Favourite Yea Forums Moms

Favourite Yea Forums Moms

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other side?

i wish a pretty girl would come to class or work one day with their face like that, that would be cool

Requests? wwyd

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show how she handles dick

pretty well actually

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Wish she would spit in my mouth


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Wow, got more of her?

Feet and ass

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not bad
two hole or three hole slut?

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her ass is too tight too get it in but she wants it everywhere

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just a matter of training
get her a buttplug and train her that way

working on it

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Damn hot

Love to add my load


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Spread those fat cheeks wide and tease her with wet throbbing tip, her looking back

Keep going

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See her eyes widen as the tip pops in and start fucking, deep strokes, hand grabbing that soft ass

Her ass is so fucking juicy im obsessed

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Anything else?

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Love to bury my face in there

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Save her and repost her.

Keep the comments coming

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Love to cover her in thick ropes. What position she like to be fucked in?

Doggy style and getting face fucked

Wanna see her on her back spread and those fat tits

Anyone interested in seeing her thick ass/thighs

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On her back, cumming on those sweet fat tits

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Damn yeah, post it

I'm gonna fucking nut

Would tap that.

complete submission and i'm good to go

Glad she could help

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Love to blow all over those milky tits

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She loves that cock

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She can't get enough even after kids, it's great

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Mid 30s. Calls her boyfriend daddy at night

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Lord. I love it.

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Love to bend that over

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Nice pic

Very well

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strip her down

Fuck show me those milkers

Here's my wife and mother of two

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Fuck this bitch has aged. You've been pining over her a long time, old man.

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