Post botched trannies

post botched trannies

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Dude. Why you have this saved.?

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I just copy pasted it from pol, hence why file.png

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because he's obsessively fixated on "trannies" because he's scared and revulsed by the idea.

it's not phobia it's disgust
kys tranny you are an abomination

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Ok, but why are they blue?


what the fuck

The rent, is free

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I feel sympathy for trans people. They're encouraged to become medical experiments by people who treat them like lab rat that have been tested on to support their ideology.
The suicide rate should show these libbies that they're wrong, but they blame everyone and anything except their stupid gender theory bs.

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they all are

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>Dude. Why you have this saved.?

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>The rent, is free
wow, that, again

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>Dude. Why you have this saved.?
Why does she have that on her body

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phalloplasty is pretty fucked up, the end result is just never good, it's not actual genital tissue

vaginoplasty on the other hand can definitely go wrong and I know you weirdos love to post the ones that do over and over, but they're usually not bad

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it's the first step of many procedures
Will eventually be less swollen and lower on the pelvis and look less weird

>stage 2 of 5 surgery
>lying that its a finished product and calling it "botched"
70% yourself retard

It's still a disgusting open wound.

it's not

It is. It's a disgusting non functioning mockery of the real thing.

looks weird


it stinks like rotting flesh and poop

that's info from your cherrypicked botch jobs

hair thinning
I cry

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if that's step 2 then I really don't wanna see stage 5. Open wounds are fragile and definitely not worth dealing with for the rest of your life

>t. had a pilonidal cyst once

Fucking Watto.

it's literally an open wound, you cannot turn a penis into a fucking vagina and you definitely can't shove a dildo inside of an open wound and expect it not to get infected.

reminds me of this

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it will always be an open wound though you AGP faggot. Just accept that you have a dick and move on with your life

depressed u guys gon kill me
idk what to do now
I just want to leave discord and scream

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Science shows social transitioning lowers suicide risk. Trans people that don't transition kill themselves way more. Trans people that are accepted by their family and community then have an even lower rate.The 40% meme includes people who attempted before transitioning.
But honestly I don't think you actually care about that. I think you're more concerned that they exist around you.

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speedrunning to the grave

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It's not open. They invert the penis, essentially. All of that is skin on the inside and you'll eventually hit "the end" of it.

I wouldnt put that in my ass

It's step two of a FtM surgery. That skin flap is gonna get turned into a fake dick.

>you need to validate my mental illness and play pretend with me or I'll kill myself!

ok cool and I'm guessing we need to validate the gang stalking paranoias of schizos as well?

I just vomited

oh yeah those are funny, YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO SHAVE IT LOL
they butcher your cock and turn it inside out and create an open wound canal. It is not possible to turn a cock into a vag, you're an autogynephile if you actually think so, get help.

No, because it's been shown that there is no clinical benefit to validating the beliefs of schizophrenics. If you're concern is clinical (reducing suicide and "helping" trans people), then that would be what you'd look at.

It's not an open wound canal. It's a pocket, not a tube.
>if you disagree with me you're a tranny
gotta keep that belief system free of challenge, huh

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says who? Maybe it would be good for schizos to live in their own little world where the voices in their head are real? They wanna feel heckin cute and valid too, it's the civil rights issue of our time!

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What a strong jaw line you have, sir. Totally passable. You did it. You are a woman. Fool proof. Nobody will ever know, not even when they see your "inverted penis"/axe wound you call a vagina.

my name is transverine gothlady
do I pass?

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I shave my balls and the base of the shaft of my dick. Not that much grosser.

it's an inverted mutilated cock that you have to shove a dildo inside of or else it closes up. You're not gonna be able to deceive everyone forever faggot, inshallah islam takes over the west and we start impaling you demons on stakes

>botched trannies

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did I mention they bleed out of it and they have to graft entire swaths of skin off that also leave open wounds?

No, there is no evidence that that is the case. Schizophrenic psychosis tends to create more distressing and destabilizing delusions when unchallenged. Gender dysphoria, meanwhile, becomes less intense and distressing throughout the transition process.
Whatever your beliefs are about if they're real or not or if it's societally fair to placate them, it's disingenuous to say that transitioning harms the trans person mentally.

i hate trannies and all, but fuck off sand nigger!