Rekt thread

rekt thread

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Jesus christ

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Not even rekt. Dude got away.

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God I hate retarded whores so fucking much.

Big ouchie, brah

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I like to play a game with china leaks like this, "Suicide or Accident".

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Nerve gas??

I hate dogs so fucking much

because Koreans aren't 100% retarded

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I can't tell which one this would be

he didn't even get recked? unless he fell down the shaft off camera i guess

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The fuck happened here?

Her boob implant exploded

Little to no rekage happening in this one

The mask fags got to him and killed him for not wearing one

If you think that was an implant, you are more retarded than the average Yea Forumstard

Made him sit on a car seat that had an airbag underneath

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Please tell me that not possible ! I got implants ,I am scared now !

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>Do a flip

Holy fuck my anxiety

they are just misguided youth holding an antifa flag

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that hungry elevator almost had him

The West: "Here, we invented elevators"
China: "Oh, cool, we can do that too"
The West: "And you'll need these safety devices"
China: "Naaah, we're good, thanks"

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So awesome

He could've survived though, those cabins on them things are durable af.

Nigger detected.

good thing he noped right outta there.

he survived easily. it's pretty funny to watch the whole thing just collapse

Man got the good ending

based doggo

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Used to work in a warehouse like this and was constantly paranoid this would happen one day.

Nerve gas


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Oh, Buddy

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This one is assisted suicide.

was definitely just balloons

All it took was a little "bump" from one of those forklift truck to cause a domino cascade.

I bet the guy who purchased those shelves thought "We're going to save so much money by stacking everything in those cheap shelves... what could go wrong?"

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The audacity...

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again, no one got hurt

the dog just wanted to play there was no need to react like that

>I got implants
you'll never be a woman

Nope. Talcum powder, faggots.

does anyone have that image of a dead girl with no arms or legs and next to it is a missing poster with "I enjoyed your daughter" written on it?

would he ever be the same though?

Of course he got rekt; he missed his elevator. Now he'll have to wait for it to come back.