Hunger Games Thread, first 24. Do not samefag before being asked

Hunger Games Thread, first 24. Do not samefag before being asked.

The Year of Mao continuum it’s time for April's Host Till I Drop. Let’s start it out with the romance code. Sadly since I am very busy this HTID will probably not be that long.

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Roxy Glamcock
>Afk at work

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Oh and thread theme.

Mary Jackson Watson

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Nobu tank, the alone bastard

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Doc Ock

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kisaragi horny

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>Prob afk

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king dedede

HAPPE ANNIVERSARE TA ME! oh and the pink puff ball too i guess

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the riddler

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Dee Reynolds

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Been a while since I put myself in, feel free to samefag from now.

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Kurt Cobain

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Loona Glamcock

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The Thread Reaper

Because your thread is dead.

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Mae Borowski

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Electric Stefan

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whose samefag is this


Are you ready for some love?

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we just did this code but yea


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let's go!

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Ready for someone to marry me and then assassinate me for all my shit

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Then let's get us started.

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Undertale is an integral part of HG

stefan you date tony now!?

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So accurate

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I will consider nothing that happens in this code canon.

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Schroedi honey I'm only dating him because he looks like you...

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Nobu-bu no... Bu bu no...!

I’m done with 2D women.
teto pls

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The first event is probably all Stef has hoped for.

I could probably see Pico do something like this.

Riddle me this Riddler, who is big green and has a broken heart? It's not the Hulk.

Always look both ways before crossing the road.

Doc is a weeb, not surprising.

I think I know what you mean Mae.

Once again the alone bastard is alone.

I think you will be happy with it now that this event happened.

Shit, sorry Sak. There are more games in store though.

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Bu.. Nobu bu no...

it's massive, i know.

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rigged this is RIGGED!!!

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It's okay!

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Aghhh so unrealistic
Nice skin mind if I borrow it?

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Schhhroeeeediii give me a kiiiisssss~

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Things just aren't the same for Roxy now that Loona is gone.

Tony and Doc really hit it off.

Nobu get's a tan?

Even the alternate reality versions of Stefan is trying to go for him.

Sorry Lain, guess the computer is still there though, right?

But not done with the 2D enjoyers it seems.

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I am not a weeb. All the tentacle porn was ironic I swear

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aww nobu you shouldn’t have

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My time to shine

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you paid MAO to rig this!

stefan tell your samefag to faack off
this is nightmare code

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riddle me this, riddle me that......
i've got nothing, sorry. can we still fuck?

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This is so cute, so hard to get

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Nobu-bu no nobu... Bu no nobu, bu no bu bu...

hehhehheh what an anniverseary this is!

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If I had a pickle slice for every time I entered a character that doesn't fit into a code, then I could open my own Subway.

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Mary Jackson and Hop have a great time.


Could you not have been a little more gentle with Honey's heart Lain?

It's never a good idea to tag along as a third wheel Dedede.

Maybe there is hope for Nobu after all.

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oh, no... i've been broken!
thanks for hoostan mao!

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Riddle me this, whats sad crying and green all over

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this ain't how you celebrate a birthday

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you will...b mine

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Nobu-bu nobu?

Is Pico killed by that Boku guy or something I don't watch the show.

Tony can see the sparks of love in the air around the two.

Jesus, Stef calm down.

Dee really is out for the tentacle man. He does have the power of the sun at his fingertips so it's understandable.

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we went on one date nothing more.....
>stares back

i never knew a pokemon could be that romantic

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Just a lot of lovin.

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I will MAKE it more...

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Bu... Nobu bu no nobu-bu...

*always sunny theme plays*

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I wonder what Carmela has to say about that...

i swear if one more event will come up...

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Yes, it’s a shit edit, I made it in a minute.

Oh hey look it's valentines day. Seems like Doc is determined to find love.

Dee and Roxy are equally determined.

Mae and Lain need to learn to relax.

Alright, FINE. He's got the power of the sun at the tip of his toes.

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Up to Tony to date rape Schroe now

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