was taking the selfie fell inside," Colonel Al Qasim, director of Security Media, said.
> One resident said he heard the 16-year-old screaming as she fell, followed by a loud sound as the aspiring model impacted on the ground.
> "The girl landed at the base of the tower. She was killed instantly," Col Al Qasim added.

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I've tried. But they tend not to die spread eagle fully nude showing holes.

imagine what her pussy looks like right now

her tight underage cunt being eaten by worms


bitch probably pissed herself as she died too

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hope so

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I imagine her pussy lips were flapping in the wind as she fell.
> this is the building she fell off the 17th floor from

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>pussy lips flapping in the wind
fucking KEK
Sure, why not. I bet they produced a perfect flute note too as the air rushed by.

her head exploded when she hit the ground

i wish i could work at that morgue and fill her pussy and know that when she dies my semen will combine with her decaying corpse and prouce a goo with our juices combined

Was there ever Cheslie Kryst death pics? She jumped to her death. She was Miss USA. She worked for EXTRA entertaining news.

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>her head exploded when she hit the ground
No doubt, they had to scrape her off the ground with a shovel.
You think her tits exploded too?

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nah silicone is pretty chemically stable

still do from time to time for this girl Lola i knew

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Did she slash her wrists too

What are you implying?

Why did she kill herself?

Kek, now I'm imagining when she hit the ground she turned 2 silicone implants sitting in a pile of goo

nahhh was like a half over dose / suicide. This is the slut towards the end

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Why is there a deer in the pic?


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What a waste of perfect tits


traffic accident caused by her boyfriend while he was drunk or high

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Go on

she used to really out there with the graphics and cazy pics. But ya saw her tits a few times at parties, she was a wild girl, always bouncing everywhere

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What a fucking shame. She's hot as shit

Any moar pics

Any moar?

God I fucking hate this thread. I fucking hate you people your not even human to me. How can you be so fucking evil?

Yeah, but i try not to beat it to gore anymore, wouldn't want to give the wrong impression

legit such a shame, she was a hottie. Just got into partying and hanging with dudes much to old for her waaaay to early, like even before high school doing sketchy shit with guys getting her fucked up

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Damn, looks like a different person here. You have any more of her tits?

right? was a crazy shift and destruction of a girl throughout high school and a bit beyond, just became crazier and more unhinged and unpredictable

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Damn that's a shame. Seems like she became an insane alt girl slut. Her tits are great though but definitely looked better normally.